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No thats not fun!!


Ours is very leggy, needs a prune!!


I know what you mean!!


I agree with you on that....


I think it is too old to move unfortunately ...


Suggest you may have a pregnant Badger close by
Trillium Folklore and History
Trillium root was used to facilitate childbirth, and to treat other female problems by the women of many Native American tribes. Trillium root was considered to be a sacred female herb and they only spoke of it to their medicine women.


Oh no I do hope not!!


Thanks Bamboo. This pot was on the ground. I’ve never seen so many ants in my life!


I hope you will leave it! These used to be a common sight on wild roses but haven't seen any for years.


Ooh, interesting, haven't seen one of these for a while... it will pass, no need to do anything unless you hate the look of it and you want to cut it out.


Hopefully the parts will grow on, but I wanted to give some advice about ants in pots. Keeping the base of the pot off the ground is critical to stop this happening, so if its on a hard surface (like paving) put something underneath the pots to raise them up, doesn't have to be by much, half an inch is fine. Dust beneath with ant powder periodically, and if its a big pot with a permanent plant, using a jeycloth or similar in the bottom prior to filling with compost also helps to keep them out.


Balcony: thanks for that! actually I've just remembered that photos taken on my phone get automatically uploaded to this tablet, which is an Android Google Pixel 10 inch tablet with keyboard (not a phone). I will attempt to get the phone working again, take some shots and they should upload - then I have to work out how to move them into a blog on here, so that step might be what I follow from your instructions. There is a camera on this tablet, but it doesn't take great pics and is a bit too large to take them easily.

My techie son is visiting for a couple of days this week, so hopefully he can help out if I get stuck - but no photos today, its absolutely chucking it down and I can see from my balcony that the planted bed is covered in fallen leaves and ripped off small branches complete with samaras from the mature Acers!


I was lucky it bloomed again and I was able to make a cross with a xHippeastrelia (already a cross between Hippeastrum and Sprekelia), and now have a couple of new little bulbs growing.
I don't understand the need for a really cold winter because it originally comes from Mexico. I intend to redo half of my front yard this winter, and I am going to put these in the ground and see how they do.


I would take offsets from this, but the crown and everything goes too deep. I have it in an area where it can dominate. The original stalk is still growing, and that's been 16 or 17 years since I started the seed.

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That's too bad since the stalks will just die back.


The same thing happened with my Echenacea plant. I uprooted it, washed away all of the old potting mix, then gave it a bath in Hydrogen Peroxide solution. The HP kills everything, bugs, mold, bacteria, fungus, etc. The plant made a complete comeback and is now finally starting to bloom.


Karen, I'm so pleased you had a lovely day, both for weather and the amount of work you achieved in the garden! Everything looks wonderful.

I smiled when I saw the Sedums, as the very first plant I took cuttings from came from GoY member Scottish, so they have travelled up and down the UK.

It was a dismal and damp day here yesterday, today is no better, low temp. and heavy rain. I shall clear the greenhouse of tomatoes and growbags this afternoon, come rain or shine!


You can call me Daz, Seaburn!
Thanks for the pointers☺ Good learning for me...


Thanks Linda, yes Stera enthusiasm is essential.
Karen, I was thinking the other day, my garden is at it’s best in Spring and autumn and I think it’s because these two months are my favourite, so I focus on them more.

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The first thing is to keep it in full sun until the temperatures get below 50°F. I started mine from seed, and after 2 years in the largest pot I had, it out grew it and had to go into the ground (I live in a warm place). You don't give a general idea of where you live, but these get huge - close to 30', and once they go into the ground, you will need a tree remove service to move it. They are in the same family as bananas, and it took 11 years before the first flower was produced at 10' up. Today I use a telephoto lens to photograph it.


Dipoloepis rosae is the gall wasp that causes this. the robin's pincushion is the plants wound response to the larvae of the wasp. they are just an interesting side effect of the world of nature.
there is nothing missing in the plant's nutritional, horticultural needs however.


the reason its not horsetail Darren8 is the way the leaf is arranged around the stem and in horsetail each 'leaf' isn't further divided. this leaf is and that's what makes me think cosmos, but as bamboo thinks Kochia we will have to wait and see . no need to apologise for having a different view of things.


I'm pretty sure that it is Cosmos. The leaves are opposite and multilobed, while Kochia leaves are alternate and simply linear.


If they persist, apply granules containing Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis--sold to control mosquitoes in ponds and fountains--to the soil, and water in. That will kill the larvae, and the adults soon age out after.


Don't be deceived by the way a phone camera recorded colours though? Don't mean to be argumentative but I don't understand why that's categorically not equisetum?
I hope it's not but it looks pretty similar to what breaks through the flags in my Manchester yard.
Why isn't it reddening or giving up last-gasp flowers if it's something else?


Robin's Pin Cushion (Rose Bedeguar Gall). It's caused by gall wasps. It won't hurt the overall plant so there's no need to do anything but let the little bugs have a life cycle.
It may be an indication that the plant needs a bit more water & feed though


They're attracted to mould on the soil surface generally. Spray the soil with a baking soda solution with a couple of drops of dish soap or a 3% dilution of hydrogen peroxide. Cut back on watering. Let the surface dry out to an inch deep before watering again


Mould has completely gone now!

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On blog - Autumn Hues etc


Interesting!I don't think we have those here.

