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Yes good choice there Stan it nice to have some thing different . I always say if it works leave it alone it must like the way it is.

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So they are nt safe in a green house with out heating then . Not much good then even if hou had taken the door off .

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Hanging baskets suffering I have lost about 10/20% of the plants in them.In the greenhouse I have 4 melon plants that are thriving the rest are OK at the moment.


What a wonderful meadow! The council have gone for this look locally on some of our roundabouts, and it looks stunning - and so good for wildlife.

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Its NEVER done this before. Never set a crop...then 2 or 3 months later,grow another flowering cycle. If some are ready in September..others will be there in January just ripe.
I wonder Penny..if the fruit will look the same? Maybe its a graft that recovered? That would be wild to have round tan fruit next to small oval yellow fruit.


I think so. Seems to suit it Penny. When you consider I have never pruned it,just let it be will let it thrive.

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Fascinating Siris, thankyou for sharing, not something we'd find around my locality..

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That meadow is wonderful Siris, its so good to see the wild flowers returning, we had so many years whereby we hardly saw them, good day all round..

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W'rose I loved that poem and the photo with the shoes on the step, your garden is looking good, even if it is thirsty, I used to love hot summers and it never bothered me working out in the sun, however it has beaten me quite a lot this year, I have had to retreat indoors until the evenings, housework when the sun is shining is not good is it, lol...


Thanks Linda. :)


It's the size that matters to me. I must keep this well watered in these dry conditions. It was rather pot bound.


Oh yes Hywel, Mr Hedgehog makes a lot of noise, especially when being annoyed by ones furry friends, I'm pleased they do, it alerts me to where they are, you can imagine the hoo-ha that goes on here if Harriet finds them before I do, her last wander around the garden before bedtime has to be on her extendable lead, we do not take kindly having to dive amongst the rose bushes when its dark, also that is when the frogs are on the move, luckily Brynner doesn't bother much now, he's too lazy, lol.....I had a toad living in the woodpile for years but sadly I haven't seen him lately, only place we ever see Jays around here is close to the local nature reserve, never have seen one in the town...
Our Toffee has taken to staying out late Hywel, I don't like him to be out all night but of course it would be cruel to shut him in on such warm nights, he is naughty, he kicks up a right old caterwauling under the windows hen he does decide to come home, many is the time I've had to get up and let him in...

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Good it's a national park. There should be more protected areas.

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That's a shame, Hywel, luckily the New Forest is a National Park, so some protection against the builders, although the A31 road cuts the forest in half.

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Thank you all for commenting on my blog …

There have been several butterflies here Diane. I hope you see some soon.

I've seen many hedgehogs in the garden Honeysuckle and Denise, but never heard them grunt before.

I don't think it's a badger Eirlys, it would not be able to get into the garden.

Don't worry Wildrose, I have a phobia of birds and have to whizz past any photos of them :)

Steragram I didn't find Bella. She came in about 3.30 ! She lives outside most of the time in hot weather, making me worry lol

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Nice one. Have added it to favourites.


Lovely plant, Andrew.


I have a large tree at the top of the garden that puts my main flower bed into shade after 3.30pm. It used to bother it has saved the garden from a lot of scorching sun.
My pots sit in the shaded part of the patio near the kitchen door and any washing up water that is available.
Barry is in charge of the is the most demanding!!


I've had the red in the garden border for at least 5 years. That and the Apricot seem to be the most hardy. Never seen a white although was shown on the label of the packet.

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Thankyou Stera, Shirley, Lisam, Abuthnot, Hywel, and W'rose, I have been out today and emptied my last bin, phew, jobs a goodun even if I do say so myself, that's all the beds replenished, although we still haven't had any rain, the plants have perked up a lot with the extra covering. I have also started planting my Asters out, with the good mulch and puddling in they have not wilted at all, nothing if not determined, that's me.....


Rather a large plant.

On photo - Lobelia tupa - 2018


Thank you, Shirley.


Me too.

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Well I think it's horrible lol :D … thick heavy air and it's difficult to breathe and move around. Can't please us all !


That's a good size clump, flowering well.


Welcome back, Simbad. Hope to see more of you on here now. Great to see your Iris are flowering well for you. I think the one I thought was called proud tradition is actually called Best Bet. The pseudocorus is the colour of one called Krill. Love the Daylilies you've grown from seed, the edges really make them so attractive.
Hope you enjoy resting in "the far pavilion"
Lovely photos.


If you check out Rosybee website, a small nursery based in Cambridgeshire who sell favourite plants for bees and bumble bees. I ordered some bee friendly plants and have enjoyed a regular coming and going of bees, hover flies and bumblebees so far.


Not a favourite plant but this one's a lovely colour - could even convert me!


A new one on me.


Thanks for sharing the information Shirley :)
Good for people to know watering in dribs and drabs is useless but that's what lots do.
A good watering every few days is better.


Even better.

On photo - Stachys byzantina


Common plant, so often overlooked. I've not grown this for years. Gets a bit soggy in wet weather. Great pic.

On photo - Stachys byzantina


Sorry to hear you've lost some plants Bill. Hope your Leucothoe recovers- 25 years is quite a long time. I try to keep my eye on a potted Carmelia - it had two flowers this year and I was hoping for more next so trying not to let it dry out. Nothing had actually died here but its not growing much either...



On photo - Lilium martagon


The best blue colour, I think.

On photo - Salvia patens


You've planted yours with your Hostas as I have done,


Very interesting … when I did A level botany our teacher took us to a local marsh to find these. They were common then (in the 60s)
There's an industrial estate there now where the marsh used to be :(

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Don't the stems twist around supports quite tightly, I found.

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Make the most of it...we don't know when the next one will be!


Magnificent meadow - hope it seeds well for next year.
Siris, I didn't know Tigridium would survive the winter outside - that must have been an unexpected bonus!

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Not for a small border then.


Eirly, expect they are still there unless the heath has been built upon. The cross leaved Heath was also flowering.

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So true Stera. Last year was the exact opposite of this. It was so depressing. I was thoroughly miserable. I’m loving this. I think us Scots think we have all died and gone to heaven! After the dire spring, I thought we might get a good summer...this has been amazingly good!


Dawn I hope to goodness your new woodlanders survive - Pity that worrying doesn't help! We have had one day of rain, started gently and then got harder, just what we would have ordered, but there's no sign of anything more. But every little helps doesn't it? This year I didn't feel up to bothering with hanging baskets (for the first time)and am now so glad I didn't as they would have been dead by now. The bedding plants in the front garden have not grown much but I guess they are doing their little best, There is too much soil showing though!

But it has been nice to have a "proper" summer - last year I don't remember wearing summer tops at all...


They are beautiful though.

On photo - Phalaenopsis Orchid


Hywel, I really hope things get better soon.

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Thanks Shirley!


I would feel a bit apprehensive with your two charging around the place! They are very efficient aren't they?

We used to have a Siamese who would sit on the windowsill and stab flies against the glass - and then eat them.

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Wonderful contrast of shapes and colours, and what a great variety of daisy type flowers!