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  • Amaryllis (5th of 2015) Red with white star now open on living room table (Very close up) 14-02-2015 009 (Amaryllis)
  • First summer at the cottage 2014
  • Rhipsalis baccifera, with berries ...
  • At Last....the shed base is finished .Wahoo!
    Design Ideas
  • Echeveria pulidonis (Echeveria pulidonis)
    Dry Soil Plants
  • Basket arrangement with Yellow Roses.
    Floral Arrangements
  • Crocus antalyensis 'Blue Sky' - 2015 (Crocus antalyensis)
    Flower Bulbs
  • The gravel path!!
    Gravel Garden Ideas
  • Keep on digging  ...
    Hand Tools
  • A magical moment in Time
  • Rhopalostylis sapida - Nīkau Palms Dying (Rhopalostylis sapida - Nīkau Palm)
    Palm Trees
  • For Waddy and Bloomer!!

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  • First ever winter aconite just about to open in the sun. (Eranthis hyemalis (Winter aconite))
    Eranthis hyemalis
  • Iris reticulata 'J. S. Dijt' - 2015 (Iris reticulata)
    Iris reticulata
  • Puschkinia scilloides - 2015 (Puschkinia scilloides)
    Puschkinia scillo...
  • Hellebores Smokey Blues... (Helleborus orientalis Smokey Blues.)
    Helleborus orient...

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  • Iris reticulata 'J. S. Dijt' - 2015 (Iris reticulata)
  • Another view of the garden
    My Garden
  • IMG 0054
    Batsford Arboretum
  • Kew Palm House
    Kew Gardens

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