On photo - Milkweed Beetle


Hi Bamboo, about getting the photos off your Android phone, as I have one, I think I can help you there!

Plug the phone cable into both the computer & phone. If the computer doesn't recognise on the phone go to the notification bar at the very top of your phone's screen. Pull it down & you should see a 3 pin symbol (like a trident), this is your USB connection. you may get a screen that says something like "Use USB to charge this device; Transfer files; transfer photos; or something similar. Choose the the first option, "Transfer files".

On your PC, (if no notification pops up), go to MyComputer where you should find your phone under its name (ignore anything else)

Double click on your phone's name & you will be presented with one or two discs, depending on whether you have a SD card card installed, or just "Internal storage".

If you know where your photos are kept after you take them, go there, if you don't, check your internal storage first (double click to open) then look for a folder called "Pictures" or "DCIM", Photos. If you photos are kept on the SD card follow the steps above & then below.

Double click to open one or the other. If there are any photos in the folder you will be able to move/copy them to your PC. Normally to the "Pictures" folder. Best to create a a new folder here first & give it a meaningful name before you transfer the photos to the PC.

On your PC, in the Pictures folder, (in your new folder), find the picture & rename it to something that makes more sense than a series of numbers & letters!

When you want to upload a photo to GoY go to the drop down menu at the top of the page & choose "Add Photos". A dialogue box will pop up "Add a single photo or add multiple photos". follow the instructions on screen. Click on the Browse button & then go to your "Pictures folder", locate the photo(s) you would like to upload, when you find it, click on it & then at the bottom of the page on the "Open button", this will cause your photo to be uploaded to GoY. Once uploaded you will get this message "Your photo is uploaded and ready to share. Give your friends your personal address".

If you want to include it in a blog just open the "Write a Blog" page as normal & at the bottom of the page there will be the option to include photos. Click the button & follow the prompts. Choose the photo on your PC & follow the instructions.

Although all of this may seem long winded after a couple of tries you will find you can do it almost without thinking. It becomes 2nd nature after a short while.

Hope all of this is clear & makes sense to you. I went through the steps I describe above as I wrote them to make sure it works.

I think I will copy all of this & put it in a blog so that anyone else in the future can follow this procedure. I know it works for Android phones but I have no idea if the same steps will work on a Apple phone as I don't have one.


It must be wonderful to have all the space you have (if there's energy to go with it!) There's room to pack in so many desirables.Its all lovely - and I do like that clump of Euphorbias!

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Wonderful news Sbg. Now the healing can really begin. Let the family spoil you.


Oh what a shame - it will surely be sadly missed.Your plants are looking good though, especially the Anemones - are they Honorine Jobert? I do like the white ones.
Splendid peppers too - enjoy!

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Thanks be careful up those ladders!

Thanks Sheila, it was lovely. I'm glad you managed to get outdoors a bit.

Julia, the Lampranthus requires very free drainage, it's like an alpine. It won't survive if we get very very cold winter, but so far it has been fine because it's in a very dry spot. It was a really great feeling.....thank you!


Goodness me! There I was racking my brains and now I'm spoilt for choice! What an amazing list. I'm going to be really busy now, trying to sort out some of these plants and then tracking them down. Thank you all very much for taking so much trouble. You've been really helpful!


Lol. Eirlys. That's what my brother keeps trying to tell me, he has 3 as pets. I won't go in his flat anymore. As a child when living abroad my air con unit that was just above my bed stopped working and when they came to ment it, they found a snake had been trying to get in and Jammed it. Really freaked me out. It was a really poisonous one. Been really scared of them ever since.

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The one that worries me a bit is my blueberry. I neglected it in the summer and left the anti bird fleece on too long and it got scorched and most leaves went brown and dropped off. But next years buds are now opening into lovely spring leaves. Hope it can produce some more next spring! My begonia sempervirens hardly grew all sumemr but they are looking great now. But surprisingly the few Pelargoniums I had this year did very poorly. And at last the fuchsias are flowering properly.

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Yes, you won't regret it. What a lovely plant for this time of the year. :)


Thanks is at its best right now. A gorgeous plant.


Bought this at a GARDENER'S WORLD show a few years ago... A good doer.


Lambranthus looks interesting K.... Enjoyed your photos... It's such a great feeling to have a day like that occasionally. Garden looks beautiful.


Everything is looking absolutely wonderful Karen - I am almost speechless! Lovely for you to have such a satisfying day. Cool and showery here, but we also managed a little planting and tidying . . .


Very kind of both of you.... Roses are in their element, aren't they! I've seen warnings of a freezing winter. Do hope it isn't true... Rather the drought than that.


If you add sand you are adding siica. That's what sand mostly is. If you want coarse sand see if you can find Calais sand. Always used to use this in cactus compost but haven't seen any for years. If you get builders sharp sand make sure it doesn't come from the sea shore.


I've had to do this with a couple of shrubs which aren't doing well.this year.. A change of position sometimes. helps.


I am now DD.... It takes time to find suitable shrubs which won't dominate in the future.


On my to get list Karen!


Thanks so much DD... Think it is working out slowly. Next year will see a difference and no more eleagnus trimming.. Hurrah!


I'm pretty sure this is what I have and it sends up bluebell height shoots of pale blue flowers in spring. Took ages before I discovered what it was. Much daintier than Royal Candles and similar ones.