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Barrel pond....... another little project!!

Our middle border has always been a bit of a mess, filled mostly with perennials,...



17 Oct, 2018

Death of birthday presents

"Death of birthday presents" must seem a pretty funny name to call a blog! But that...

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17 Oct, 2018

All Go

My hubby has had Key Hole Hernia Op & is unable to help me with all the things...



16 Oct, 2018

The sun shone, so I took a short walk round the garden

Garden, 16th October Cosmos still flowering profusely, with Cornus Eddie's White...



16 Oct, 2018

Song for tired gardeners

Thought this up the other day when it summed up exactly how I felt. Sing to the tune...



15 Oct, 2018

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We had snow here today. no accumulation mind you...but it was white for a while. brrrr.... too soon.

On blog - Mid October ...


Thanks guys and yeap lol , 100% sure that I'm in South Africa Bamboo lol . Cape Town to be precise , the best of the places in Africa not just South Africa to be and we have a Mediterranean climate here .

I can snap some pics if it helps , will not be hard to collect a few .


Right,Loose. Other then a redo that I'm not interested in,its incremental acquisitions and maybe just tweaking the look of what I have- like much nicer pots for some show plants that I have in anything I could find. A tote container for a choice trunking Cycad is not flattering that plant.
Its not "What I can do if I go hard at it" like in the 1990's. Its prim what I got.
And,play the lotto. I could start over with millions!


That's very sad Balcony. I know fuchsias are not aways happy with too much hot sun but you would have expected the Potentilla to love it. But perhaps in a container the roots got too hot, in full sun all day when it was so very hot. Who would have thought of bubble wrap to protect from heat rather than frost???Wonder if it wold have helped?

Even my Pelargoniums hardly grew and had few flowers this summer and you would have thought they would have revelled in it.


Its very prone to blackfly - wonder if it would keep the off the broad beans...(wrong timeof year though)


There could well have been a slug egg in the compost. It happens.

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