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Lovely combination of colors.


One of my neighbors saved baby food bottles, and would put each strawberry in one as they developed. Saved them from the birds.


Thanks! SSN is a really nice one, and I am hoping it will pass a lot of its traits on.

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Tulipa linifolia makes a good, bright clump. Mine are just starting to go over.


Ah, Mimulus. I haven't got any this year. They're fascinating aren't they :)

Lovely sunny colour on your Rapeseed. Is that what I see in some fields making it all look yellow ?

The little tub is pretty :)

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No idea but seeing I have so many left over I should imagine the lasted quite a while, I came across them when clearing out my summerhouse, the mower packed up years ago. x


I have to do that. At the start of the season I always put plenty round the edge of pot and sometimes in the centre, but it has worked so far this year. Would like to know the name of this one.

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I do dead head Siris.....

On photo - Pink Aquilegia.....


Thanks not so little, a bit of a thug, if she had her way!!


That’s Stilletto. I actually have a name for that one !

On photo - More Hosta


It is Spirea Dorjac, they are easily pruned aren't they?


Thanks one and all, a full time job keeping it watered at the moment!


Thanks Karen, I thought perhaps I would move it, but gave it another chance. Glad I did.


We are lucky in England we do have an excellent mix, from the very tiny (visited one last week) to the country pile, and we have Instagram, Facebook and twitter involved, especially in Hampshire as one of our organisers was in IT for many years before he sold out, and put his money into grape vines and a beautiful garden....

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They are 3pence......I agree Feverfew...


It is almost 12 ins tall Feverfew!

On photo - Lamium Orvala....


Feverfew it has now changed and is quite yellow!


Does seed around.....


Thanks ladies, I like the blue also....


No it never went outside......

On photo - Pleione formosana


I need some yellow because most of ours are shades of Orange.....

On photo - Geums


Palm focus from Amazon......


I have a Bottlebrush which has never flowered yet, have had it about three years in a pot. Am planning on moving it to a bigger pot but there are signs of 'something' coming, so I'm on hold to see first. I will move it into the sunshine too, thank you!


Have never used Amazon for plants....worth a thought, as I use it for everything else!!


Thanks this daisy!


Karen I am only too happy to part with the odd bit of encouragement, but, you are a natural gardener, with a good eye, and if we lived nearer we would be your first visitors, I am so touched by your comments, I know you have the same passion for your garden as I/we do...and long may it continue....xx


Have any if you tried Raymond Evison clematis? Taylor's have a good selection to choose from.


I have Alliums which are starting to show and I have Dutch Iris which aren't ready yet. I shall look up Asiatic Hybrid Lillies, thank you!


Hmm...Bearded Iris? Alliums? Asiatic Hybrid Lilies?


If its in a pot, is it possible it needs a bigger one?


Thank you Siris, will be happy to have another...


He frightens me to death every time he does it, the ladder is over 50 years old too!!


I don't think they like to be moved you found out! Lindak so many flowers this year.


Thanks ladies, it is a picture this year...


Funnily enough, mine has always struggled, but looks a lot stronger this year too. Nothing like your lovely one though! I'll be glad if I get three blooms!


Oh dear 3pence why is that? our others (shades of blue) are a bit weedy, they are only young plants...

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First, I would check to make sure that it's getting as much sun as possible. Bottlebrush needs as close to at least 6 hours of direct sun a day as can be managed.
Second, I would make sure that it is getting pruned at the right time: right after bloom. The buds for next year's bloom form on the tips of the growth that forms after bloom. Too much frost can kill the flower buds, too.
Third, I would feed them lightly with a low phosphate food. Like many Australian plants, they are adapted to low phosphate soils, and a little nitrogen for growth, and a little potash to stimulate flowers is all they need.


Loving the small central one with long leaves!

On photo - More Hosta


Feverfew not a well lit photograph, as the seat is in full sun...!

On photo - Sunshine ........


They are all quite lovely aren’t they? Yesterday I realised that my three clumps of my favourite ‘June’ were all behind the greenhouse. So I dug one out and moved it to meditation corner where it can be enjoyed. Im afraid pellets have been utilised though!

On photo - My beautiful Hosta


I agree the cold seems to have suited them....

On photo - Ceanothus.....


Thanks Andrew, Dotty


It is, and I’ll have to wait a while yet. I don’t really know where mine is, but I think its in the raised border now. I think I moved it last autumn....typical!


A new one Feverfew, so pleased with the colours...


Yes...easy. And the scent!!


Gorgeous isn't it?


They are so reasonable to buy aren't they?