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Nymans Gardens

Please join me on a visit to these National Trust Gardens. You may wish to have...



18 Jun, 2021

Kirton Lindsey - lovely doors and gardens.

I do like the ‘little town’ of Kirton Lindsey in Lincolnshire. It’s not ‘flat’ like...



18 Jun, 2021

Crab Apple Tree

No more Crab Apple jelly. The Council have removed the tree on the verge outside...



18 Jun, 2021

Hello my goy friends!

Well..back again after another wonderful holiday! Very hot every day, but as much...



18 Jun, 2021

My lovely pond..:))

Hello, I haven't logged in for a while, I've been having hospital procedures and...



18 Jun, 2021

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Gorgeous photos, K........the roses are exceptionally beautiful....what a weird response you had from that takes all types....
I would be quite pleased if my house and garden was good enough to photo.


Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling your best Janey,and hope the last one procedure brings you back to better health.Your little pond looks great, and I like the rim on show too:o) Something nice and peaceful about ponds ,isn't there? The Dahlia seeds you sent me,are doing really well,and buds are appearing now ..yippee,can't wait to see them in flower ! :o) I will post a photo,when the time is right..take care.xx


Janey, I am sorry to read about your reason for not logging on for a while and do hope you will feel better very soon.

Gardening programmes and magazines are forever extolling the virtues of having water in the garden. I bet before too long you will have all sorts of wildlife coming in. Pond looks great. Wishing you well ... :o)


Such beautiful Roses in the first two pics ... I also like to see a lovely door!


I'm one of those (very few?) blokes who never watches football! Never seen any point in going mad over 22 blokes chasing a ball all over a field & getting paid exorbitant money for doing it!

I very much liked the walk around the gardens & there are some fabulous roses there! I particularly liked the white Wisteria! So many racemes of flowers! 👏😃

On blog - Nymans Gardens


That's four of us not watching the football then!! Another seven and we can build our own team ... :o)

We were advised to pre-book our timed visit, but upon our arrival we were not even asked for proof of booking! First impressions were disappointing, there are hoardings up advertising the building work for a new restaurant, then the walk to the temporary entrance was a mass of weeds, Bindweed climbing up through trellis panels, but we heard some folk saying it's good for the wildlife! Hmm, the jury's out on that one here.

So glad we went on the Wednesday as last night (Thursday) and this morning the weather has been very wet and windy.

On blog - Nymans Gardens

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