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My Somerset Garden, Day 10.


By micky45


Hi friends.

Well the big freeze is now on, it’s absolutely freezing outside with sub-zero temperatures now gripping the country, all the plants look really shrivelled and unwell, but don’t worry, nature is cruel but kind at the same time! and everything will bounce back as the new season gets into gear.

It seems that nothing is going on “plant-wise” but don’t be fooled, the little roots will be foraging down to seek out moisture and nutrients to keep them going, but while the hard frosts are on most plants obviously go into a dormant state as the ground is hard and not much penetrates that.

The state of the garden is getting me down a bit as it’s looking tatty and un-loved! I will find time to do it once the frosts have eased, the deck will have to be jet washed as it’s getting a bit slippery and looking dark, I am hoping that it will be history by the end of the next year “money willing”! and more natural material will be down.

I want to monopolize on the water situation by installing as many water butts as possible for the various down pipes we have where water is just running away, it just seems so wasteful doesn’t it!

I have a climbing rose that Pippa bought me for my Birthday to go in still, i’ve identified a place just near the greenhouse, that is next on my target list too, it’s got a V/B growing in there which must have seeded, it’s very weedy.

I took some rose cuttings a while back and they are looking very promising! it’s just an experiment really as I know you should graft Roses onto a good root stock or something but I did have a very good success with a cutting off a pink rose a friend gave me, it turned into a very Beautiful rose plant with the most exquisite looking and smelling pink roses, I just love it, it’s out the front and when in flower I always take the time to have a good sniff and admire the beauty!

I have many roses in the garden but I think Arthur Bell has to be my favourite for smell, it’s very fragrant and I love the Yellow turning to buttery colour, it’s common but it’s good.

Fragrance is very important to me as a gardener, i love it, one of my ultimate favorites is the Mock orange shrub Philadelphus, such a powerful scent and they just get better every year as they get bigger.
We have honeysuckle too, that’s a very heady smell.

I wanted to think of something funny to make you laugh but i’m a bit tired at the moment “i am sorry Tulsa”! as you did say I make you laugh which is nice.

However i will try and post a funny picture for you to compensate, i’ve found it, it’s yours truly amongst the hollyhocks at Camerton Court Gardens this year.

Bye for now friends and speak tomorrow.

Night night.

Micky 45.

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It'sa nice to see your photos. They look cheerful in this depressing weather. :o)

20 Dec, 2009


Hi Micky.....Nice to put a face to the name. Wish I had a greenhouse like that
to play with!
The garden always looks aweful this time of year. the Spring will soon be here and we can get out there and enjoy our gardening.
You seem to have had a lot of successes with rose propagation...I wouldn't worry about grafting will still get good plants. Arthur Bell? haven't seen that lovely rose for years....think it was the first one I ever'r right...a beauty..

20 Dec, 2009


Hiya Micky you haven't failed :

Hiya Micky thanks for that ,you havent let me down.It looks as though camerton court gardens could do with a good gardener.!!!!! Lol . i love the holly hock.

20 Dec, 2009


Thanks for showing us some sunny weather..

20 Dec, 2009


Hi Micky! As if I would laugh! (LOL,LOL,LOL)

What are you planning to do about the decking? Remove it? Paint it? Disguise it?

20 Dec, 2009


Hi, Micky! What a big greenhouse you have! Thanks for the lovely pictures...:)

21 Dec, 2009

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