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Wow, that has done well.


Gorgeous, it really glows.


Lovely indeed!


What a welcome sight to see, I haven't seen a hedgehog in years, not even a roadkill either & no frogs round here either but then there's only the river, no ponds that I know of. Wouldn't want them in the kitchen though but I do keep finding beetles in the bathroom for some reason.


They often have some very choice items at those places but they also charge a premium for them, at least they do in my area.

On photo - My urn this year.


I think it was 2 years ago now that the sparrows & starlings were on the amber list there numbers had decreased alarmingly - down by 60%. Whilst we don't see the huge flocks anymore there numbers do seem to have increased somewhat over the last year or so.


I sincerely hope it will keep its colour, Brian, but only time will tell. I know that Hot Lips goes white at the end of the season, and they are related.


Did you realise we got it from a reclamation yard?

On photo - My urn this year.


Thank you, Linmar, they are flowering well this year.


Jack fruit is a tree that must be grown indoors in the SF Bay Area. I pass by about 10' jack fruit tree when I go to work. I have to get some pics of the tree.

On photo - Plumeria 'Celadine'


It's actually from the formal dinning room. :>))


It's funny how some plumeria trees have very sweet fragrance and some have fruity fragrance and other smell like baby powder.


Here's a better pic of one in Balboa Park.


It almost has a lavender-pink color to the flowers I'll take more pics soon. :>))


It can grow way up into trees, maybe 40 ft high. Many people make huge trellises for them.


Great! :>))


I do have several by the bay or beach growing in groves. Kentia palms are native to Lord Howe Island, which is a little island which is part of Australia.


Thanks for the info :o))

On question - ID if poss



On photo - Ruby is red..


Seems clear enough to me - what's the problem? If its Old Geezer that just means an elderly chap, usually a gardening/farming type but not necessarily.. Spuds are potatoes. I think increasingly we could do with a US/English - except that the young in the UK are increasingly being influenced by US-speak because of the internet. Crisps are chips, chips are fries, bonnets are hoods, sidewalks are footpaths or pavements, lifts are elevators, petrol is gas, and until very recently we had no diners, just cafes. I'm sure there are plenty more. Most of them are pretty obvious but the chips had me puzzled for a long time.


That's beautiful :)


Unless you mean the little shrubby plant at the right hand end which cold be a self seeded willow ?


Even better I shall look that song up thank you Stan. I know this one my favourite.

My mum always use to say
All the world is in a rage
To see a bird up in a cage


Well my Phlomis flowered straight away but my Acanthus never flowered at all. It didn't feel the need to set seeds because it spread so vigorously by runners - took me several years to get rid...It eas shaded in the morning and full sun the rest of the day.


Yes I can understand your method Stan wise to keep a cutting just in case.


Yes Siris Wylie exotic ones are fabulous

Sorry I thought you had a white but I can see now you said they were rare.

On photo - Tigridia


Sorry I missed your post Wylie

Thank you Wylie for letting me know the lighter colours are not liable to come back .
That's great your seeds of T. lilacea are doing so well .

On photo - Tigridia


I love these too...grew them last year...


I agree with the id.
but when it has become too big I pull it out as it is then a weed in my opinion.
as a traditional weed it isn't one.


I hope you can get one. I sent for this from a mail order garden site. I can't remember the name now but if I do I'll let you know.
This is the first year for it, although I did have another a long time ago, and this is a replacement because it died.


You really have some great shots of the butterflies and I'm not so "lucky" as you are...Today I saw a lovely monarch and went out to try and get a pic...but he must have been newly hatched because he was moving so fast that I just couldn't catch up. I check out my milkweed patch every morning hoping to find a chrysalis. We don't have many butterflies this year, but compared to last year they seem to be on the rebound with the hot dry weather finally finding us. Not seeing as many beetles as in previous years... every thing's a cycle. makes you wonder though, when things change so drastically from year to year.


I know, there are some in my garden and it is impossible to get rid of them. I don't mind because the insects like them so I always leave some.


Thank you 3d :)

I'm sure you're sensible more often than you think Shirley :)

Yes I've got some of those Sue. I shall use one :)

On photo - Clematis 'Carnaby'


Thank you ... it could be that :)


Sorry Amsterdam, We don't have this one in the States, at least I haven't seen one.

On question - Butterfly or moth?


I have the single nettle leaved Campanule, a little darker blue coloured flowers I think.


One of my faves as well.

On photo - Bonanza Day Lily


Thanks yes it exceeded my expectations, many more blooms on the way. :)

On photo - Indian Summer


Well done growing from seed, very sunny.

On photo - Indian Summer


Very nice colour pattern.

On photo - Pandora's Box


Yes I like and have this one.

On photo - Bonanza Day Lily


A beauty.

On photo - Pardon Me


Thanks Homebird.
I will change the name of flore pleno, next year after photographing.


Punk purple hair does!


No white 3pb, only shades of yellow red and pink. Loved Wylie's tender ones, so exotic.

On photo - Tigridia


No- it was LIKE a giant aviary..these are all happy and freebirds. As Lynrd Skynrd once sang...


Not sure .Depends on the winter. If its mild..let it grow. If its a rough one,cut back..and have cuttings to root and give away- or new plants to plant out into the yards.