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    12 Mar, 2010

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    I garden in the subtropical American Southwest--Phoenix, AZ: Sunset Zone 13, USDA Zone 9.
    I am an Arizona Master Gardener, but I always want...

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    14 May, 2014

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    In Hayward Ca. "The Heart of San Francisco bay". The city slogan.
    I grow tropical's,exotics and push our mild maritime med 10a...

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    25 Sep, 2018

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    1 Oct, 2013

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    I live on Long Island and work in Manhattan. My time is split between the two. I work in Business Development for a large global firm which demands...

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    14 Aug, 2008

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    Hello. Ten years ago, I joined Grows on You ... and I've made some wonderful friends here.

    I am a volunteer editor for many GoYpedia...

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    19 Aug, 2018

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    Tiny urban garden in Manchester but South facing & fairly sheltered.

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    5 May, 2010

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    Lived in West Sussex most of my life, married with 2 grown up children, 1 of each. Have a cat named Megan.

    Love gardening, favourite flower...

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    12 Feb, 2009

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    Botany, especially of our British natives and gardening is a passion. Graduated in Botany and Zoology back in the late 70's and got my first...

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    4 Aug, 2007

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    16 Mar, 2010

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    I live with my OH in central Scotland. I like flowering shrubs because they were easy to look after when I was working but having been retired...