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Autumn snowflake

You’ve probably heard of the spring snowflake (Leucojum vernum) and the summer snowflake...



17 Aug, 2018

October blog....oops, sorry, August!

Cold, grey and windy again. We have reverted to our usual Scottish weather! August...



17 Aug, 2018

FAO Feverfew

These are two photos of Emmenopterys Henry.

1 comment


16 Aug, 2018

Daylily 12

This one is a little complicated, but it is the path to several flowers that are...



16 Aug, 2018

Emmenopterys henryi

This tree has just flowered in a Cardiff park for the first time in a 100 years....



16 Aug, 2018

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This was once called the Mountain coconut palm because of the fronds and more because the fruit have milk and flesh that taste like coconut..only 1" coconuts.


Thanks many years the trunk sheds the fiber and leave a clean..mostly smooth trunk. Not the nicest trunk in the palm world, but ok.


Sarah, I've read all the great advice above and just wanted to add...have a look at Clematis 'Avalanche'. Its evergreen, the leaves are very pretty indeed and it has gorgeous creamy white blooms in late spring. I used to grow it on a sunny trellis and it grew fast but not too tall. It takes a prune as well. worth a look for covering a sunny fence. :)



On photo - Butterfly Weed


I gave mine a chop at the start of June. I've had to remove two of them because they were overwhelming their neighbours. But the last one standing is still flowering well and its in a raised bed so it hasn't been spared from the drought.


Sheila, she is going to Shaftesbury. If I were to drive directly there in one go, it would ONLY take me 9 hours!

Thanks Stera...the rose is Souvenir Du Dr Jamain and it smells as good as it looks. I can't belive that there is still hardly any black spot on my roses. I have been spraying them with Fungus Fighter and it has really the better weather too.

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