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The rooks are NESTING!!!

Sorry no pics, there are only two nests so far. Just hoping they won't all follow...



19 Feb, 2019

In Deepest Dorset

Here I am right Down South...almost opposite end of the country to home! I’m visiting...



18 Feb, 2019

A Good Year For Crocus

Here in Bracknell, we have had lots of dry, sunny weather and the crocus have responded...



18 Feb, 2019

National Garden Scheme

Today I visited a garden in Highgate Village, open early in the year because of the...



17 Feb, 2019

2019 has started well

When it is such a mixed bag of weather it is grand to see plenty of colour in the...



17 Feb, 2019

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I was interested in a comment you posted suggesting the use of epsom salts. The live programme & the podcasts have blurred a bit but on a fairly recent GQT I remember an audience member being a fertiliser scientist who said, when asked by the board, what he was working on next & he said adding magnesium.
I've used aspirin on my toms over the last few years & am completely convinced that it helps against moulds &, of course, I've read the more dubious stuff about using bicarb to make toms sweeter, etc.
I'd really like to know, given your scientific background, what you think is useful/what is hokum when it comes to less well known gardening aids?
Apologies if you've already written a blog along these lines & I missed it☺


Bathgate you might be interested in this history of one of the cottages


Come to think of it I do give them a liquid feed when the leaves are there.



On photo - New Cold frame


So sorry you had to let Star go, very brave and strong of you to do so. We are lucky enough to have had young kittens from rescue homes so we've always been able to keep them 'indoor cats'. They never miss what they never have and if you get really lucky and get two siblings they get plenty of exercise and company. We work from home which helps too. Never had dogs but those ones of yours look a real happy handful, bet there's never a dull moment!


Ha ha Waddy, I guess you’re right! x

It is, isn’t it Dawn, lucky me :)

On photo - New Cold frame

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