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Funny you should say that Lindak my daughter said she seen a bird which she thought was a Blackbird with white feathers mixed I wonder are they older birds going grey I said to her.


Yes its nice to see different colour birds there was quite a few of them thank you Kate..


Yes they are Kate lets hope the sun shine brings out more.

Yes Lindak they seem to coming out more I noticed to gather in abundance with a bit of nicer weather .

Brilliant Seaburngirl I am sure there is many more of honey bees in your garden filled with pollen sacs . I was worried this one might of got trapped as the flower was starting to close which happened last year but it was in a Tulip.


Thanks for all the replies the last 2mornings have been very frosty so I will get the fork out hopefully at the w/end and sieve some multi purpose compost over it weather permitting


Hello Shirley,
hope you all well. Yes Ringo has and is a handful. Turned into a big dog. Lockdown hasn't helped as he didn't get to socialise so is reactive with people. Makes it hard work but we have been trying to train it out of him.

Still cant answer anything about the neighbours. They haven't spoken to anyone around here and keep to themselves. At least that is so much better then the last lot lol.
The stroke was a bit of a shock. Was so lucky it was mild. Knocked me off my feet for a few months but getting there.

Tell your OH he is a genius. Will see if local cricket club will allow me to use theirs.

Jen x


Waddy you are so kind, its my stubborn attitude that keeps me going don'tcha know, lol..
Oh dear that must feel as though you're in limbo , not good considering how things have been for the last year, as regards the garden I would be just like you, its still yours, no way would I neglect it either. ..


Goodness, yes, liberty bodices ... awful things. I guess we needed them before central heating but glad we’ve moved on to lightweight vests!

Hope you recover properly really soon Kate 🙂.

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we have had the same events over the last couple of days too. lots of pollen sacs visible on our honey bee.


we have a family of 5 and they all have some white feathers too. the grass looks frosty . We had a light frost today.


take heart depends on which one it is, take a picture when fully open and then we should be able to id it.

I have some that rarely bulk up, sadly and others that even defy Glyphosate.


Hi Jen, lovely to hear from you again, and yes, I certainly do remember you getting Ringo!! Sorry to hear he's a bit of a naughty lad, and so sad to read that Ben has passed on.

Having a stroke has obviously been a huge shock for you, but well done on making a good recovery and sounding very positive.

I read your request for a lawn roller to my H who suggests contacting any local cricket clubs as they almost always have a lawn roller and may be willing to offer you the use of it for a donation to the club.

Another idea is to hire one for a day from a local tool hire company as they may deliver and collect it.

I hope your new neighbours turned out to be good ones and that the business is going well for you. Take care of yourself . . . :o) x


those sweet peas look strong and healthy.
Garden is looking good, lovely heather and fcat all look good.


Thank you Kate123. I have been so lucky. My stroke could have been so much worse.

Thank you also about Ben. He was such a gentle boy. Ringo has been a handful. He has fear aggression and takes a lot of handling. It's mainly him who has torn up my lawn lol. X


We lived in Scotland in the late 70's. May have seen you in your moon boots!

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Thank you Zammaureen. I am so sorry about your Golden Retriever. They are so much part of the family.
Ringo is a German shepherd. Now 2 yrs old now and at 47kgs so a big dog to handle and full of trouble. I also have Shadow who also is a German shepherd and 5 1/2. Between the 2 of them, my lawn this winter has become history. Luckily though neither eat the plants.

For some reason I can no longer see any of the photos on here.


Zamaureen the plants in the greenhouse are different species of sweet peas. I haven’t grown them for a long time so I am really looking forward to seeing them in 💐


Thankyou Kate, I do love my ponds and the water features and often get sidetracked just watching what is going on in them and listening to the water is so relaxing, I took advantage of the lovely weather and don't mind admitting I really needed my time in my garden, it gave me a real boost as it has for so many, onwards and upwards Kate....


Hello Jen, I’m unable to help with your query also. I just wanted to say I do hope you are on the road to recovery as Zamaureen mentioned before.
You’ve obviously been through an absolutely horrific time in your life, with your health and losing your beloved dog, Ringo too. You never need to apologise for anything, you’ve suffered terribly with one thing and another.
I do think someone may come to your aid on here regarding a lawn roller.
Please take care, sending best wishes to you and your family.
Kate x


Gorgeous and luminous aren’t they!

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It’s good to hear you’ve been out making the most of the mild weather and lovely sunshine, Marjorie.
You have some pretty spring flowers in bloom too, plus the bonus of your view out front - lovely!


Thank you for your lovely, warm message, Lesley. Xx

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Julia and Ange - I don’t envy your youth having to wear those vests! Thankfully, there are many more styles out there now! As Julia said, much prettier ones!!
However, as a young child in the 70s, I remember long, harsh Scottish winters...and lots and lots of layers. I had the best blue ‘moon boots’ for snow. Loved them! I’m not sure if that’s just what Mum and Dad called them - probably!

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Julia, it’s such a pity you live so far from here!☺️

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Hi, I can't help you with the lawn roller but just wanted to wish you all the best with your recovery from the stroke. It must have been so hard for you and I am sorry you lost your dog. What kind of dog is Ringo?
I also have been away from this site, last time I wrote a blog was when I had moved house with my son and our Golden Retriever. I could only plant dog friendly shrubs and plants as she never lost the habit of eating anything she felt like in the garden. I lost my 13 year and 9 months Golden Retriever just before Christmas.
I totally understand how hard a new puppy can be. I am not able to commit to getting another dog yet so I am adding plants that I couldn't before.
Hope you manage to find a roller


Do hope your feeling better really soon Kate, good to hear you were able to get out in the sunshine it;s been really lovely this weekend.

