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It would definitely need more frost protection than our minimal fleece and water bottles.


I think that would be very irresponsible for any meteorologist or weather person to proclaim "last rains" of the season. They never know what the future will bring. I hope we'll get more rain, here. However, it's late in the season to get much more rain, though.


I agree with Steragram, but I think you are tempting fate. I would just pull the weeds up manually. It will give you strong biceps.

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Great idea Stera. There are powerful but inexpensive monocular " spotter scopes" obtainable at many sporting goods stores that sell hunting supplies too. They are great for bird watching as well as anything else in nature such as watching the building of a wasp nest from a safe distance or a orb weaving spider making its web towards evening time as I have done. Much better than binoculars and they can also be affixed to a tripod.


I wish mine did.

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It will be hungry by the time it reaches the top - not a lot to eat in pebbledash...


I got it again today. Its all very odd. PM received thank you.


The Pennine way isn't known for its mild climate is it?

Mum's house was 1000feet up. One very windy night a workman's shed complete with tools was blown right across the road, and one winter a double decker bus was buried up to the upstairs windows, so they had their fair share...Mum tried to go to work but it took her until lunch time to walk to the bus stop (had to be the one in the valley as out route was impossible), give up and walk home again. It doesn't do that sort of thing where we live now thank goodness!


But where might they be happy? The banks we have wouldn't be suitable Eirlys -they are very steep and still wild, just getting strimmed a couple of times a year.


Gosh, you'd never have guessed the deer was there - bet you can't wait for that zoom lens. You might like a little monocular to keep handy just for watching - easier to manoever than a camera and a lot cheaper than binoculars..


You've some lovelies there Jane., especially the Hellebore and the Pleiones - beautiful.


Fabulous - a long catalogue of everybody's favourites!

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Its been a good day for weeding here too - rewarding stuff! I'd never heard of a leather skinned fish before.


What weedkiller did you use Sally? If its one that uses glyphosate you shouldn't have any problems as it is taken down through the leaves to the roots but doesn't affect other plants it hasn't touched.

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Duct tape is a good idea!


Before you put any weedkiller on just try putting a leaf in a ham sandwich - yum!


Easy peasy in my raised bed. This is its third year.


Yes it is. The double form is just coming into flower now, so the single is out a few days earlier.


Sbg - I think it's a bit on the tender side.


Brian is right - it's out of print. I bought it from America using Amazon.


lol yes, someone commented that it was nice to "see" me at last when i posted that photo, so I thought I'd take it as my avatar. lol now i have to remember to look for a different photo when I'm scrolling down the comments!


i wondered if you had sort of "steps", barriers across to hold eac level in place, all covered so that it looked an unbroken slope. but that'd be a job and a half!


Its gorgeous! Lovely colours :)


Climbing it because it's there I guess! ;)


Thats a terrific view of your garden Julia. Looks super. :)


So do I! And this one is a gorgeous colour. Mine are going to be lovely this year...loads of buds bursting upwards. But I'll have to wait a little longer.


Your garden is looking lovely Jane :) I have the same issues with my Deck and I find that Algon is excellent. You just dilute it in a watering can or sprayer and let nature take its course. It does pong a bit for a few days, but only of vinegar.


lol 3dbit! I bet shes chortling away at you now! Isn't this looks like a cowslip crossed with a bedding primula. Nice, different.

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Its funny cause I only planted my large daffs for cutting. But i can never bring myself to cut them. So when the wind snaps them off at the base I suppose I should see it as helpful because then I have to bring them in ;)

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I always think they look better in the garden. There are less flowers on each stem, but that looks so much more natural. :) My faves are the purple ones. I use Picasa too. :)


Hi Liv and welcome to GoY, which plants are you talking about ones indoors, ones in the ground in the garden, ones in pots... lots more info needed please.


its on amazon price ranges from £38 - 74. so it will be something to watch out for.


that's true. warmth in the sun but spoilt by the chilly wind.

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thanks with all the snow i have had i am anxious to see how it survived for this year?

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thanks i hope it comes back again this year

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they do seed around once in the garden

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yes they like a bit of warmth as we do

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depends how many pots full of Hepaticas you want,they are hardy but tend to get lost in open ground,I have some in a sheltered trough they are not bad or if you have cyclamen growing in a shade area they would i think do alright between them.
I would tip the pot and tease a few more away around the edges and pot pot them on ,the rest re pot in a size larger pot and some should flower next year. love the hellebore,and all the rest.

the primula is milkmaid
x have an owl friend Fran! Lovely!


Hi Fran. I dont know how many know me...stuff em in to keep the weeds out! The soil doesnt slip down much..probably because its clay based. But every year I lift it from the edge and chuck it back to the top.


Thanks loosestrife


this is a good blue too.


Thanks both :)


very unusual. you have a good eye.


mine are not in flower yet.


lovely, pity they don,t do well for me

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I adore skimmia. for exactly those reasons.


mine has returned too this year. such a welcome blue.


this is a beautiful feature.
I still have my fleece on too :o)