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I'm sure you will :) Roses seem to like a good prune.


That's what did it! :)

On photo - Mahonia aquifolium


Hmm...I planted a lot in the soil at my last garden and most of them came up blind. But we did have very heavy clay soil there.


They are on a blog....greenhouse blog from March :)


Beautiful coloured Iris.


Great aren't they Bjs.


Are they parrot tulips , nice colour combo


On photo - Tulip


Yes starts of with reddish pink buds and then the flowers are yellow.


Garden really coming along, thanks for asking Karen, only got a few areas left to really sort out and have even planted a few things :-) this year. Got some phlox as we had them in my last gΓ rden and hubby always loved the scent and a couple of other plants. Plan to do a before and after blog soon. Hope you are starting to get better weather.


I think you will find that when the true flowers open they will be yellow with a tinge of white similar to the plant label. I believe the pink part of the flowers are called a flare. Give it time.


Lovely colour,
has to be one of the easiest things to propagate I have ever grown.


Again I thought of blue lobelia, Stera, but given the shade it might not flower for long enough.
Today I bought Heuchera lime marmalade and Heuchera forever purple. They will be alternated around the edge. In the middle I've got Euonymus francien. I arranged all the plants before I bought them and francien looked best of all the available options for the centrepiece. I'm still struggling with trailing plants and now wonder if variegated ivy would look ok.
Thank you for all the suggestions. I'm really grateful.


Last year my garden had some long-tailed tits visiting, but I'm not sure if they are still around. That's lovely, Green finger, to have the pair of robins nesting in your shed. Two robins have produced babies near the end of my garden, because the other day I photographed a fledgling robin near my bird bath.


Hi Karen .. I hope your weather is improving ...


It is such a joy to share your day with you and your family Paul and its never to early to share the joy of a garden with little ones.


Choisya ternata Sundance is the first one. Yes, the second one is Sambucus Nigra but beware it could become a beast if it's in the wrong place.

On question - ID help please


Oh the trials of gardening Karen especially those of us with little patience, it does, however, make for some stunning photos.


Not sure about the first one but the second one is 'Sambucus Nigra' black lace. It's an Elderberry variety. Flowers June to July.

On question - ID help please


Oh wow

I will have to have a look at them I had seen 'Simply Leaves Me Breathless' and that looks stunning so a good bonus plant ..

I will have to see whats happening with Simbad she is missing out



Oh my goodness. How funny and odd !
I must hold my hand up and admit to owing and even actually wearing ripped jeans.....But fake dirty ones......well its a step too far surely!! Ahaha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Hi Gnarly ... thanks ...
yes, I believe it is worth striving to achieve this ideal ...
... peace, privacy and happiness in a pretty garden .


Always better to have too many rather that not enough though. Your doing something very right that makes them produce lots? πŸ‘ πŸ†πŸ†

On photo - Happy Easter GoY


The quilling at the base of the petals also helps to open the flower and make it look bigger than its 6".


I went out and averaged the buds on 3 scapes, and it is 14 for the bud count.


I got G by G from her, it has had a couple of flowers, but a little trouble opening. The pod parent has had no difficulties opening, but it is in a different section.
I did get my new plants for the year:
Mystical Style
Starry Starry Night
Woodland Dreams
Something Borrowed Something Blue
Luna De Xelaju
Blue Crystal
Smiling Cobra
Painted Pattern
Southbound Odyssey
And they came with 3 bonus plants:
Intricate by Design
Simply leaves Me Breathless
Dr Doom


yes, a great colour




What is the variety ? also are you feeding the plant and when.
It does have a lot of new growth for this time of year.


New one to me ... like the shape and colour
How tall is this one ?

On photo - Daffodil Rose


look forward to that next photo .. I remember Sheila had "Gilded by Grace"

Some of mine just starting to produce scapes



everyone looking happy , and the garden look great as well

What more could you ask for



I absolutely love celandine. It's one of the earliest spring flowers and really cheers up hedgerows and woodland paths etc, but in the garden border it is a menace which multiplies as you watch! This year seems to be a particularly good one for celandines and I am struggling in this dry weather to dig them out of the border without leaving the little root nodules behind.


This is the second flower. The first didn't open all the way, something that happens a lot when it is still chilly. It should open even flatter, soon.



I am finding with Iris is if you mentioned certain colours going together I would think no way , but looking at this blows that out the water.

What does it look like inside the flower (if possible) ?



It is only 5.5" across, so that throat is huge for the flower.


The hybridizer who created Estrella de la Suerte likes to vacation every year in Tenerife. He is also the same person who did Emozione, El Aventura, and Fuoco del Sole (he goes to Italy every year, as well).


another nice selection



A super collection, what would be your top 3 out of all these beauties.

Its hit and miss with me if they grow or not I really like "Guersey Cream" which I lost in the winter 2013 but I need to have another go with that variety.

I have "Arabella" and good old "Nelly Moser" my mum bought for me.

I do have a seedling growing in a terracotta trough at the bottom ( which just appeared two years ago) of the garden which has enormous buds at the moment so that will be interesting to see what it will grow into as I think it will be a new variety ? being a seedling as soon as it flowers I will put on here.


On blog - Clematis


Known also as Milkmaids, they prefer damp meadows and hedgerows and are the foodplant of the orange tip butterfly, which, sadly, I have not yet seen this spring although it is one of the earliest to appear, to coincide with the milkmaids.


Glad to see your Fox tail Lilly has come through for you Paul I bought a blue one last week, some lovely blooms you have there the clematis is looking great and love that red Pasque flower never seen a red one before.

Its been cold here sun no snow even though our local radio yesterdays said we had snow I must of been in another city then as it was very sunnyhere where I live .


Thanks Karen. She is not too bad at making the tea but think it helps that she works with us and her and her step dad are both tea holic. You wouldn't believe how much milk I buy a week! Lol


Like a rainbow of colours lovely.


Is this its 1st flowers



Whats the bud count on this Wylie , must look impressive



Lol Karen, I'm lucky that both dogs don't food guard but it does mean I have to keep an eye on them as they are on different food. People think German Shepherds are big scary dogs but my 2 are big softies. There is a 6 yr old girl who lives near where I walk and whenever she sees me with them, she comes running out so can play ball with Ben. Her parents know and are ok with it and I keep a close eye but Ben is so gentle with her and gets all excited seeing her as well.


I was surprised that this one did so well, don't know if it well do so well this year as in February, where I could get to it better, I've cut it back even more :-/.

On photo - Grapes


I could of said , I use to be a fortune teller just by looking at a person but as I have got older lost the power to tell like I use to the latter is the truth but how I could tell truthfully you asked how many shades of green and my school friend where I stopped at her home as kid was Irish and her mum always played the 40 shades of green . :)


Thanks Karen, it's made it through the winter! Was worried as did cut it late last year. It's got some nice growth on it so fingers and toes crossed I get some nice blooms this year.


Thank you Karen, can't take all the credit as I only inherited them in August 2015 but I did cut them back then to make them more compact.

On photo - Mahonia aquifolium


What a beauty.