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Fiery border

Last summer I noticed my beautiful Dahlia, Bishop of Llandaff wasn't flowering too...



24 Jan, 2020

The back is better Part 2

I continued the weeding of what was formerly the conifer bed. It still has a few...



24 Jan, 2020

Winter Greens (but not the edible type)

I like leaves, especially in Winter when there’s not so much going on. Fatsia, Euphorbia...



23 Jan, 2020

Mid-Winter Sunshine

What a day! After a grey start, the sky cleared and there was some real warmth in...



21 Jan, 2020


I have tried unsuccessfully to keep this lady happy.....but she always deserts me...



21 Jan, 2020

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It may have to do with temperature as these plants prefer a Mediterranean climate.


Thank you 3p it's good to see you back I hope the new year will be a healthy happy one for you ...

On photo - Primrose


I will Meadow, the foliage of this one is very attractive bronze and deeply cut, and it gives the border a deeper colour. Yes they soon bulk up. I did the same as you, I had an area especially for dahlias last year and have left them in, but I do want to use it for veggies, so they will have to go. I'm looking forward to seeing yours this year..

On blog - Fiery border


Steragram - its not an old bread knife, its my actual bread knife! Just gets thoroughly washed,, that's all... quite possibly the most useful bit of kit from the kitchen that can be used in the garden. I use it to split large clumps of a plant as well... We would not have been able to get my clematis out of its large pot last year without running it round the outside edge... once it was out, I used it to cut it into 3 clumps. All growing merrily away a few weeks later...


Hi Janey....
The tubers do grow rapidly,don't they...last Autumn I experimented and left the Dahlias in the ground with plenty of mulch.....we will have to see how they survive. I do love the extent of the flowering period of Dahlias.Let us know how you get on.

On blog - Fiery border


Where did you go Katie? there are some lovely places. We went out on the BMW to Seaways bikers café up at Fridaythorpe.

Yes wildrose ours also tasted better, though the fish looked really white and so fresh.

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