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Treasures and Features in my garden ........As suggested by Anget....

Anget I took a walk with the camera as we did have a cold but clear day today... Starting...



1 Dec, 2020

World War Two history.

I am very fortunate in my job that I work and have worked for some interesting people,...



1 Dec, 2020

Close up of some of my birthday flowers.

I received a lovely bunch of deep pink roses and an autumnal bouquet of mixed flowers...



29 Nov, 2020

Winter pots

I planted up two pots for winter decoration and put them by the front door, using...



29 Nov, 2020

First frosts and water droplets.

First hints of winter this morning. Spider webs on yews. On planters. On holly. Iced...



27 Nov, 2020

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What an incredible variety of treasures you have in your garden. I do love the very old, weathered ones that have been out there in rain and shine for many years.
Thank you so much for the pictures of each and every one and the stories behind them.


Stay safe, Paul. Yew is my favourite evergreen, too, particularly in winter, closely followed by holly. I wpouldn't be without either in the garden.


Yes some old people are very interesting and have so much to tell.
I worked with old people for many years and could write a book on the things they talked about.


Thank you. I am hoping we'll get another mild winter so that they will thrive.

On blog - Winter pots


Thanks Amy, our pets are a big part of our lives and leave an empty hole when they are no longer with us ... x

On photo - :D


Ok, Yorkslass and Bathgate I just moved it in the storage room.

Wylie, you have to post your "bird of paradise" and maybe even your poinsettia. We had both in a yard when wintering down in Mexico.

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