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Kate, thank you. Yes, we had a wonderful week in a villa overlooking Lake Annecy … perfectly relaxing 🙂.

Eileen, thank you. Do you have any idea of the name of the white clematis?


lovely Sheila, it is always an anxious time when we go away. I had to remind Victoria to water the greenhouse while we were away last week.

The weeds have taken advantage of the rain too. :o(


Gorgeous pic, Linda!

On photo - DSC09684


Aw, lovely!!!!!


Enjoyed seeing lots of your pretty and colourful plants, Ange. Loving the two roses - gorgeous indeed.
Hope you’re feeling ok after your nosebleed?

On blog - Flowers opening.


yes the temperatures should be fine so plant them out now.


Loving the colour combination!


no it wont affect the leaves, just dead head the flower spike when finished. I actually like the flowers though some prefer to remove them so they just have the foliage.


It’s very pretty too. I do love buying and mixing different flowers in pots.


Looks colourful, Julia. I’m fact it’s all very colourful and love the different forms/shapes.


Loving it’s lushness too. I’m a fern lover - think my favourite is the shuttlecock.


Definitely a great purchase, Julia. Looks a very beautiful rose.


Artistic view.


That’s fab to hear! It’s all very exciting, Eileen…time is just flying by too..won’t be long til number 1 wedding! ☺️


Looking well watered then, Sheila! Lots of colour and healthy greenery too. Your verbena looks gorgeous!
Greenhouse looking full of pretty plants waiting to be planted out! Hope you had a restful and lovely time away.


Great view, Paul! I remember you laying the new lawn too - how are you finding it? Loving the lush ferns at the front there!

On photo - new garden 2022


Looks quite magical though.


It’s a beauty too. Just love the pale sherbet lemon colour.

On photo - Yellow tree peony.


And looking very attractive too…love the leaves on this! They are often as nice as having blooms!

On photo - Epimedium


Thanks Ange! It is sometimes a bit precarious while gardening with these in the way at times!

On photo - Allium Ostara


I know what you mean, Ange. However, it’s difficult not to save money when it comes to our garden. The GCs are overpriced - especially the large ones that are part of a chain. I go to one in Brigg (Lincs) now me then - some of the girls on here will know of it. It’s a very big place - massive restaurant, building an additional one. Expensive gift shops, retail - clothing and furniture, summerhouses, children’s toys!, massive indoor plant section, huge Christmas shop/grotto…you know the type. Coach trips daily too. That must make a fortune. There’s also one at Hornsea too I visit when I meet up with my friends. Think they are part of the British garden centres - around 60 stores! I do feel the small nurseries though, one close to us closed this year.


This area is left mainly on its own. Overgrown with lots of pretty weeds.


Sounds lovely, Gerardine! You will have a very pretty and colourful garden this year! A smashing surprise!

On blog - Surprise


Thanks kindly, Sheila.


You’re right there, Ange. They do seem to take a little while, then..they are prolific!


Thanks Sheila, that is really great to hear! I’m well chuffed now - looking forward to the abundance of long lived flowers! 👍☺️

On photo - First time fuchsia.


Yes, I thought it strange too, Ange and Klahanie! I bought it in leaf with a few buds on. Now, they have opened - no white! Odd! But, I’m very pleased with the colouring.
How lovely that the hummingbirds like them, Klahanie - your hanging baskets will be surrounded I’m guessing when they are in full bloom!

On photo - First time fuchsia.


Thanks ladies! She usually prefers roses!! ☺️


Good picture of it Karen. I do not have luck with these.


Oh wow that will definitely be too big for where I have it at the moment. It does sound beautiful where you are though Wylie, that reminds me I use to have an Oleander as a house plant from the local nursery by me but unfortunately died on me but when we went to Ibiza (out of season) they were as common as a palm tree is there. I will have to have a nosey at yours :) thank you.

On photo - Weigela


The Lilacs have had wonderful flowers this year. I haven't got one in the garden, but the quite a few people round here have.


I think that this is the same weigela as mine and I didn't know it's name. Lovely flowers and foliage.


Yes put it in the ground, they grow quickly, I had one set itself 2years ago but it was too close to another tree I planted. I moved it at the beginning of the year and it's doing really well.

On question - Rowan sapling needs help


I remember those times, the time it comes for your outfit,you will probably feel exhausted....exciting times to come....we will wait to see the photos.


Lovely pic :))


Lovely - and you should have this flowering all summer - good choice Kate!

On photo - First time fuchsia.


Love the colour!


Weigela can get pretty big. They are used around here as roadside plantings and are 5 meters tall. They are used alongside the road that goes from my side of Terceira to the main city of Angra, along with hydrangeas, agapanthus and Amaryllis belladonna. I have a deep red one, and it is really nice.

On photo - Weigela


Thank you all again so much! xx


I’m the opposite have had patty’s plum I think it’s called for years and it’s flowered once.
I’ve been surprised a few times this year Kate.I’ve had two camellias this poppy and I see a peony rose that was in this garden when I came here has buds for the first time in about 5 years.I moved it and it didn’t flower again.

On blog - Surprise


Thanks for that Sue ,I'll be going to have a look :o)


I'm glad you found it interesting Klahanie some villages are entirely built of flint . you may like to google Grimes graves Norfolk where they used to dig out the flint underground eons ago with only a candle for light in the dark tunnels ...

On photo - Echium Pininata


I've had them in pots before but there are a limit to the number I can have. Currently I have agapanthus in my bigger pots.

On photo - Acer 'Corallinum'


they are the caterpillars of the box tree moth.
Pick off as many as you can find and if you have a bird table offer them up on there. Birds will be very grateful at this time of year.

nothing needs doing to the soil as the eggs are laid on the underside of the leaves.

read the RHS link

if you can find the time to fill in their survey request it would be helpful.


Beautiful plantings Anget. Your hard work is paying off.

On blog - Flowers opening.


Just did that Amy. Quite interesting. Thank you for the suggestion. I've have never seen anything like it.

On photo - Echium Pininata


Cute picture and cute kitten. Made me smile.


It is beautiful but does not look blanco to me :-) I really like fuchsias in hanging baskets Kate, Just bought one recently as hummingbirds like them too.

On photo - First time fuchsia.


WOW what a fantastic colour, I may need to invest in one lol, r they bushes by the sound of it x


They are fab plants aren’t they, nice plant combination too :)