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Community Guidelines

Grows on You is a friendly gardening website and we want to keep it this way. These guidelines go hand in hand with the Grows on You Terms of Use & Privacy

We ask Grows on You members to -

1. Be respectful and tolerant of other members

2. Use common sense and these guidelines when deciding what and what not to post

3. Report content in violation of these guidelines by “flagging” it. This website is policed by all members via the “flag” links found next to content. By clicking on “flag” you are indicating to us (the administrators) that you think content doesn’t meet our guidelines. The process is private and anonymous; the ‘flagged’ member is not told automatically. Once something is flagged we will decide what action to take (sometimes none)

a)Not take on guideline violators via blog posts, questions, comments or private message on the website but let the admins look into the matter via the flagging mechanism

4. Keep most of their contributions (photos and blogs) related to gardening, plants, and nature. Note: Most does not mean All

5. Help develop the Questions section into a valuable resource by keeping questions strictly gardening related

6. Protect privacy on this open to the public website

7. Avoid discussions about website improvements and administrator actions on the main website. All queries and suggestions must come via the “contact us” link at the bottom of every page

8. Not enter into any Should I Stay/ Should I Go or similar discussions

9. Not try to sell anything

10. Not post any inappropriate content including but not limited to

a) Discussions about illegal or prescribed drugs including cannabis in any form.

b) Nudity and sexual references

c) Commercial content in blogs, questions and photos including links for search engine optimisation purposes

d) Swearing

e) Derogatory comments (including slurs based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or political affiliation)

f) Personal threats or harassment

g) Spam

11. Only post photos and content that they own the Copyright to

12. Not enter into discussions on religion or politics

We reserve the right to revise these guidelines without notice.