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Do you have another name for your plant? Only New Zealand tree isn't a plant name - Google doesn't come up with anything useful... so we don't know what plant you mean I'm afraid, which means giving advice is next to impossible. Otherwise, a photo might help with ID


I had that once with one of the goldfish I had. I don't know how it did it, but I went down one morning to feed the fish and the poor fish was caught in the net (it was quite a large fish). Managed to free it and it was fine.


it was late to get going due to the dry summer but it is doing very well now. its about 3ft round/high.

On photo - Fuchsia 'David'


Hi Eileen, I don't usually like Fuchsia's, but anything in flower at this time of year deserves 1, Derek.

On photo - Fuchsia 'David'


Whatever the seasons,our gardens and outlook,all take on a different view,,some better ,and some worse,but you are one of the lucky ones,Chris..I hadn't noticed before,just how far you can see ,beyond your garden...just lovely xx


Yes I have to be proactive especially when the beech dumps its leaves.


I miss living by the sea. I only had a 5min walk and I would be on the sand at low tide or paddling at high tide.
The skyline is really important at this time of year isn't it?


I don't do face book but I do email Spritz. in fact I emailed her last week. She is a wonderful lady and her garden is beautiful.

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well you are very talented. I cant paint to save my life so I am very envious of your talents.


Beautiful....never seen one this colour before...


Ooh nice! A wonderful sight.


All looking gorgeous....


Catching up with old blogs, it was an amazing year for favourites would be Open Arms......New Dawn.... Shropshire name but a few....lovely pics btw!!


I am hoping by the time you read my comments (late as usual) all will be calm again, did you get the chimney sorted, we have a similar problem, but nobody seems to know what is causing it, old houses!! and do feel free to moan whenever you like .....


After Henry passed away she got a Cocker Spaniel called Widget ... he features in a blog posted in July 2016.

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if its a mild winter they will happily survive. the flowers that you still have may go on to produce seed. I haven't grown any from seed for 7 yrs now as they self sow freely. I just pull out what I don't want.

On question - Antirrhinums


I do miss living in the countryside, although I love being by the sea it is not the same looking at houses instead of could be worse I am sure!


I have never seen that many either.....


Well it is supposed to be hardy?


Meadow it has, its a beautiful tree, had to have the crown lifted a few months ago....


Stera her old dog was called Henry, I cannot remember what she called her latest....

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Eirlys and so do I although it is many years since we had a toad in the garden....
Karen there is always relaxing here!
Seaburn it was a toss up and we opted for the net, we get so many leaves, I would be doing it twice a day!!
Meadow he was indeed!! I am sure he will return in the spring we usually have threein the garden,didn't take him long to find the new pond!
I wish Stera,we only seem to get adult frogs!!not that I am complaining, far from it!


Since we had the hedge lowered we now have a great view of the trees on the heath. At sunset their silhouettes against the sky look magical.
Every season has its beauty.


For a moment I thought you were going to say he changed into a handsome prince! πŸ˜€
Glad you came to the rescue. I like frogs and toads.


Yes the shapes of the trees and the amount of sky to be seen, is a bonus. The skies at dusk have been beautiful, lots of pink and red. Sweeping leaves has been so much fun too and seeing the birds gobble up the red berries. Lots of nice things to come, enjoy it all - inside outside, dark or light, cold or warm, it's a winter delight!


That's a shame K..... They provide such intense colours with the advantage of being evergreen too.
The Pyracantha wasn't planted purposely. One day I discovered a very small piece which had taken root, helped by a bird, I expect. It has started to grow on the opposite side now. As you say a good cover for a fence.


That's amazing ... I have only ever see two or three together in a field. Looks like they're heading for your garden ... beware! :o)


Yes, I see what you mean. I can see it now, you and your fiance taking up pavers to create more planting space (or not!).

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I have tried Nandina 3 times, but it doesn’t survive our long winters. But I really love that pyracanthus. I almost wish I had a bit of fence for one! ;)


Alright at a Disco perhaps Paul...


Could be related Paul, but when I visit my sister we always go to Woodbridge in the week. It's an outlet to the sea.

On photo - Swan


Thank you for taking time to reply, I was unsure that my first post had uploaded a picture which is why I tried it again.


This is such a lovely photo. I am there, (in my mind), Many
years ago did the beautiful coast/ But not during wildflower
time.Just so beautiful.

On photo - puffin on Skomer


Yes, I was thinking the same Chris. Most of the leaves are down now. Stll beautiful, but a totally different scene.


Theres always something isn’t there!


Thank you Linda! X


Dear friend balcony,
please you and everybody else are free to correct me anytime. I learn when someone helps me with my language mistakes.

On blog - A happy day


Lovely to see the autumn colours in your garden, Dawn! That hedge is spectacular! I've never seen the Chocolate Vine before! The Cyclamen at the end of your blog look as if they are playing Hide & Seek & have just come out to say "Boo!"

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That's so true, Linda!


Amy if your plants are still outside you'd better think about moving them in over the weekend as we are forecast some quite cold weather starting next week with frosts forecast!

I no longer have any of the salmon pink ones flowering but there are a few of the deep red ones still growing! The big Neon pink one is still producing lots of buds & I will be taking a few more photos over the coming weeks to add to the ones I uploaded to my photos page today!

On photo - Schlumbergera


yes that is the nice thing about winter seeing the branches and form of the trees. and when it is a clear dry day the light can be stunning.


that was lucky for the frog. its a problem isn't it; check for leaves and dredge them out or net it and then risk the wildlife. I opted for the dredging instead. don't get them all out but I do enjoy ding it.


Beautiful British countryside.... The framework of the trees beginning to show.


Oh, Karen. What a display you have had. Fabulous.



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I love Silver Birches. The house in Sweden is surrounded by they. Pity i can't see them at this time of year.


It looks like an exotic bird, Balcony.


It is so mild here it makes Christmas feel like a long way off.

On photo - Nov. 13 First snow


They seem to go on and on, Balcony. I have two old ones. I think they were cuttings. I will photograph another new one I bought last year. It is white/pink. Beautiful.

On photo - Schlumbergera