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  • Fritillaria graeca (Fritillaria graeca (Fritillaria))
    Fritillaria graeca
  • Ribes (Ribes aureum (Buffalo Currant))
    Ribes aureum
  • Marsh Marigold (Caltha Palustris 'Flore Pleno')
    Caltha palustris
  • Primula 'Broadwell Milkmaid' (Primula allionii (Allioni's Primrose))
    Primula allionii
  • Spotty Dotty for Siris..... (Podophyllum peltatum (American Mandrake))
    Podophyllum peltatum
  • Muscari aucheri 'Blue Magic' - 2017 (Muscari aucheri)
    Muscari aucheri
  • Skimmia  (Skimmia japonica (Skimmia))
    Skimmia japonica
  • A lovely flower at this time of the year (Iris unguicularis)
    Iris unguicularis


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