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The Shade Garden - Part 2

Last weekend we had a trip out to the garden centre for some mini cucumber plants....



29 Apr, 2017


I have a Terracotta Chimney and would love a nice display coming out of the top..have...

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29 Apr, 2017

Spring comes to Hergest Croft

It’s April at last and with the weather being sunny and dry my partner and I decided...



28 Apr, 2017

🎭The magic of the Minack Theatre🎭

We have just spent a few days in Cornwall and the high light for me was a visit to...



28 Apr, 2017

Begonias, [grown from corms]

Hi all, I grow begonias from corms, and have done for years, some corms have grown...



28 Apr, 2017

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Confession time: I hammered two 6"nails into a large willow so the boys could climb into it.It did no apparent harm and the tree was too near the drains to be left there permanently anyway. (This is not to persuade you to do this...)
Could you drive in a stake immediately behind the tree and fix the cow to that?


Ugh is all I can say. We had the snow as well, suspect you got a bit more though.

Sunny (the dog) woke us up about 3am, dancing round the room in excitement. He had a very happy 20 minutes chasing the huge snowflakes in the garden. I couldn't believe how much stuck. There was still a good covering on the car when I left for work, mostly melted on the ground by then though.

Lets hope that's the last of the cold now. Nice warm sunny weather now please :-)


That's great you take care of the birds the way you do. I only put the feeder out during fall & winter when food is scarce for them. Do you have a particular favorite?

On photo - Cooper Hawk


If this oveerwhelms you its possible to do it a bit at a time if you can afford to wait. Just try improving a small area with the amount or humus-making material you have. If you spread it on top the worms will gradually pull it down for you. You want the humus material to be incorporated into the soil where the roots are, not to stand on top where it will just look pretty until it gets down under the surface.
Depending on the site of your flower bed you might like our idea - we heaped our grass cuttings on a particularly poor patch and left it over the winter. By spring there was not much left and that was easy to dig in. It made a real difference and cost nothing.
Try planting things which like heavy clay eg Solidago (the dwarf one!) Aquilegia, Crocosmia, Heliopsis,
Aster dumosus, roses, for starters. Don't be too tidy - bits of old plants will all help the soil structure as long as they aren't diseased.
Loss of any nutrients due to rotting fresh material can easily corrected by adding some nitrogen - Growmore will do fine.


So sorry to read this Angela. Keeping everything crossed that the surgery went brilliantly well and the results bring you good news.

Take it easy and make sure your lovely family look after you. Here's to a swift and full recovery.


That's beautiful ...

On photo - Golden Border

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