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They look yummy! I've grown some Money Makers this year from some old seeds as I couldn't get to the GC to get new seeds. They've done ok, but nothing special. Are yours outside or in a greenhouse Amy?


Karen...We will find it hard to let go.....we both love 🌱 but the garden is such high maintenance, if we stay here it will need completely overhauling, a daunting task to say the least!
Shirley I remember your trip so well......a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then...
We looked happy and well in the photograph because we were away in St Albans at a hockey tournament with grandson eldest daughter and one of our favourite restaurants.....happy days!.....Peter loves his ladder..I must admit he frightens the life out of me every time he climbs it!
Amy like you we have moved from large gardens....30 acres when we farmed, and over the years the gardens have got smaller.....I love living by the sea, all our family are now down here with us....which is a joy.....the present garden is very high maintenance.....a granny flat would be ideal, as you say walk the dogs 🐢 etc
Siris......I like
Daylily thanks so much...
Kate you do say the nicest Mr Micawber I feel something will turn up......
I would be happy with more hard landscaping some raised beds for some vegetables.....and a glasshouse for my the moment it’s hard work in this heat...


Thunderstorms with rain forecast from 9pm tonight ... that should cool things down a bit!

On photo - Gladioli.....


It looks like it to me, too, and I used to sell them. Probably too tender and drought adapted to be happy outdoors in Dorset, but I have been surprised before. I do know that it needs deep dune sand to grow well.


No it hasn’t Shirley.......not helped me either....

On photo - Gladioli.....


Thanks Balcony.....

On photo - Hibiscus....


Lol Karen......we took out our Parrotia a few months ago...atm the Eucalyptus is at a manageable stage! But our Cercidiphyllum is growing at a rate of knots!
Anget I absolutely loved the leaves, so unusual, it was worth growing for the leaves alone...
Wildrose it is a lovely tree, and I shall be very sad to see it go....
Stera they can reach 200 I have been told...
Kate I really wanted it to is quite spectacular......we should have put it at the very back of the garden in hindsight .........


They are far more advanced than my tomato plants on the balcony!

With the heat of these last few days they have been wilting & I'm afraid they will suffer from Blossom End Rot & I shall lose most of the fruit that has set on the 9 plants.


Fabulous colours! It's a lovely Lily! :)

On photo - Lilium 'Fusion'


WOW! This is a real beauty! :)

On photo - Tree Lily


In answer to your question Kate.......they all run eventually.....some are worse than others!


There are so many you could choose from Amsterdam.

My own favourite is Gertrude Jekyll which is a medium shrub (about 1.25m high) with strongly scented pink blooms.Its beautiful. There's also Eglantyne, slightly smaller(1m) and St Swithun, a paler pink which is about 1.25 m.
However, you would be better off going to a nursery which specialises in roses where you'd get more knowledgeable advice. If there isn't one near you, then your local garden centre should be able to advise you.



On photo - Hibiscus....


I haven't taken any Fuchsia cutting yet, Hywel. I'll wait a few more weeks before I take any.

On photo - Fuchsia 'Anabel'


Certainly looks like Navy Blue (I've grown it elsewhere before) but there are probably more varieties with dark blue flowers available now, so hard to say 100%


3d, I don't really expect a comment of this sort on a photo of mine and will be deleting this photo later. Not appropriate of you at all.

On photo - Love this sign!


So pretty..... and even better as it’s from your own garden!


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On photo - Love this sign!


thank you


thanks about a metre i would say


thank you kindly

On photo - cannas 12th Aug


No 3d. I've got plenty of volunteers waiting for anything that grows.


thanks for the kind message

On photo - Cannas 15th july


Looks nice and neat too that Hydrangea sets it off too great idea.


Lovely capture building up getting ready for winter her eating the fruit lol.


Its a beauty Linda do you need to stake it or is it in a pot?

On photo - Tree Lily


Lovely flower and colour .


A glorious display gives a nice soft effect.


That a pretty one wonderful fresh colour .


I'm pleased I've seen these Sheila, I have some that are just leaves, no flower stems at all.. I did plant them late though. Aren't they just beautiful, and the way they arch, so elegant. I much prefer them to the usual gladioli.
I'll just have to enjoy the bright green leaves..haha

On photo - Gladiolus Murielae


Really pretty white petunias Sheila, especially of an evening, they shine bright don't they..:))
Like you I've tortoiseshells in my garden right now. The Peacocks and Admirals are nowhere to be seen...


Oh Sheila, that is such a beautiful thing to do for you and a stunning rose too. What a treasure to keep....much love X


I’ll have a look.
Thanks x


Yes! She would like to know the name of it? x


Andrew's suggestions are good but remember you will need to add grit to aid drainage to help them cope with the wet autumn/winter.


I don't think it is multi stemmed/herbaceous, but you can take cuttings. but they will need to be kept frost free.
you can do stem or root cuttings. it is classed as a tender perennial in the uk.

On question - Hi everyone


Wjat a fantastic crop mix there will you be making any chuckney from them?


Looks promising being so healthy looking.

On photo - Cannas 15th july


it does doesn't it. That's what I'd go for but there may be better id's.


This is a lovely deep colour and a kind friend of your mothers to give you it I hope more plants like this will inspire you even more .


they will probably flower in their 4th year. its a fun thing to do but remember they are unlikely to be exactly like Lucifer as that is a variety rather than a true species. you may be lucky and get ones very similar or some really pretty variations .


Thats a beauty.

On photo - cannas close up


have a look at Beal's roses for a suggestion of a name. :o)


Welcome to GoY from me too wow what a great show your Canna has given you.

On photo - cannas 12th Aug


that is not unusual for some varieties of rose.
are you after a name for it LE?


Wow 3d I just watched it. I've bought things on ebay before now that came from China but not since this Covid and their cover up. (I had some spouts to put on bottles to put in pots but not found a bottle to fit them! More fool me). I'd sooner pay double because none of us is sure what's coming out of there either as seeds, or in any other kind of packaging. It makes me shiver when I think of Salisbury and how easily thousands could have been killed. Same sort of M.O.

On blog - Seeds of Terror


Its much, much harder to keep a new plant properly watered in the ground at this time of year than it is in a pot, especially a hydrangea which does not like to dry out .. it might have been better to keep it in a bigger pot until autumn, then plant.


I can smell it from the front garden as soon as I come up the path. The Lily is in the back garden.

On photo - Tree Lily


I've not known it this hot here before. I have some fuchsia (and other) flowers that have bleached white in the sun.


Looks very much like Chamelaucium uncinatum known as "wax" to florists.