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  • Apple Blossom (Amaryllis)
  • Mockingbird in Song
  • Magnolia Susan - April 8 (Magnolia Susan)
    Border Ideas
  • Camellia "Jury's Yellow"
  • Clematis 'Guernsey Cream' (Clematis)
    Clematis Plants
  • Digitalis 'Ice Queen' (Digitalis 'Ice Queen')
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    Japanese Maple
  • Fixing the lawn..
    Lawn Care
  • Paeonia 'Coral Sunset'
  • Rhododendron "Blue Boy"
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    Step Ideas
  • Little lemon Wallflowers
    Window Boxes & Wall Mangers

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  • Asphodeline lutea (Asphodeline lutea (King's Spear))
    Asphodeline lutea
  • Vestia foetida (Vestia foetida)
    Vestia foetida
  • The Apple Trees are covered with blossom this year (Malus domestica (Apple))
    Malus domestica
  • Old Plum Tree with Golden Ivy (Hedera helix 'Buttercup')
    Hedera helix

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  • Embothrium lanceolatum 'Norquinco' - 2016 (Embothrium coccineum)
  • Four Seasons garden on 14 May 2016
    Four Seasons
  • Cape Town (triumph tulipa)
    My Garden
  • Sedum 'Red Cauli'
    RHS Wisley

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