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Have been very busy with my winter project…Annie Sloaning the bathroom, now that it is finished I decided I would like to have some plants in there, youngest daughter bought me a suitable planter for Mothering Sunday with three containers, which hangs on the wall……but what to put in there?

So all you budding designers out there!! what plants do you grow in your bathroom? if indeed you grow anything…..
It is a light airy bathroom, only heated when its really cold, we are made of sturdy stuff, we came from the Midlands lol

I welcome your comments……

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I love Hoya Bella, flowers several times a year and looks good at head height also prunes to shape easily,very good tempered.I new I can tell by the accent when you

4 Dec, 2015


I will have a look at Hoya Bella Brian, thanks....I don't know what you accent? Lol??

4 Dec, 2015


If theres one thing I cant bear its a cold bathroom! I have no plants in mine, but Hoya bella is lovely. My friend grows orchids in hers and they do really well.

4 Dec, 2015


I'm with Karen, can't stand cold bathrooms. We've got a peace Lilly in our bathroom, which seems quite happy, it's in a darker corner away from the window though.

Harder s world magazine had an article on house plants a few years ago. Their suggestion for a bathroom (which they describe as being humid with low light levels) is pink anthurium, maidenhair Fern (adiantum) and pink polka dot plant (hypoestes). They put one of each in a cerise pink 25cm pot - looks nice together. I can scan and email you the article if you want it.

5 Dec, 2015


Our bathroom is big, but warm. It faces west and gets lots of light. And it's got a big double radiator.

I've always got plants in there - Peace Lily, Aspidistra, Kangaroo Vine, Prayer plants (in the summer, they go into a bedroom for winter) Spider plant, I can't remember what else.

In the winter, the bathroom also becomes the home of my Pelargoniums on a tall set of shelves, Succulents on another tall set of shelves, a few Fuchsias which I don't trust to stay in the shed, some cacti which I don't trust either, and maybe other things if I can't find room anywhere else for them.

I hope you find a nice plant for your bathroom.

5 Dec, 2015


Our bathroom just has the heated towel rail on during colder months - a Peace Lily thrives all year round. The loo is separate and unheated - has a Cyclamen on the window sill. Friends have big Christmas cacti in theirs - lots of ideas in the comments for you!

5 Dec, 2015


Thanks For all your great suggestions...
Hywel your bathroom must be enormous!! I wouldn't be able to get through the door if I had that many plants in there, a lot of you suggested Peace Lily! unfortunately it has too strong a perfume for me, so it had to go!! but your other suggestions are worth thinking about...
Homebird I used to grow African violets many years ago, one might be ideal on the windowsill...
Shirley Christmas cacti! another plant I haven't grown
ages, , but worth thinking about...
Samip we have a heated towel rail and a radiator, but only used in the depths of winter, so certainly not humid!! thanks for the offer but I already have the containers, which are blue and white stripes, the bathroom has a seaside theme! beach hut etc..
Karen we have always had cold bathrooms, it has to be very cold before the heating goes on in the , the neighbour's take the Micky!!
I will let you know what I decide, thanks once again for your input!

5 Dec, 2015


I'm afraid I like a lovely warm bathroom too Dd! Having lots of houseplants is back in fashion again, though in my cottage even with low light levels, I have always had lots of them. Yes I bet a Maidenhair Fern would do well and a good old 70s style Spider Plant, as long as its kept dry in your cool bathroom.Do you remember those macrame hanging planters and the ones made of beads and sea shells? I can see a Boho bathroom for you coming on....:))

5 Dec, 2015


OH WOW Janey! What a Flashback!! Asparagus Ferns, SpiderPlants, and Macramรฉ plant hangers! Now where the heck is my Lesiure Suit.... I think the Lava Lamp is somewhere in the attic and the mood ring is in a drawer someplace.

5 Dec, 2015


Ha..ha.....Shell suit Dd! Cool man!!

5 Dec, 2015


DD, you know I'm a Midlander too and our top bathroom window is always open, no matter what the weather. :-)
I might get shot on here for saying it but I have six small pots on a hanger on the wall and I've used 'fake' cacti, I bought them in individual white ceramic pots - never need watering and always look good ;-)

5 Dec, 2015


Our bathroom is cold also and I think any indoor ferns would like it in there.

6 Dec, 2015


Having a bath in Hywel's bathroom must be a bit like having your bath in a greenhouse! I'd like it being all surrounded by plants. Just hope that the cacti don't fall in with me.

7 Dec, 2015


Maidenhair fern sounds good DD, our bathroom doesn't get any sun so keeping plants on the windowsill doesn't work. Feverfew I hope the cacti don't fall in with you either. I've had a good few prickles in the fingers from past plants that I've kept.

8 Dec, 2015


Feverfew that could be very painful lol we don't have a bath any more, which is a pity because I could do with a good soak sometimes after a heavy session in the garden!! (gardening related of course!!)
Janey I used to have a maidenhair fern many moons ago, might try one again, OH refused to let me buy some reduced spider plants, he is not a fan!! oh yes I remember those macrame and beads lol!!
Loosestrife I am sure the old lava lamps are collectors items now!
Dawn funny you should say that...because OH suggested fake plants too.....I have got some real cacti in an arrangement which could go on the windowsill...
Wild rose if we had a bath we might have the heating on more often, but in and out of the shower its not worth it..

8 Dec, 2015


I'm not great with indoor plants, for me too much trouble, except Peace Lily's ?

8 Dec, 2015


I don't have plants in my bathroom I'm black & white with matching black & white tall vase etc. it has to be warm for me , I have 2 Christmas cacti in the other toilet window Mother and baby from a cutting I took ,they love it and are almost always in bloom .. ...

9 Dec, 2015


Have purchased some plants from Homebase, will see how they go.....

10 Dec, 2015


Just a thought... If you have enough sunlight in the bathroom I have seen very nice terrariums that one can hang on the wall or suspend from the ceiling. A few of these around the bathroom would be very nice decor not to mention that they are very easy to maintain.

12 Dec, 2015


Not a bad idea Loosestrife, but our bathroom has a sloping ceiling!! could knock myself out getting off the

13 Dec, 2015



13 Dec, 2015

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