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My Somerset Garden, Day 9


By micky45


Hi Friends

Thank you all for wishing us a safe journey back to Somerset, it took about 4 1/2 Hours and was boring and cold, just before the Bristol turn on the M5 they had closed the entry road to it without any prior warning and as we had already taken the slip we had no choice but to follow on the M4 towards wales, we got off at the turning before the new bridge and had to take the M49 to Avonmouth and trudge in to Bristol again along the Avon Gorge, Such a hassle, at least the roads were empty and we had a quick run through.

The house was FREEZING cold and getting into bed was like landing on 10,000 needles!

Made sure to set the heating for this morning so nice and warm! Pippa had been looking after the dog for us , when I rang her she said he started pacing round the flat about 1am, the time that we had got home “they know don’t they”

He was so pleased to see me when I collected him and just kept barking and jumping up, it’s really nice to have a good welcome!

We have just finished making up some marmalade, very fattening! but hey, what’s a few extra pounds between friends.

The Garden looks all dry and shrivelled up, the Fatsia Japonica at the front looks very sorry for itself, i’m sure it will be okay as will the rest of them, most of them are hardier than we think!

I need to do a poo patrol down the path too, at least he doesn’t do it on the beds.

Were going to a Christmas party tonight so were having a good chill out before, I’m at work in the morning so i’ll be the one who’s not drinking, I don’t mind as you don’t need it to have a good time, I will save my quota of pear cider for Christmas and Boxing day!

The cat’s are all under the radiators keeping warm and Colin is eyeing me up for an opportunity to get on my lap for a cuddle and curl up, i’m not letting him as I know I will fall asleep when he does that, it’s so relaxing.

Has any of you been making plans for the next year deciding what to grow, it’s nice doing all the planning and ordering stuff in isn’t it! We have to think about getting seeds in for the Allotment produce, I can’t wait as it’s nice to be down there with other growers!

I have to tell you this! opposite our plot is this guy who has about 4 plots, he’s a great grower, we were talking one day about bind weed and he calls it
Wiv-wine, it must be a local saying, we were laughing about it to ourselves later and my other half said he’s a character, I wonder how www copes with him?

I said what do you mean www? and he said wiv-wines-wife of course! so now when we see them in the village we go oh look it’s ww and www! bit silly really but life is about being silly at times, not to be taken too serious.

We have a little gas burner which we take down there to heat the kettle up so we can make drinks, a while back when I was down there i was trying to light it and it just didn’t seem to get going properly, then i noticed the grass was starting to scorch and burn around it, stupid idiot! i’d only put it upside down on the floor, what can i say……..duuugggghh!

I hope these hard frosts don’t last too long though, it really dries everything out and the chill-factor feels like it’s going to strip the skin off my face, I guess it will get colder, it seems like the hard winters are back with a vengeance again.

To cheer you all up I am going to post some nice summery pictures as were now approaching the shortest day…………….YIPPEE!!

Anyways, I better go on poo-patrol now and lid up that marmalade!

Take care everyone and make sure you have your scarves and hats on before you venture out!

Regards as always, Micky 45

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You never fail to make me laugh micky with your funny blogs. Lovely pics of your garden as well. .

18 Dec, 2009


Great blog Mick, pleased you got back safe we dont have snow very often here thank goodness but we do get some very cold winds that go right through your cloths, you where on about cold winters coming back, but when we use to get cold winters we also had 4 seasons as well,dont seem to get them either.

18 Dec, 2009


Gorgeous summery pics Micky....cheered me up no end :0)))

18 Dec, 2009


I well remember that Bristol turn off....when we first visited there we took the wrong turning and nearly ended up in Wales...think OH was more worried about paying the toll fee on the

18 Dec, 2009


I know Clarice, they are well mixed up aren't they!

The summers seem to be extending later don't they, i just want the Balmy summer nights again, we don't seem to get any good days before mid-summer any more, I think if we are waiting for the perfect summer then we will all be in possession of zimmer frames! when we do get one!


18 Dec, 2009


A great Blog Micky, and glad you made it back to the West country safely- it's very nippy here today with a shrill wind. We haven't been out into our garden for the last few days as it's been far too cold. It's been hovering on freezing, but the forecast for Bristol is minus four degrees tonight. Heating on.... and comfort food all round!
All best wishes,
Grenville and Alan.

18 Dec, 2009


Did you see that I've been fleecing my vulnerable plants? The weather here is very cold - no snow in this part of the west country, agreed, but still below zero even this morning!

Your journey home sounded simply awful. :-(((

Light the log burner and look at Micky's summer pictures - just the job! :-))

19 Dec, 2009


Lovely blog, Micky...

19 Dec, 2009


Lovely pics Mickey....All my favs VB's...Dahlias, Gaillardia, Rudbeckia, Echy's (my abbreviation)....cheered me up...:>)

20 Dec, 2009

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