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  • Gravel Garden in winter : Skimmias and Heucheras
    All Year Garden Interest
  • Camellia Donation
  • Philodendron 'Brazil' (Philodendron 'Brazil')
    Climbing Plants
  • Gladiolus carneus (Gladiolus carneus (Large Painted Lady))
  • Cream-crackered now, but pleased with the results.
    Gravel Garden Ideas
  • Helleborus x hybridus Blue Lady
  • Phoenix rupicola - Cliff Date Palm (Phoenix rupicola - Cliff Date Palm)
    Palm Trees
  • Hellebore flowering well in my back garden.
    Shade Container Plants
  • Stachyurus 'Magpie' - 2017 (Stachyurus 'Magpie')
  • Snow - for Paul (Bathgate) - in sympathy
  • Tulipa humilis 'Odalisque' - 2017 (Tulipa humilis)
  • Icicles by the waterfall..
    Water Feature Ideas

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  • Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Eva Constance' (Primula vulgaris)
    Primula vulgaris
  • Primula marginata 'Freedom' (Primula marginata (Marginate Primrose))
    Primula marginata
  • Leucojum aestivum (Leucojum aestivum (Loddon Lily))
    Leucojum aestivum
  • Fritillaria meleagris (Fritillaria meleagris (Snake's head fritillary))
    Fritillaria melea...

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  • Anemonella thalictroides 'Oscar Schoaf' - 2017 (Anemonella thalictroides)
  • Kew Orchid festival 2017
    Kew Gardens
  • RHS Robin
    RHS Garden Hyde Hall
  • Euphorbia " Diamond Frost"
    Sissinghurst Cast...

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