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Uses of Coal/Wood Ash

WEST YORKS, United Kingdom Gb

I Have collected a large bag of coal/wood ash over winter. What uses can I put this to on my vegitable plot or generally in my garden



Hi Pedro and welcome you can put wood ash on your garden but not coal ash as this could contain dangerous trace elements. The Solid Fuel Association makes a blanket statement that solid fuel ash was is suitable as a soil additive. So if you have kept them separately the wood ashcan go on the veggie garden, or in your compost, but not the coal ash.

24 Apr, 2009


Hi Pedro, welcome to goy. I agree with Moon grower. Did you know that the Aztecs used charcoal as fertiliser for their crops and that is how they sustained such large crops in poor soil. So if charcoal is ok so must be wood ash. Many years ago I used to keep the coal ash and pile it on the site of tender flowering plants, such as dahlias in the winter time to protect from frost. They never came to any harm but wouldn't like to do it to edible crops.

24 Apr, 2009

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