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That's really special DD. Lovely card....thanks.


We grow them that way in Phoenix all the time. On the other hand, we have near total control over how often they are watered. It may be a bit trickier in a climate with higher rainfall. I would incorporate organic matter and calcium to flocculate the clay, and improve the soil structure, when planting.


Maybe Chinese Weeping Cypress (Cupressus funebris)?


Arh thanks Karen, that makes perfect sense.
Andrew, I’ve looked at Cotswold but not Beeches, thank you


31? No way. Lowest I saw was 34 and highest low was 38. Believe me..around 34 even Ensente Maurelli will start to melt. Brugs..
Look at any weather site. I think your friend is up to something-lol.
Not even softest tips were wilted.

On photo - Mango Buds.


Did you see my little Mango post?

On photo - Crown of Thorns.


No,the wife uses that. I use my Canon 510 powershot. Sometimes it takes these funhouse photos of things close being sharp and distant things sort of blurry or curved. I cant turn that off. A bug in the software.
I've had it about 4-5 years so when it goes out I might change to a phone.

On photo - Crown of Thorns.


If you take photos with an iPhone it will give the approximate address. If you have an iPhone. lol!

I use my iPhone camera most days. I rarely use my digital camera anymore.

On photo - Crown of Thorns.


I hope they photoshop the car out of the pic.

On photo - Pepper tree Trunk


Siris and Dawn: These were small pigs, totally black in colour, smart as the dickens... sneaky too! The farmer let them roam through their own bushlot which abuts mine. The electric fence they put up was useless. They just walked along it until they found a gap that they could fit through...then the pillaging began! Will have to get a pic from the neighbourhood woodlots for you Siris. Won't be til May sometime though. Erythronium, Claytonia, and Dutchman's Britches (can't remember the proper name, sorry.) are all mixed in with the trilliums.


Well, yeah! :-) I wish I could remember the author of that book on the ancient trees of England... Quercus, Tillia, etc. pics of venerable ancients. It was on my list of must haves... but had forgotten it until you posted your pic. Thanks for the reminder. Hope I can find it!

On photo - Pepper tree Trunk


Hi Karen and Dawn...I apologize. I should have put the Caption: Archives...on it. this was from 2013, May 24.


They're absolutely beautiful...and completely wild. My pics and conversations always lag behind GoY members in the UK and Europe. Siris has a lovely pic of emerging trilliums and I wanted to share mine. sorry for any confusion: these pics are from my archives: 2013.


Karen: sorry about that! I should have said I was posting from my archives! We have about 12 inches of snow on the ground at present...however... it's been raining all day, temp at 9 degrees C...and will be over night. The snow is melting so fast and the rain is warm enough that we have fog/mist.. rising off the snow. These little guys are set to return very soon. Temps are supposed to go back down below zero at night for the next week at least. Would be nice if this was an early spring...but I've learned never to expect such an uncommon event!
When I took this ,I thought it was biggest in town...but Mine are about equal in trunk girth- I prune the heck out of the canopy so I can have a garden.


Wow Hywel. We didn't feel anything here. I'm glad no damage was done.

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Good work Karen. The old decking was an attractive layout but in rather a daft location as you say. Looking forward to seeing the new area - it does look a lot lighter and bigger already.


:) has to be done sometimes!


So pleased your ok Hywel .x

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Wow! That Podocarpus gracilior is 40 years old! I know P. gracilior can grow into a very large tree.

Do you remember the really old P. gracilior that use to be in Fremont close to Niles? It was a gigantic tree (probably 80 ft tall) which was on the east side of Mission Blvd. It was cut down just before I moved to San Diego, I think. I think that tree could have been from the old California Nursery in that area.


As it's my main border in the back garden, I will have to overplant it a bit so that it looks good when we open the garden in August.


Escalonia bifida grows here. I know it's a Brazilian native. It's nice to see it in it's natural habitat.


You could also try Cotswold Garden Flowers, also Beeches Nursery in Essex



You have some really interesting plants that naturalize there. You also get so much more rain than us here in Southern California.

We have only had one rain storm (where we received good measurable rain this whole rainy season). It's insane! It's so, so, so dry here. We are going back on water-restriction this coming April. :>((


Definitely a month ahead of me Brian. My tete a tete are just about an inch above ground. Quite late this year, compared to last year. My first dwarf iris jas just opened this week, and most of my hellebore buds are still hugging earth.


I saw the list of lows around the Bay Area my friend sent from there. Many areas were around freezing, according to his list. I saw 31 degrees in most of Hayward.

I hear there's another cold storm heading down south, again! Ugh! Hopefully, it's not as cold as this last one!

On photo - Mango Buds.


Is there any threat of frost there tonight?
I saw the low temps my friend sent from the Bay Area this morning...many areas were freezing or close to it. Wow! I saw most of Hayward was around freezing. That's super cold for this time of year. Yikes!


Good thing I caught them...I see they are all now past peak bloom.
I escaped frost this year..nice for a change. All the soft leaved plants- Iochroma-banana-Brugmansia-Wigandia..fine.
I hope it stays this way forever...well,with rains!


Thankyou for the advice Owdbog and SBG. Mine too have been very disappointing although there are lots and lots of snowdrop clumps in my garden. I've never fed them but will do so this year after so many coming up blind.


Dawn, its a tricky time of year for the nurseries. I think if you were to wait a month, you would get what you want. I have been finding a lot of what I want is OoS as well.


Its been a very sunny winter. Even when chilly..warm sun all day.
Liberty is the name of the Tax preparer. I guess they have a drop off. I wouldn't want do it that why myself...deductions,etc..wink.


Very interesting thanks Lori. Naughty pigs, what a shame.


Thanks Karen


Thanks Eirlys. The dogs are a bit confused by the alterations, but they will get used to it.


Here it is Dawn...comes in different styles.


Thanks Eirlys, burncoose and crocus don’t have what I need, I’ve looked at Edrom, they have a wide selection but OOS on some, I will look the others you suggest, thank you


Pretty special aren’t they!




Much better Karen. There was no need for it really was there. It’s going to look super. I’m interested in the recycled edging you mention, do you have the name of it please.


Jacksons Nurseries, Staffordshire; Burncoose, Cornwall;
Edrom Nursery, Scotland; Barracott Plant, Cornwall. though they may not stock what you are looking for.


It’s scarey in the moment Hywel. We had one here maybe ten years ago, it was in the middle of the night, OH was on night shift and I never slept well when alone. We have mirrors in the bathroom that started shaking, I sat up in bed and the room seemed to be slowly moving from side to side, I thought I was dreaming until the cat shot under the bed. I put the news on and nothing about it until the next morning. OH felt it at work, three miles away.

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We past the worst. No frost and I think 35 is accurate. I sure wish I was about 25 or so to really enjoy the warmer climate.
You know in the 70's this would have been a plant melting freeze. I'm sure of that.

On photo - Mango Buds.


Gosh! It does look bigger, Karen, and I love the idea of a white and green garden. I see you have even managed to get your lovely Lab. to co-operate.

It's a lot of work now but it will all be worth it as your Summer visitors will tell you!

Great to be able to follow your progress.


Well I had a shock reading the name of the village where the epi-centre was! Now if the mines had been still in production I reckon householders would have been fearing the worst: an underground explosion.

Glad all is well with you and with the people back home.

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Karen Lori is kidding us look at the dates on the pics


Oh good! That sounds interesting. I like the idea of surprise colour combinations and if they revert to the wild foxglove, that's fine too! Thank you both.


What a surprise then,


Think this might be Perle Von Nürnberg.