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Don't you just love this time of year? New life springing up all over the place. ..excuse the pun. I agree with you about the magnolias ours too is the best I've seen it. Your garden must smell wonderful with all those hyacinths.

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You,ve certainly earned that cuppa Sue, what a transformation!


Wherever you go they are spectacular this year.Many thanks.


Yes tit looks lovely in rockeries.

On photo - Alyssum


Lives up to its name HB...doesn't grow very big, very compact.


They are going to be lovely when they become established. Well done :-)

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Thank you Homebird yes it's perked up from other years.

On photo - Camelia


Yes it does but the other two stems have flowered but flopped over.

On photo - Hyacinth


Thank you Homebird yes I am pleased with this one.

On photo - Saxifraga


Thank you Homebird 😊

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It's a great year for them isn't it. Yours is glorious...


I am looking for a golden coloured Acer. This is lovely.


Congratulations Dan. I am looking forward to seeing the new pond..

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It's great to see the changes from 38 years ago. You really should be very proud of the effort you've put in to get the garden looking so good. Loving the pond..


How pretty is this. I love the colours.

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I do love these pretty little plants.

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A lovely colour. Does it have a nice scent?

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It's lovely and loaded with flowers and buds isn't it. It must be very happy.

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Lovely rich colour.

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Is this vinca minor? Lovely shaped flowers aren't they.

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She a very pretty girl..


I do like these painted ones.

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What am I like....I thought it was a dog with enormous ears!!

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...and it is lovely.


These are so attractive. I love the curved back petals.


I wonder why it's happening Lincs. I'm not on much nowadays so haven't really noticed anything. It's nice when I do get the chance to catch up a bit.


spring has definitely sprung in your garden. it is looking fabulous. my P denticulate are in a tight rosette of leaves still. bud is right at the bottom so yours are well on.
that camellia is gorgeous.

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just a thought. you can buy plastic/rubber top cane supports that have slots that means you don't have to tie them with string. wilkos sell them they are only a few quid and save string.


Amy it must be nice to see plants popping up that you didn't know we're there.

On photo - Fritillaria


yes good sturdy bamboo canes are ideal. I have 6-8ft ones. you can do it several ways. If limited for space, push 6 canes in the ground 10-12" apart then tie the canes together at the top. repeat as many times as you need wigwams.

or put 2 rows of canes 1ft apart and 1.5ft across from each row. tie rows together and then add a ridge cane to hold them all together.

both methods work well and are easy to put together.

hope you feel better soon too.


Thanks I didn't notice the paler bud!! I think they get a little warmth from the concervatory making them come earlier.

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What a lovely blog! I love your tulips. And is that a primula denticulata? I’ve not come across that colour...will look out for it. Your Bergenia is stunning. Whenever I see Bergenia anywhere, I always think of you. X

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Ooh..Deep Secret is beautiful! Well done. I did the same with Rambling Rosie this year and the cuttings have all taken. Ramblers are dead easy from cuttings! But I’ve yet to try any of my other roses.

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Hope it thickens up nicely. too. They are all growing.


I have been pruning the Sophora back, and it seems to be getting fuller in those areas.


Wigwam? Is that anything like a Teepee? or tripod? I've seen it done. I've even seen them climbing up corn stalks.


I wondered what they were looking at. I have these too but still in bud.


I've got this but not the babe one, stereo delicate aren't they.


I agree, Thrup. Good for the rockery!

On photo - Alyssum


It's a lovely shape as well do you cut it back.

On photo - Pieris japonica


What a lovy bunch you have there.

On photo - Dwarf Narcissus


Not seen a purple before very pretty.

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Beauties both of them they go well together.


Thanks both ....



Thanks, Kate, Amy & Siris, "hint of pink" that is frost damage, that was the last frond that unfurled just wasnt as tough as the others too late in the year ...



For plants that are heavy feeders like tomatoes, potatoes & peppers, they would do well with the chicken & fish/bone, but wait for them to blossom and go with a diluted amount and not full strength.


Thank you Inda it's highly scented too.

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Lots of flowers this year but a lot of bare branches in the shrub. It is in a tub & I have fed it, but is it likely to green up & get more fresh growth?

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