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Aw, is there anything cuter than a JR puppy? I don’t think so. Maybe a red Panda, but you can’t cuddle them! lol. Great photos of Spring time Kate. I hope Sunday is a good day for you. I might go into the bluebell wood tomorrow.


So pretty in the sunshine!

On photo - Bright bluish mix


Oh Kate, it feels so slow! For one reason and another, not much progress. I am being very patient and it’s against my nature! lol!


Sorry to hear that, Rose! I don't know what you can do then!

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well this has come up. what is your question? pop it in the reply box under this.


Lovely, my ajuga is nearly out :-)

On photo - Bright bluish mix


Thanks Kate, well it has pink buds but the flowers are white when fully open with a dark eye, hopefully a few will be open soon I will post another picture :-)


Some lovely plants there Kate 🙂.


Beautiful Anemone Kate 🙂

On photo - Bright bluish mix


Lovely memory for you Janey. Hope you can go back at some point, although mixed emotions I guess. x


I seem to have a problem with this site. Hopefully I will fing the reason w.y

On photo - Magnolia Susan


Thanks Kate, I can’t quite get over the dozens of bracts on the Cornus … it’s never been so prolific before 🙂.


Thanks Balcony but it just won't work! When I click on it, it won't accept it.

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I grow the Euphorbias in pots Kate, They always die in the winter if I plant them in the ground. I put them in a shelter for the winter but they're back outside now.


I'm liking the 'look' too!!!!

On photo - Small Narcissi


I'll admire yours as I can't seem to grow them, Hywel!


Hopefully your weather is as glorious as it is here, today, Karen!!! It's so cheering.
Looks like your project is definitely progressing!


Gish, there are lots of lovely buds, Jane! It's going to be a glorious vision of pink!!


Very attractive shot, Sheila! Lovely Cornus too, liking the form.
I can spot your Acer, Jordan is such a beautiful Acer isn't it!!


Very pretty, lovely sunshine yellow. Welcome to GoY.


Amsterdam, I couldn't add anymore, the others have said it all, great advice really!


I do love your stumpery, Sue! Always inspires me. Love the verdant lushness. Your Mr Tree beard looks right at home there, I think he'll be very settled!!!!! Must have been a right old task getting him moved!


Lovely to see, Hywel. I struggled to grow this in past years.


Welcome to GoY Beverleyannfret :)


Yes the Mediterranean redbud, Cercis silliquastrum. They were often planted down the village streets and pruned and trained so the canopy of branches touched each other, beautiful to walk under the umbrella of pink flowers in spring and huge yellow heart shaped leaves come autumn...ahh me, haha!


Let's hope we have calmer and more Spring-like weather soon. I had to move mine as the wind was too much for it. It is looking very grey here today..:((

On photo - Acer Jordan


Hello! my good friend offered to share these mineral:
fertilizers with me. are they suitable for my garden?
I usually grow standard vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

On question - Which fertiliser?


Mine is looking slightly sorry for itself...I think it has had too much water.The leaves are drooping. I'm giving it a rest and see what will happen.

On photo - Acer Jordan


Rose, go to the 'puzzle' icon at the top right hand side, click on it (if you hover your pointer over it, without clicking, you will see it says "extensions") & when it opens you should see "Manage Your Extensions". In the search box write 'Adblock Ultimate' &/or 'uBlock Origin'. You will get it at the top of the results list. Click on it to install it & that's that!

You can do the same with 'uBlock' as well. Not only will they stop ads on here but all across the sites you visit! Pages will also load faster & ads will not longer bother you.

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I understand that to keep this gardening community on line ads are needed to finance it, so that it will remain free, but they can be very intrusive at times - as the comments on here make clear.


Yours sounds wonderful Sheila...the flowers are minute on ours.
They must look so attractive Janey..I had no idea there were so many in Spain.


Ours is in bud now too, looking like a purple cloud. Yes, the tree looked dead for weeks!


Thanks Josee, I am very pleased with it. Our designer (6 years ago) suggested a “see-through tree” in the bed in front of the kitchen window, but he couldn’t think of one at the time. I’d brought this with us from our old garden, and it seems to fit his idea perfectly 🙂.


Thank you Janey.


A beautiful tree Sheila. I bet you are pleased with it.


I like all the Euphobias & this is a nice one with its sturdy red stems.


Exactly my problem!


Thank you Rose and Sheila, I hope your Jordan is now leafing on its other side now Sheila.


It must be milder by the sea Rose, I cut my bedraggled ones off.




Look fab and I bet they're highly scented..

On photo - Small Narcissi


I love Cercis Julia, so many planted in Spain..:)


Thank you Rose. Meant to take a photo yesterday!

Thanks Balc, it is special :)

On photo - Little Crab Apple


The cold wind has been intolerable Ange. I moved mine to a more sheltered spot, it's looking ok though.

On photo - Acer Jordan


Haha, the same here!


We sure do Sue! x


I am on Firefox Balcony but can't seem to get adblocker, unless I am doing something wrong.

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Lovely colour and I've got this one too and it does well.


Lovely to see the bees around. They work so hard to feed their young.


So do I Klahanie. I make some scones and chop the nuts to add to the mixture.