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Hi everyone I've not been on here for a while I wonder if anyone can help me ,I've...

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24 Mar, 2017

Busy day again today.

The sun has shone all day but there has been a chilly wind and I spent the first...



24 Mar, 2017

All sorts

Some more spring flowers to share with you. Camelia Camelia Camelia Camelia Camelia Camelia



24 Mar, 2017

Against all odds

Hello everyone-what an amazing time of year-to gaze through the window and see that...



24 Mar, 2017

Wildlife watching....

When I sit on my lounger in the Living Room I can gaze out across to the wooded hill...



23 Mar, 2017

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It will be hungry by the time it reaches the top - not a lot to eat in pebbledash...


I got it again today. Its all very odd. PM received thank you.


The Pennine way isn't known for its mild climate is it?

Mum's house was 1000feet up. One very windy night a workman's shed complete with tools was blown right across the road, and one winter a double decker bus was buried up to the upstairs windows, so they had their fair share...Mum tried to go to work but it took her until lunch time to walk to the bus stop (had to be the one in the valley as out route was impossible), give up and walk home again. It doesn't do that sort of thing where we live now thank goodness!


But where might they be happy? The banks we have wouldn't be suitable Eirlys -they are very steep and still wild, just getting strimmed a couple of times a year.


Gosh, you'd never have guessed the deer was there - bet you can't wait for that zoom lens. You might like a little monocular to keep handy just for watching - easier to manoever than a camera and a lot cheaper than binoculars..


You've some lovelies there Jane., especially the Hellebore and the Pleiones - beautiful.

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