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  • Ragtime Amaryllis
  • Euonymus Alatus (Euonymus alatus (Winged spindle).)
    Autumn Colour
  • Christmas Cactus near living room window - Red (close up) 15-11-2013 004 (Schlumbergera truncata)
    Autumn Flowering Plants
  • Balcony with snow seen from street 10th December 2017
  • Sedum at its best in a pot (Sedum seiboldii)
    Container Garden Ideas
  • Adenium arabicum - Desert Rose Flower (Adenium arabicum - Desert Rose Flower)
    Desert Plants
  • Hibiscus acetosella (Hibiscus acetosella)
  • Bilbergia   (Bilbergia)
    House Plants
  • gracie's garden
  • Super moon.....
    Sky Pictures
  • Springs around the corner
    Spring Blossom
  • Chinese Fringe tree. (Koelreuteria bipinnata (Golden-rain tree))

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  • Clivia miniata  (Clivia miniata (Clivia))
    Clivia miniata
  • Iris reticulata 'JS Dijt' (Iris reticulata (Iris))
    Iris reticulata
  • Flower Buds on Sarracenia.  (Sarracenia flava (Yellow Pitcher Plant))
    Sarracenia flava
  • Abeliophyllum distichum - 2018 (Abeliophyllum distichum)
    Abeliophyllum dis...

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  • Red, white and blue - how patriotic!
  • Arley Hall and Gardens.
    Arley Hall & Gard...
  • Kew Orchid festival 2017
    Kew Gardens
  • RHS Robin
    RHS Garden Hyde Hall

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