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Reading Karens blog and other members regarding the unseasonal weather this year….reminded me about the time many GOY members were asked to post Christmas Day photographs, so I popped back (luckily I started at the very beginning, when I first joined GOY)

The year was 2008 and this was the garden on CHRISTMAS DAY…….

I cannot believe how bare the garden was then, but still green, and I remember OH cut the lawn before I took the photos!!

This photograph was taken in 2009 February..

So many memories! and sadly so many members no longer on GOY for one reason or another……..but we are so lucky all our photographs are stored on here, and easy lifted to use again, should we need them…..

So, no snow at Christmas 2015! but will we have some later on…….WHO Knows? all I can say is be prepared, because we cannot do anything about the weather, if your having floods in your area, take care, my heart goes out to you all……

Have a healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR GOYers everywhere…and in the words of Dave Allen MAY YOUR GOD GO WITH YOU.???

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Yes that was a mild xmas too.
I always liked Dave Allen's closing comment.

Lets hope for a prosperous 2016 for all.

30 Dec, 2015


Goodness Dd, having visited your garden in 2015, I can't believe this is the same garden. It was nice then, but I do believe that screening the bottom half has made it look larger now, one can't see it all in one go.
You probably got more sun in the garden then? But you don't have to look at the surrounding properties.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

30 Dec, 2015


That was the year I joined too,Angela.but it took me to November 2009 to actually post a blog,and and later still,till I got the hang of posting Photo's. a.complete techy numbty.having only discovered the wonders of a laptop.. :o) and not all that much better now,to be honest..Lol.

I love looking back to see how our gardens have grown over the past years..and what kind of weather we had then.
I might do the same,and post a few too.
A very Happy New Year to you and yours Angela,hope it's a good one xx

30 Dec, 2015


Oh I hate snow and frost :( I much prefer rain.

I also miss some of the members that have 'left'

Happy New Year to you :o)

30 Dec, 2015


Hywel......I don't know about you..but we have had so much of the wet stuff, and last night/early morning it was so loud I thought it was coming through the roof, needless to say OH never heard a thing!! lol thanks for your good wishes, see you fit and we'll in 2016?
Sandra you and I are the old timers now!! I have to a admit I love all the technology, the only thing I am good at, can't sew, draw, or knit, it is lovely to be able to look back at our gardens, very useful as well to see possible planting mistakes! and a very Happy NY to you and yours.?
Siris're right it has changed over the last few years, for the better I trust? still a long way to go?wishing you both a wonderful New Year.

31 Dec, 2015


Yes we've had lots of heavy rain here too. I heard it all night long hammering on the roof and window.
I still prefer it to frost though ... :o)

31 Dec, 2015


That's something I like to do as well, look back on old photos from previous years to see what was happening at a certain time on my balcony - or down on the allotment plots for that matter as well!

Wishing everyone here a Happy New Gardening Year 2016! :-))

31 Dec, 2015


Happy New year to you and your family.

1 Jan, 2016


Happy New Year,to you and your family too, Balcony..:o)

1 Jan, 2016


Thanks Balcony, have a good one.......and also to you Lindak hope you have a better 2016 x

2 Jan, 2016


I too joined in 2008 so guess I'm an oldtimer as well, still not that good at the teccie side but I get by, never actually reached the throwing stage as regards the laptop when things are slow or disappearing as if by magic, have threatened to many a time, lol, I like to look back at the blogs, see all the changes in the gardens over the years and also the members, so many gone now, it does give me pleasure though when a name pops up out of the blue and I know that person is still ok, I don't like sewing ,knitting or painting, no patience whatsoever with anything like that, my joy is my garden and always will be so being a part of this site gives me my winter pastime as well...
Best Wishes for 2016 Dotty and long may we continue to tend our plots, browse the blogs and enjoy all our gardens wherever we may be.....

2 Jan, 2016


Thanks DD. So far the weather has been quite a change from the norm....the worms must be swimming underneath the ground.

3 Jan, 2016


Lincs, like you gardening is my number one true passion.....and painting furniture, thats my winter passion, so you are one of the old timers as well? it is lovely when an old member pops in, at least you know they are still alive and kicking lol
HB this is so much more than a gardening site, and it always will be, and I agree long may it continue....
Lindak I have never known so much rain this winter, I am hoping Wednesday might be a good day, but I am not holding my breath!!

4 Jan, 2016


Have to draw a veil over last Christmas. I joined in 2009, again at a stressful time, to provide a distraction. I puzzled over how to construct a blog and post pictures but finally cracked it. A lot of people have popped up on GOY and then vanished, never to be heard of again. I usually do blogs now as a record, rather than a social thing. There are many of us who stick at these things. I am glad to have had a connection with you, however remote. I must wish our Scottish Goyers well, as yet another named storm blows across that wondrous land.

29 Jan, 2016


Dorjac I am glad you didnt give up at the first hurdle, we have seen so many people disappear, which is a shame.....
Cannot believe these storms, we are on the tail end again, winds and at the moment light rain....ah well thats GB!!

29 Jan, 2016

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