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I am a self taught self confessed plantaholic Gardener living in North Somerset with my Partner, 3 Cats and Our Dog, everything in our garden is self designed, constructed and Planted.

The garden is approx 58x22 feet, with a sunken middle area, 3ft lower than the main level with contained beds and built in seating against the wall to give a side view of the garden, the back area is trellised off to give interest, there are 3 rooms in the garden.

Planting is mainly Herbaceous perennials, ever changing as the mood takes me so don't expect it to be ever set in stone!!

Roses are starting to become an obsession with Fragrant ones like Arthur Bell,Margaret Merrill,Zephrine Droughin and madame Gregoire Stachlin amongst my favorites.

Gardening should be FUN and not taken too serious "there are too many things in life to get serious about"

I love the challenge of changing something horrible into something lovely, unfortunately this doesn't apply to my face as no creams or masks will help that !!

My ultimate dream would be to inherit a house with a huge garden with just grass so I can put my stamp on it, oh! and a bit of money for some materials and loads of gorgeous plants, shrubs and trees to fill it!

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