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About Grows on You

What is Grows on You?

Grows on You is a website for garden lovers to show off all their garden pictures and find exciting new garden ideas and products.

We are a friendly lot with over 28,000 members ready to answer your gardening questions and over 300,000 unique visitors every month.

How can it all be free?

The website makes money through advertising and commission on sales from the garden shops section.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to sponsor or advertise on Grows on You (download our media kit here).

Who are we?

Grows on You is a trademark of 4Rounds Ltd.


Ajay Mathur

Ajay is excited at the idea of serving a market and age demographic that is often overlooked. He looks forward to growing Grows on You into a large yet friendly inclusive community and valuable shopping experience for all gardeners. Ajay holds an MBA from Cass Business School and before that spent 5 happy years at IBM. Ajay's GoY Plot

Peter Richards

Peter is obsessive about creating an engaging web experience while maintaining simplicity. Gardening fits with his passion for the outdoors and he can often be found on mountain sides across the UK and abroad (normally on skis). Peter holds an MBA from Cass Business School and before that spent 6 happy years at IBM. Peter's GoY Plot


Paul Birch

Paul needs no introduction in the internet world; most famous for and Bebo, Paul has also invested in the online accounting service Crunch. Paul is an investor in 4Rounds Ltd.

Brendan McLoughlin

Brendan runs 100s of consumer focused websites including and through his company Fubra. Brendan is a director of and investor in 4Rounds Ltd.

Thanks to

We'd like to thank Peter's mother-in-law Akiko for the original idea.

We'd like to thank the volunteers from The National Gardens Scheme that road-tested the original website.

We'd like to thank Mark James, the creator of the fabulous icons we use on the site. Mark kindly makes them free to use and they can be downloaded from his website famfamfam.