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I couldnt understand why I was informed the Cumberland Hotel had no single rooms. As they advertise they have and do not charge a single room supplement. Then realised these very clever IT operators have ways of finding a person's correct age.
I wouldnt put the coach booking office to the trouble of trying to find suitable alternative accommodation for the wide age range of Goyers, so have cancelled the enquiry.

I can go on the local Civic Society holiday but thats all about architecture !
Sad. However, to look on the bright side, the garden gate is now open for anyone else who wants to attempt an
annual gathering of Goyers.
But they should be below the d.o.b. deadline to get
attention !


It isn't chlorosis, Bathgate, since the older leaves are turning yellow first. There are many causes for this:
Lack of nitrogen. Brugmansias are heavy feeders, so one question to ask yourself, Delene, is "When did I last feed it?"
Lack of water. One way to tell is if it wilts between soakings.
Too much water. Counter-intuitively, nearly the same symptoms occur, due to root damage from lack of oxygen or water molds. The main difference in symptoms is that the wilting continues even after a good soaking. What I am seeing isn't wilted.
Cold stress. It isn't frost damage, but a slowdown in the plant's metabolism due to the daily average temperatures falling below about 15º C.


Many thanks Paul, Shirley and Sue. We’ve just arrived - quite tired after the long journey. But we have a few days to recover before meeting the little ones. It is pleasantly warm, yes, late Spring.


Thank you - my favorite color.


I hope that means we will have an early spring too. It is lovely to see the snowdrops as we are assured that the winter will soon be over. It cannot come to soon for me as the cold goes right through you. Those are lovely.


Oh! Thankyou Lincs. There are only a few flowers left now.


When I could get online, I could get to the GoY page but the PC I was using them wouldn't let me even log in, much less comment or post anything. There might have been a problem with the site, but it was a tad annoying, she understated!


my main problem with 10 is that it won't let me customise the display to what I need for my vision - large text and non-white backgrounds. of course it's still very new to me, and I suppose i'll find ways to work with it, but it's a literal pain in the neck at the moment.


I would like to ask you Dd, if your black Bamboo is in a large container. If so how big/tall and does it have a need a bottom in order to stop the roots running?

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They appear to be planted direct into the ceramic pot - if so it could easily be too wet as there will be no drainage. If it is in a plastic pot with drainage holes but sitting inside the ceramic one check that it isn't standing in a pool of water inside the pot. Cyclamen like a moist atmosphere but not soggy soil. A good idea is to stand the pot on a dish of gravel or small pebbles and keep that moist. The leaves can enjoy the humidity without the soil getting soggy.


This is a real beauty in spring and autumn.

On photo - Prunus shirotae


Yes, I hope so too. Mine has collapsed now. It will be mulched once I can get the remains cleared away.


It is very beautiful. A really lovely rich colour.


Well, sort of - if it gets very wet, its not a very good insulator - layers of bubblewrap or fleece and bubblewrap, remove to dry off when its milder. Its pretty unusual to have temperatures below zero day and night in the UK... it'll help to stand it in a sheltered spot, maybe up against a house wall where it might get some sun in winter.


Here is a website that describes the causes, symptoms & treatment of chlorosis. Poor drainage is certainly one of them.


I love giraffes and their long blue/ black tongues! So interesting about the whisteling thorn. Thank you for sharing.

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How cold is it where you are, Delene? Do your neighbors have any that you can compare it with? Where I live, it can actually take more water in the winter than in the summer, since its metabolism slows greatly in our extreme summers.


Thanks Andy.There a nice autumnal sight.
Gee,what happened to everybody? Even Penny has not posted.


Thank you that's valuable information. Is fleece OK to wrap the pot in?


could be due to thrip damage too, look at the underside of the leaf that also looks a bit pale on the edges. thrips are tiny 1-2mm long thin bodied insects. if you find them then use a spray that is designed for ornamental plants. But they also curl if they have been warm and are now cold. the ones in my conservatory did this after the first frosts. the conservatory doesn't get that warm despite the radiator in there.

as Bulba says could also be a watering issue.


Hmmm..... it so is! I just don't always get there - I mean to get to sit in it as often as I would like!

On photo - Summerhouse


Thank you. Let's hope the bulbs underneath will be just as pretty come the spring!

On photo - winter pots


Perfect - so delicate.


None out up here yet.


