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That's lovely .. pretty shape !


Hello Hywel .. some pretty flowers in your January garden.

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Thanks Hywel, Derek, Karen ..
Amazing how well the hellebores flower in the middle of winter !


Those are such pretty colours.


That just about sums it all up Karen.

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Well done DD It looks scrumptious….hope your spelt bread comes out well too.

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When we had the garden down the road and the huge greenhouse DD, we had a lemon tree and it produced lemons very well. We fed it a citrus feed once or twice a year, and we went around the flowers with a soft brush to help with pollination.


I cannot imagine life without a garden and it's so good to come on this site and share my passion with you my like-minded gardening friends, I seem to be surrounded by people in life generally who have no interest in gardening at all, they certainly don't get me, if I say I'll be gardening all day they look at me with a look of you poor thing, haha. I was talking to a friend about me finishing work a while back and he said yes but you'll just spend those days in the garden and I'm like yes absolutely!

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Those books look great Dawn!

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What a beautiful hellebore! How do they do it? Such fragile beauty at the harshest time of the year....incredible!


Hi Tt, another lovely blog, it warms the cockles of your heart, when you see another year of flowers emerging from a blank canvas, Derek.


Hi Karen lovely blog, I couldn't have put it better myself, I agree with every word, Derek.

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Hi everyone, thanks for your comments.
Eileen, I hope your daughter, if she has her tv services from them, gets the same response that I got.
Eirlys, I would get on the phone to your provider, and ask why you're paying £5 per month more than your neighbour, and threaten to cancel your contract, that certainly is not justified.
Tt, I do like to tell people about these sort of things, but a lot of people just go along with it, because they feel they may be offending them by objecting to the increase, I say, offend them, it's your money, they need you, more than you need them, Derek.

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Thanks so much.....


Gardens mean different things to different people...I am sorry I don't do weeds, untidy perhaps, we like to encourage wildlife, but, not all wildlife, if it ruins the beautiful garden we have so lovingly created over many years.......our garden is our pride and joy, not just mine, it means as much to me as it does to my other half, we are lucky to be able to visit gardens of all sizes in Hampshire, we don't garden to suit other people, we garden to please ourselves, always willing to try something new and exciting, it keeps us young and motivated...

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Sedum compressum :)


welcome to GoY :o)

Until my husband pruned the climbing roses I had Zephrin Drouhne, Ghislain de Foligond and Icebregstill producing the odd flower. I have 3 in a vase at the moment.

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And on top of all that by being out in the garden we see things we would otherwise miss -self sown primroses and dog violets under the hedge, a hellebore you'd forgotten you had, even just the glory of the changing sky and the robin's winter song. Yesterday raven flew croaking over the garden, and then flew back - goodness what it was doing four miles inland - they usually nest on the sea cliffs. I'm hopeless at garden design and not the best gardener in the world either but the joy I get from my patch is beyond compare.

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What would you like?

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It does Hywel, and it's traditional....


How lovely.....


Oh that's good to hear Hywel..... I can wait!


I've got this and I know the name but I'm having a senior moment just now ... It will come to me in a minute lol :D


Very nice ... I can sit looking at garden books for ages :) Happy reading !

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That's a nice one ...

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What a colour ! :)

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Nice ! I like Box, it fits in anywhere.


Keep warm ! x


Nice that you have an early rose :)
I get them in my garden sometimes but not this year ...

Welcome to the forum !

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Thanks for all your comments.
I'm sorry some of you are having trouble with moles. I hope you'll find some way of dealing with it, although like you Feverfew I don't like killing things.

Waddy I'm glad you were able to get out in the garden for a while. I did too, yesterday ...

Thanks for the greetings Feverfew :) What a price to pay the mole catcher ! :O

Dawn I hope you can solve your problem with the moles soon ...

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Lovely blog Karen. If you feel like having a good go at weeding then carry on. You are making great efforts to supply the needs of the 'other families' who share your garden. I'm sure they will not miss a few weeds. The great joy of living in the countryside is the abundance of available forage and also plenty of shelter.

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Thanks Feverfew

Ok then Dottydaisy, send me something :) but you don't really need to do so ...

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Thanks for all your comments.


Thank you, Dawn. That's very kind.

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We had results about twenty years ago with the traps but no success this time yet.

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Thanks Terra, errr I don't know, I'll look at the label tomorrow and let you know :-)

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Did you Dd! Wow. Ferns are very lovely. I'm going to enjoy the books :)

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I see, thanks Andrew

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Most definitely TT..... just as the gardening feeling had returned.


Hi J... cold temperatures on the way...
winter woollies are mandatory !


It's such a great feeling to discover new growth...does give a boost. Let's hope we don't have those freezing temperatures.


Thanks Siris ... yes exciting isn't it ..
I bet your garden has loads of bulbs starting to appear ..
My Hellebore doesn't let me down ..
flowers every year.


Love all your Moth Orchids, but don't thrive well on my neglect.

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So exciting, love the double Hellebore.


Hi Derek ... not relevant to my TV etc. but always useful to let readers know this sort of advice, so, well done.

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Pretty words with pretty flowers.


Many of these are seedlings from an orignal planting. If your fiend has a clump, then that comsists of seedlings too. Just carefully prise out a few (including the corm and roots)


DA - I'd wait a couple of months until the threat of cold weather has passed. You don't want to force it into growth, only to get clobbered by The Beast From The East Mark 2

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Hi Rose ...
let's hope your bulbs produce some flowers.


Beautiful! I find very pale ble never really shows up in my pics.