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Really nice to see your plants that are coming out and you have a lovely view from the front. What are the seedlings that you are growing in the pots?
Ive been busy in my garden too, I will put some photos on soon


Oh, Klahanie, I do so agree with you. It's one of my main bugbears (and I have a number!!) It seems we live in a world that can't live without noise and is afraid of silence. I hate shopping with musak and have been known to walk out of places, particularly at Christmas. I don't want to buy my veggies accompanied by Country and Western carols. I loved hols in the Scottish highlands when, to walk out, you were only accompanied by natural sounds. Why are we afraid of peace??


now I've looked at the flowers I can see they are related.

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Thanks Stan.
Citrus. Interesting. They can grow pretty large than . Of course we see them here only in pots (I have 2) and even in Mexico they were mainly kept small in the yards.
This trunk seems huge.


Anget, I do get the picture and I am there with you.
Although, my OH loves his power tools also and he has all sorts of noisy hobbies such as wood working.

There is way too much noise pollution in our society.
We thought we escaped the noise moving from the big city to a country, to an acreage.... on an Island in the Pacific... but not so. We have dozens of helicopters, sea planes, speed boats zooming by every day... big Chinese freighters parking by (waiting for coal and grain) and running their generators day and night. One can hardly hear a bird song any more . There is no paradise anywhere anymore.....
I know I am over-dramatizing and make it sound worse than it is (could be worse) but I do stand behind my first sentence.


Thanks you Kate- hope your feeling much better.

Klahanie...on second thought..that's a Citrus trunk ( maybe!) and he's grafting on to that. That would be much more likely.


Yes, Meadow, I have to admit there was an old-fashioned haberdashers in Cambridge that Nana used to frog march me to every November to buy the Liberty bodices (Germolene pink). They were the last place on earth to stock them. You can imagine the shame of being the only girl in the lower years of Senior school to spend hours before gym lessons undoing the rows of rubber buttons down the side.
See how traumatised I was - I still remember.
(Sorry, Kate).

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That’s something at least Paul - things can only get better.


Between you and me,Ang,I still wear a vest in Winter months...they are much prettier than those I wore to school....and do you remember liberty bodies???

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Looking good, Marjorie. You have a pleasant view.


Kate, your conversation with Meadow reminded me of visiting my dear Nan when I was a teenager. Every time she saw me, Spring, Summer or Autumn (even once I was first married), the refrain was always "Have you got your vest on?" It still makes me smile thinking about it. It's a query from my OH now!!

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Attractive area you have to look out on,Marjorie....such a pleasant day to potter.


Great to see some Spring flowers at last . . . :o)


Thanks Sbg, Rose and Kate . . . :o)

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Thanks Kate ... this morning I popped over to the church yard to tidy up around Mum's/Grandparents plot and was delighted to see many Crocus and Snowdrops around the graves. I think I shall plant some in the Autumn.


Ang and Marjorie, your kind comments certainly give me a lift.Thank you both so much.


Thanks both . . . not as sunny today but OH gave the lawn (moss covered grass!) the first cut of the year . . . looks better now.


Kate,I didn't add you really need an efficient Physiotherapist who doesn't live miles away!! Xx

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Thanks Julia and Ange, I’ll definitely keep it in check..especially when I have a ‘bijou sized’ garden! 😉


Julia, thank you kindly. I am grateful for your thoughts and wishes. I know, it’s a blasted nuisance, it really is. I thought I was perking up, and, then the chestiness and cough started up again, with the lung pain..typical! The antibiotics should do the trick, plus, sticking my head out into the fresh air and sunshine daily for a short spell too!
I’ll be taking your Mum’s advice, wrap up warm!
Thanks again Julia, keep posting your beautiful artwork, it’s great to see and to enjoy! Xx

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Aw thank you, Marjorie, I really appreciate your kind message. It’s just one of those things, I guess! I just want to get back out in my own role, traversing that lovely county you live in, again! I do miss it, and the lovely patients.
You take care and I hope you and yours are keeping well too. Best wishes xx

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Thank you, Ange! I didn’t see that until you pointed it out! A subconscious decision! Yes, I was the gaffer for a change, not the apprentice! He didn’t have to suffer too long in the role, bless him!
Thank Ange for your warm wishes, I’ll get there, just seems to be taking a bit longer than I hoped! It was very helpful to see some sunshine and get out in the fresh air! Medicinal for sure! You keep safe and well too, keep posting your lovely garden pics! Xx

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P.s. I can't believe your 74! You put me to shame!


Hi Sue, I know what you mean nothing to be said for getting older is there? I am hoping to have some Hellebore in my 'new' garden so I will try your trick. As for daffs, I love the little tet-ta-tet ones, but when it comes to the full sized ones, I stick to buying bunches as I love the smell. However I do like other, low growing spring bulbs.
No date for moving yet. We were supposed to be going on the 5th March, but there's a hitch at the beginning of the chain, so we're waiting for a new date. My neighbour did ask why I was bothering with the garden as we're moving, but I don't know about you but I couldn't just ignore what needed to be done.


So sorry Kate to read you have a chest infection now....poor you....this wretched virus doesn't seem to want to leave take care....plenty of rest....and wrap up warmly even though the sun is out....I can hear my mother saying these exact words.

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