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Pruning ,Pruning a new haircut.

I've started..But,when I finish a tree? I stand back and feel like I just got a great...



25 Apr, 2018

From Pond to Scree

After seeing BJS pond within a pot I decided to do the same last year. Unfortunately...



25 Apr, 2018

Great Tit

Last week I was sitting in my kitchen and could here a tapping by my back door so...



25 Apr, 2018

New arrival to my backyard area

today while taking the dog for his morning walk i discovered a new visitor to the...



25 Apr, 2018

Spud McPat Face

Spud McPat Face Last year I wrote a blog on the very original planting designs our...



24 Apr, 2018

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wow, that's interesting. I guess I would have been from the North - My family is from Donegal, Ireland. Once I just boarded a plane bound for Ireland at JFK - not far from my house. When I finally got to Donegal, 2 days later, it was just like coming home. I was greeted by dozens of distant relatives who immediately took me in and made me feel like family.

On photo - St. Patrick's Day


I was looking at one in Homebase last week. We have a hedge trimmer that extends but it is a bit heavy for me. I can change the angle too.


Thanks for the ID’s on the plants.
Cottagecarer. Good luck with the Floristry Course, I used to work at a florist, I started there as a delivery driver then as a trainee in floristry but money was poor so I left but I learnt how to make wheath’s, flower arrangements & so on. :o))


Lovely to see so much colour in your garden, Lincs! πŸ‘πŸ˜„

You have some really pretty plants! The Pansies & Primulas look very good! πŸ˜„


Thank you all for your lovely comments! πŸ‘πŸ˜„

We are quite lucky with our local council's parks dept. they have put on some lovely displays in the last few years! They must have some new "blood" with more imagination!

I, too, often would like to "rescue" some of the plants they dig up & compost every year! It seems such a shame & a waste that all the plants go to make compost. 😞

This is the first year in a great many that so many bulbs have been planted out around town! The council must have planted 1,000s of them! Just look at the number of bulbs & corms they used in the display above! πŸ˜±πŸ‘

Perhaps I should upload a couple of photos of the display we had in the flowerbed in the gardens around our block of flats. The gorgeous tulips were such a lovely display! By some strange coincidence I also had a few of these bright yellow & red Tulips on my balcony!

I've been watching the "Britain In Bloom" programme on BBC2 for the last week & I like it quite a bit!

Glad that "Gardeners World" has returned to its hour format once again! I missed the first 60 minute programme because I had set the alarm on my mobile for the half hour programme! 😞

Now I wonder what they will do in this place for the summer. Until the end of May we shan't know if the boat will continue there for another season or if they will take it away & just create a "normal" flower bed. For years there was a raised bed on that site & they filled it with floral displays every year. As you might imagine, I have photos of ALL the displays they put there every year!

On blog - Spud McPat Face


Have a look for the dreaded vine weevil, always a problem for potted plants.

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