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My Somerset Garden, Day4


By micky45


Hi everyone

Here I am again, sat in front of this computer, guess what i’m drinking? you guessed it, Yorkshire tea and my 2nd cup is as always in the pot.

It’s 02:20 and i’m really bushed, the cats were waiting under the table with the sad eye routine that says “feed us now please” , I always succumb!

I feel like I belong to a little community on here, it’s great and I always look forward to reading about other people’s gardens and getting feedback and advice.

Our cats by the way are called Bruce, colin and sapph, and our dog is called Zak, our little family, the cats love the garden and particularly sapph, although she is about 17 now loves being out there come the good weather, she is the black and white one.

The 2nd cup has now arrived and i’m starting to feel relaxed, it’s good to be home.

Isn’t it nice to think the shortest day will soon be here although we don’t really see any difference till about the end of January, I know winter has to be but it’s too long.

Has anyone encountered caterpillars on their Verbascums, I remember the other year, ours were loaded with the things, I presume the Mullein moth comes from them.

Hey! I know what picture i’m going to show you on this blog, a Dragonfly that landed on the deck a couple of years ago, wow! they are quite something aren’t they, really beautiful.

Well i’m all drunk up now and the bed is calling me, enjoy the pics “Shall I call you friends”? why not.

Night night yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Mick.

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We're all friends here :o)
I like your dragon fly photo.

14 Dec, 2009


Great Blog Mick i enjoy a nice brew after iv been busy in my garden 2 :) I know what u mean about The Pet Family enjoying all u do as iv 3cats & a Dog who love joining me outside when weathers permits :)

14 Dec, 2009


Lovely blog friend Mick...that dragonfly is lovely....we occasionally get them but they don't stay too long (sigh) that digger taking soil out for a pond?....crafty way of doing

14 Dec, 2009


That dragon fly looks like the prototype for a helicopter?

14 Dec, 2009


Smashing closeup of that dragonfly and your cat looks quite happy in her seat as well..........

14 Dec, 2009


Great pictures I love your cat I volunteer at animal shelter and I have two cats Jessey and Desmond and our dog named Charlie I love to garden and I love animals. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I make my own teas from my garden. Have you ever tried Johnny Jump ups they make great tea very good for you too.

14 Dec, 2009


Loved your blog!!

14 Dec, 2009


Thanks for a great blog and photos like you i can't wait till next monday 21st for the shortist day :o))

14 Dec, 2009


What a lovely view.....Welcome to GOY

14 Dec, 2009


Oh yes, Micky - my verbascums had caterpillars all over them this year! Did you send them over here? I wish you'd kept them with you! :-(((

I agree - once 21st December has passed, it really cheers me up!

14 Dec, 2009


Love the blog, Micky...Beautiful picture of the dragonfly...

14 Dec, 2009


yes i agree nice pic of dragonfly and puss is lovely

16 Dec, 2009

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