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Your garden looks lovely Dawn,and I like your fence,it will look great with your plants in.


If you have the extremely sandy soil parts of SC has, did you feed them? If in gumbo clay, did you condition the soil before planting them? You might also want to check the soil pH--if it is very acid, that could also stunt them, Sami.


Welcome, Goodwood!
To help you, we need a few particulars:
Is it growing in the ground, or in a pot?
Did it dry up suddenly, all over? Or was it a more gradual process? If the latter, how did it proceed--i.e., from all the tips, or branch by branch, etc.?


Welcome to GoY, Katy!
I would take off the dead flowers, but leave the rest, as long as the leaves are green. Meanwhile, keep feeding and watering it to build up the bulbs for next year. Think about planting them in the ground, if you can, before the soil is frozen, since they overwinter much more easily in the soil than in containers.


Oh dear. Have liked it as liked your title but such a shame.


Next week, I am having a conifer hedge taken out and one trellis panel in it's place. I really like the look of passion flowers and have it in my mind to plant one to grow up it. Well done getting the flower to open. :-)

On photo - Passion flower


Like the shape and colour!


Welcome to GOY. Hope you enjoy being on here. What I love is the wide spread of people and knowledge that I'm sure you will find it useful in your quest in finding plants that can stand your cold winters. Makes me cold just thinking of it :-). Love the sunflowers. Jen

On photo - Goliath Sunflowers


Yes we can grow both Peaches and cherrys here the Prunus salicifolia sounds great giving so may crops we also havve a cherry tree which are cooking cherries you can eat them unless they are cooked I had one.


So do I.


The leaves on the picture above not the pretty flower coming off it


I hope you do.☺


Yes if yo have lived your life and bought up in that kind of climate I suppose you adapt quicker.

On photo - 20170817 082755


Or make sure you buy when in flower like we do here to ensure we get the right coloured plant.

Thats wonderful Andy .


Does Central Valley grow them for the supermarkets .

They must be tough to grow here perhaps this song was made just for Fig trees lol

On photo - Ficus cyathistipula


I know I would to with to hotter heat lol you would nt last long here then with our cold.


That is lovely to know that the Plumerias are so popular for sharing between you all.


Yes it certainly is amazing how it does both.


So do I providing their seeds dont fall and embed themselves. Yes smaller is far better for harvesting.


we get it was suppose to say lol

They certainly are great for ailments providing they are organic.


Thanks Brian, I had assumed it was slugs/snails.


Yes two colours that go together well.


lol Andy they do have benefits to your health to.


Beautiful Tulips

On photo - SAM 2533


nice heart

On photo - SAM 9293


Yes we. certainly do Hywel it poured down yesterday today sunnny and dry.

On photo - 20170909 110914


Thank you Lori I love this colour to.

On photo - 20170914 175858


Its not moany at all Hywel a lot of stress is put on careers I know I looked after my mum for nearly 30 years its a shame you cant get a rest bite in for Beryl even if its just for one day so you can have a day to your self sorry Beryl is now got worse its a lot of hard work for you then tending your beautiful garden as well.


can`t wait to see the end product Karen,almost finished mine a month ago then fell from the top of the pond over the rockery and fractured my right shoulder bone so now feeling very fed up and frustrated.

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Ahrr yes like Yorkshire has so its great for star gazers no light polution. Sounds a wonderful place to be living like the Red Hills rear of my house a nature reserve peacefull and you can hear the wild life .


Wow, looks great. Enjoy all your new planting :-). End of next week I am having a conifer hedge taken out. Previous owners had planted it between the main lawn and veggie area and we have decided to have it removed to open up the garden and let more light in as we don't need it for privacy. Can't wait, one less hedge to trim :-).


Yes you are lucky having so much unplanted space I would be the same letting it out grow grass . Perhaps you need more plants that will bring shade over the grass it wont grow as much or die off to cut the grass areas down.

On photo - Ciliolate Aster


lovely pics Hywel especially of your front garden a lovely treat for passers by to admire.


I think it would be my favourite to having an unusual flowering colour .

On photo - Ligularia Othello


I seen a Postmanns Pride yesterday for £2.99. nut then there is a lot of shops in competition in a small town where I shop.

At least you have two now even though this one is prettier.

On photo - Pink Sedum


I too think your rockery looks lovely and the swing seat looks very inviting. :-)


Beautiful color


Lol thats what my daughter has said if they van afford big houses they can afford some one to clean it . I hope you would treat your cleaner with respect and a decent wage if she is a good cleaner unlike I ve been treated when I ve been a cleaner even though I use to be a qualified typist for the biggest electrial company in the UK when younger you never know what fate throws at you.


Just looked it up and they do have some interesting seeds and plants. Thank you for posting their site details.


Yes that would be a good idea may be you could make your own postion up from the florist.


Thats great she catches the flying insects hence why I leave the cobwebs in my house especially over summer.


Lol Stan just make sure your. name is written on the best one. 😁 thats great the trunk is getting bigger .

On photo - Whole tree.


This is a conservation area to Greenfinger but government now want to get rid of villages all over England they said the other day in the news they will be building on the green belts weather we like it or not.
Even listed buildings can be pulled down and have if the council or government give the go ahead for progress and theres money in it. They have their ways of doing this one is letting listed building go into disrepair or we have noticed these buildings are set on fire and called arson. A listed old bread factory and grounds was being sold near the city they wanted it for student flats so happens it was burned down even the history men said how convient another building.

What was on the area prior to my house were little work shops not factories.


Yes I was readimg about it after you mentioned it. Last year first time since records began they said on a tv documentary the wind blew in the opposite direction around the earth never known before I wonder what the cause of that.


Thanks Hywel, just read your blog and it was very interesting. When I planted, I had seen on net to plant it deep, just hope I did it deep enough as I don't know if I did it as deep as you do.

Waddy, I hadn't seen it before but then must admit I have no great knowledge of fuchsias. Hywel had said before that it is one he has had. I thought it was pretty and only at a £1, thought I had nothing to lose. :-).


Some lovely blooms there, Hywel, you've prompted me to go take some pics too.
Must say how pretty Bella is.


No new projects for me, I have enough with maintaining what I've got ..... so I'll watch yours develop instead.

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Thank you Greenfinger yes lots of varieties of birds Woodpeckers Gold Finches Bullfinch Green Parrots Robins Blackbirds Tree Sparrows Blue Tits Jennywrens Kingfishers and lots more Rabbits Foxs
The school my daughter attended is called Foxford named because of the biggest fox that was ever seen. There is a pub just around the corner called the coach and horses named so as where the Red Hills start is a ford which when flooded a coach and horses would take the people through the flooded ford.