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A joy to see greenery Ange and I do like your clematis and those aliums give a real pop of colour.


A lovely blog Kate, time spent with parents is very special and you made the most of it. Liked the picture of the cat reclining on her cushion, obviously a very aristocratic


Clever girl, a gold star for you then. I`m quite envious.


Thanks so much, Callie, that’s kind of you.


Thank you has spread so much we have to cut into it in order to clip the gate.


That is a criminal act, its against the law to cut down hedges and trees if there are nesting birds in them, also very sad to see it go Shirley but yours will benefit from the light......


welcome to GoY.

I dont grow Tecoma but this is what I have found.

Annual pruning can help a yellow bells shrub maintain its shape and encourage new healthy growth. Prune in the late winter after the threat of frost. Remove old growth inner branches and cut the old woody growth back. If there is no green wood growth, cut the shrub to the ground. In most cases, it will re-grow quickly in the spring.


I hope so! It’s been so cool here my tree won’t grow.


My OH knee Siris. They were great buddies.

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I agree .Sambucus nigra. I also have it.


I echo all the comments on here and fully understand how you must be feeling. Such a shock and so badly timed. I am really sorry Shirley.
I hope they will leave the other trees alone.



the ones you kindly sent me last year or was it the year before are all doing well and 4 are in flower and looking lovely.

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the garden is looking brilliant Owd. All your hard graft has certainly paid off.


what a lovely area to have.

it looks idyllic.


Most tap roots will regrow from below ground, which is why they make such good propagating material.

However this plant often behaves as an annual but it is biennial really. So dead heading is the answer once the flower is over so it doesn't make mature seeds..Then after it has flowered it should die.


I see you are still an old stalwert of GOY. I have been so out of touch these past 3 years what with my new hip then 1 yr after a traumer fracture which they say will take 18 months to realy get back to what I could do, but my garden has kept me going, it is a wonderful healer but hard not to push the boundaries too much. Keep at it, My hesperis are a joy to see I have not dug my dahlias up for the past three years unable to dig and a few mild winters, but thank goodness they have appeard yet again in spite of that very sudden hard frost which killed a few shrubs for me. I will try and put a few recent photos on if I can computers have changed a good deal since I last used Goy.


You have a very pretty garden, Stroller. Your pond is a triumph!


That's a nice one. I like Horatio, too.

On photo - Aruncus Misty Lace


It looks like an idyllic setting, Klahanie, I can see why you favour it.


Thank you, Ff.


It is a dainty little rose, Kate.


Thank you, ladies.


Thank you, all.

Glad to be of service, Meadow!


I wondered about Sambucus too … very pretty plant.


I do like this shrub whenever I see it in flower.


Nearly flowering.


Love it.

On photo - Aruncus Misty Lace


I love these full petalled Roses and the colour, so subtle.


Love those purple leaves Daylily 🙂.


Bright and beautiful


Yes, very pretty mingle 🙂.


Hasn't everything been so verdent this year?


We will enjoy your pictures, sorry to here your arthritis is causing you problems.


Yes,you are right Shirley...looks very similar to the Physocarpus but much prettier.


Your garden is looking absolutely gorgeous Phyl, and I love the delightful pond!


Sorry to hear of the loss of an old friend after 27 years. Was he perched on your knee in the photo?

On blog - Our sad news


I’m sorry to hear about your mobility problems Klahanie. It’s sensible to have plenty of places to sit … I do the same. And it’s great that our gardens give us solace, comfort and joy. Lovely photos by the way!


It looks like a lovely haven of peacefulness.


Must have been regenerating over those missing years.

On photo - Iris siberica


Julia, that looks very much like a Sambucus 'Black Lace' (Elder) ... mine is just coming into flower. I will reply to your PM tomorrow ... :o)


Love this tree Delonix. Hope you will get lots of beautiful flowers.


I second that Kate. I could weep Shirley it was such a beautiful tree and the poor birds will sadley miss it. The neighbours are obviously not in tune with re-wilding then.


Thanks Janey :-))


Smashing Julia!


Yes it certainly looks like it is Jane, very attractive dark leaves plants too.


They really are Kate, such a pretty blue aren't they? There's one in the village that is a very dark blue, it is fantastic!

On photo - Ceanothus time!


Aw thanks Kate, they're such a romantic plant.

On photo - Beautiful Wisteria


It just needs to grow Kate then I'm sure it'll be one to notice..:)


Looking forward to seeing it Ange, it'll be fabulous on a warm summers day..:)

They will Linda. I'm expecting only pond creatures, water boatmen if I'm lucky..

It is Kate, this week has been pretty chilly, so hopefully June will bring us some sun.that will
stay quite a few days.

On photo - Little pond


Thank you Linda, Kate and Ams..

I haven't seen red ones Linda, what a treat!
There were one or two more last weekend Kate, but none since its been.chilly. I wonder where they go? I do love dragonflies, they're spectacular aren't they..:)
I'm so pleased I took it Ams, it had been pecked at the next day, so didn't survive!

On photo - Damselfly