The top one looks like a form of Alternanthera ficoidea. There are so many of those it will take close ups of the leaves and a lot of image scanning to figure out which one it is! :)
The bottom one is Furcraea foetida 'Mediopicta.

On question - Plant ID please?


Maybe too much heat, too. Florist's cyclamen like it cool, around 7º to 18º C.


They look as if they are short of water, or alternatively, the compost is soaked and the corm is sitting in water. Are the leaves soft to the touch?


Wow your Acer is stunning, only a few leaves let on mine now , you still have plenty going on H'bird which is a joy to see, must admit mine was alright last week but the cold has got to a lot of them now, never mind I can see the Hellebores coming out and a few primroses, never ending Rudbekia and Penstemons as well, I keep deadheading and they keep producing more buds, you just have to love a garden in autumn....



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I also wish you both all the very best


Lovely blog H'bird, nearly missed it...


Completely different thought came to mind with that one Eirlys...LOL..

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If the clump is large, keep the newest plump rhizomes, these flowered ones will make daughter rhizomes. Discard the shrivelled old ones.


Thanks. I have an Aechmea that has started to put up a stem, so more flowers soon!

On photo - Billbergia 2


Hi Lincs. if you send me your address by PM I see if I can send you a leaf or two. They grow very quickly from leaf cuttings which are a doodle to root.


I hope you can too, it's a delight.


Bet it tastes as good as it looks.



On photo - Salvia ....


Who needs flowers with leaves this vivid.

On photo - Euonymus Alatus


It looks like a nice tidy plant, suitable for the smaller garden.


Your Loropetalum looks good, I've just put a bark much around the base of mine.


Oh OK. thanks, so I'll discard those when I divide the clump.


So colourful, warms the soul.



On photo - Black Sky, No Rain


Oh crumbs Fran, you're having so much fun," NOT" its no consolation for you but I've had a terrible year as regards Goy, I often get that error page, then it says server not found or it doesn't recognize the site, obviously that has been checked and double checked lots of times, okay for a while and when I think all is ok again it goes haywire yet again, dread to think how long it would take to write a blog, in all honesty I've given up at the moment out of sheer frustration...


I've just finished reading through this blog again & all the comments we made! I hadn't realized I'd had the mini-computer (Notebook) for so long! I was still using it right up till about 2-3 weeks ago when my son-in-law gave me a new one he had "hiding" away in his loft!

It goes very fast only it has Windows 7 installed & in a year or so Microsoft will stop supporting it - as it has already done so for Windows XP, & Vista.

I find it much more difficult to get on with than Windows 10! I've been using W10 since it came out on the notebook PC & it has always worked very well for me & once I became accustomed to it I would never (?) return to another OS! I did miss XP terribly but I've become accustomed to Win10 & find it great - most of the time!

I've not been on GoY as much during this last year as I used to be so I also have a lot of catching up to do!

Hope you can manage to get your woes sorted out & get back on line with a computer you can use again!

As I explained about the Notebook PC I worked out a system whereby I put it on the shelf where the monitor would normally sit, on top of 3 books, then I connected my old keyboard & the mouse to it, via USB ports, &, apart from the size of the text on the PC itself, was able to use it almost as well as a "normal" sized PC!

Now I have a proper desk top PC again I can work much more comfortably - now if only I could load Win 10 on it I'd be the most happy of happy bunnies! LOL! 😂😂😂


Bg, I wouldn't think so. Also it's getting rather late in the season. In general rebloomers are stout plants, so if conditions are right can make a daughter rhizome which might flower the following season.


I have a bulb that produced leaves during the summer months, no flowers still but I didn't expect any really, I have this morning cleaned the bulb and washed the roots, going to try in the water Balcony, figured I have nothing to lose, have you ever done any that way..Do have a pot of little bulbs in the g'house but not expecting any flowers off those for a while yet..


Shirley, if they haven't already done so, your Violas should flower on & off all winter then give a burst of spring colour that will last for a month or two.

That's why I've grown them on & off over the years on our balcony. I normally like to grow winter flowering Pansies but after 3 or 4 bad years with them I didn't grow any last year - the balcony looked so bare & desolate last year without them that I've put in some again this year.

My son & daughter-in-law have had a lot of success with plants they have bought from a certain German supermarket & they are total novice gardeners or were until last year when they got their first garden ever!

I bought some Pansies there this autumn & so far they are looking at least as good as those I've bought from a national retailer or from the market square in town.

So don't give up on your Violas too soon!

Shame your flowers have finished so soon, Hywel!

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