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Stupendously average or less June.

Ok,things changed and its been air con from mother nature since my other post. We...

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20 Jun, 2018


I really don't know where time goes, even with the longer days of Summer, there are...



20 Jun, 2018

Mother's little helper..

This is a misnomer if there ever was one! last week my son Patrick (6'5") was...



20 Jun, 2018

The prolonged heatwave is hard for those of us

who have to carry water to our plants in tubs. An idea today may help others. I had...



19 Jun, 2018

Gardeners World Live NEC Birmingham 2018

Thought I'd share a few photos of the day, had a good day out again. Found the floral...



18 Jun, 2018

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thanks! might be "son of Jeremiah."

On photo - IMG 7252-Gulliver


yes... that's true of our friendly little bees. My sister has to use an epi-pen because she stepped into a hornet's nest while clearing brush for a garden...and didn't know that she was allergic. She was 12 miles from a hospital in rural Northern Ontario. Her hub set a new land speed record. Now she has to be careful in the garden and doesn't venture into uncertain territory without her epi.


They are lovely Karen and look beautiful in those pots.


I love these too... I planted some seed from the perennial sign of it. like your obelisk lovely display.

On photo - Sweet peas


Now I'll have to go and look, I had a Warsaw Nike that I brought from my town was doing so poorly last year that I thought for sure it was done... never give up, because I just found it. Not happy but still with me. I love the colours...I can never manage the subtleties with my goofy camera.


What a shame to hide it away. Shrubs have this habit of getting bigger and crowding things even when you thought you'd planned it properly...Mine do anyway.
Mine gets shade for half the day but so far it still smells nice.

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