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The rooks are NESTING!!!

Sorry no pics, there are only two nests so far. Just hoping they won't all follow...

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19 Feb, 2019

In Deepest Dorset

Here I am right Down South...almost opposite end of the country to home! I’m visiting...



18 Feb, 2019

A Good Year For Crocus

Here in Bracknell, we have had lots of dry, sunny weather and the crocus have responded...



18 Feb, 2019

National Garden Scheme

Today I visited a garden in Highgate Village, open early in the year because of the...



17 Feb, 2019

2019 has started well

When it is such a mixed bag of weather it is grand to see plenty of colour in the...



17 Feb, 2019

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Hi again guys - so I dug them up and have updated the question with the new photos.White bulbs, very deep and hard to dig up so I'm thinking most probably spanish bluebells.
The last photo is of the flower beds with a brownish ?root exposed - but some of it has leaves similar to the bluebells (although lighter in color and fleshier). The second last photo is of these dug out and separated..Any ideas as to what these could be? Apologies, I am new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you !


When you do a deliberate crossing do you take a note of the parents so that it can be tried again if it fails to flower the 2nd year? You must have a lot of patience to go to all that trouble and maybe wait years for flowers but this must be very satisfying. Have you thought of registering the pink double with the RHS? Bjs has also done deliberate crossings and some of his primulas are available with Stradbrook as part of the name.


Thanks Shirley and Karen . . . sometimes it’s the little things that make us smile :)

On photo - New Cold frame


Thanks to both of you. I will give it a liquid feed. It is in a clay soil so it could, at times, be too wet for it.
It is a few years old now so there can't be too much wrong. I hope!


Very smart! It looks great.

On photo - New Cold frame


Aw, I love that last photo Jen! Congrats on your new family member. So sorry about puss. No more suffering though. Xx

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