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  • Lilium speciosum 'Rubrum Uchida' - 2015 (Lilium speciosum)
    Lilium speciosum
  • Gentiana asclepiadea - 2015 (Gentiana asclepiadea)
    Gentiana asclepiadea
  • Climbing Snapdragon with yellow berried Pyracantha (Maurandya barclayana)
    Maurandya barclayana
  • S1050617 (Gaura lindheimeri Rosyjane)
    Gaura lindheimeri

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  • Fuchsia 'Preston Guild' - 2015 (Fuchsia)
  • RHS Rosemoor hot border
    RHS Rosemoor
  • Eucomis "Pink Gin"  (Eucomis "Pink Gin)
    My Garden
  • Samba may find this interesting.....Squashes at RHS Hyde Hall
    RHS Garden Hyde Hall

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