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The Autumn show is more a family show than a gardening show unlike the Spring one, the food hall has something for everyone, from cheese, honey breads, olive oil, cakes, etc with talks by famous chefs, James Martin was there although we missed him!! also Monty Don, did not see him either! could have been there Sunday possibly.

A poultry section, a tent full, gave this one a miss, feathers make me sneeze lol so many animals, dogs from the very tiny to the enormous, all easy to get to and stroke……
a large collection of classic cars, which I loved….OH was a bit miffed because he could remember too many of them lol

There were numerous stalls especially craft stalls, we were both taken with the carving of these delightful little mice….

We both fell in love with this little motorhome…..

Macarons looked delicious, but we were very restrained, one pork roll and an icecream!!

You may be asking, but there again you may not be!! so what did they buy at this wonderful show!! you would never, never guess, so I will tell you……..
three large garlic bulbs, two smoked one gourmet from the Isle of Wight……..why? because although we live opposite the IOW we cannot buy it for love nor money, majority is sold abroad, or it is sold at shows, amazing is it not? so no plants or goodies, and the garlic is now permeating the whole of the downstairs rooms lol

Well that is the show, the next blog is about Picton Nurseries, thanks for looking and see you soon…..

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Three very interesting blogs :o) I enjoy seeing the animals and crafts in a show :)

4 Oct, 2014


Thanks Hywel, glad you enjoyed them.

4 Oct, 2014


If my husband has realised there were old cars there, he might just have taken me....I'll have to show him this blog!!!

5 Oct, 2014


Thank you for sharing the wonderful sights at the show with us. The animals are all so beautifully groomed, and the horns on some of them are huge. The vintage cars are a sight to behold, thanks to the time and money spent on them to keep them working. Looks like a really good day out.

5 Oct, 2014


looks a really lovely show, loved those carvings, I would have not been able to resist, you look like you had a great time, thanks for lovely blogs :O)

5 Oct, 2014


I loved all you Malvern show Blogs Angela ,it's years since we last went, It was one of the shows where Tonys sister use to show her goats , I feel in love with the little motor home as well its so sweet , Our Doctor left the surgery to concentrate on starting a business making Macaroons he was runner up in one of those baking competition on TV I wondered if these could possibly be his ! his wife is still a Dr. at the surgery .. Lovely blogs ..

5 Oct, 2014


I love the sheep in the first pic! I've never seen such lovely sheep! Curly :)))) I also love the old caravan...very stylish and retro. I would have loved to see all of this show, it looks really lovely! :) Thanks for sharing.

5 Oct, 2014


3 really lovely blogs DD. Wish we had one like this, apart from Chelsea within easy reach. Love the sheep, carvings and grotesque veggies, as well as the high standards of display. That tipped up bonsai in one of your photos was amazing. How do they grow these things so well?

5 Oct, 2014


That was such a good show Dd, something for everyone to enjoy, our towns classic car show was a few weeks back probably some of these cars were there I know people will get to as many as possible during the season to show off their pride and joy, I do like those mice carvings and of course the animals are always a treat to see all spruced up for their photo's to be taken, lol, thankyou Dd for sharing the show...

5 Oct, 2014


I loved the sheep too, tney look like toy ones! and the little wooden mice very sweet. It must be wonderful to be able to make things like that instead of being ham fisted like me.

5 Oct, 2014


Great to see all those animals so beautifully groomed! The craft work is really superb - like Stera, I'm "ham-fisted" when it comes to craft work! I can only grow plants well! :-))

Thanks for these great blogs on the Malvern Show, DD! :-)) You did very well in taking so many photos & then showing us some of them! :-))

6 Oct, 2014


Balcony so pleased you enjoyed them, there were several sections that we did not see, but it was rather tiring, and we are not getting any younger lol
Stera I would love to be able to carve wood, patience is not my bag unfortunately...
Barbara the cars attracted many fans, I have never seen so many at one show and in such perfect condition too...
Lindak it was an excellent day out, could have spent the whole day there, and still not seen everything.
Olive glad you liked the blogs....
Amy the food hall was wonderful, so much to see and buy and try too!! we were very restrained this time....
K the curly sheep were most popular, and the llamas, and all the different breeds of dog, all in all an excellent show, a family show, more than a gardening one.....

9 Oct, 2014


I read somewhere that the RHS were changing the main focus of the Autumn Show, and from your experience, it appears that they've succeeded! Would you still say it was also a gardening show, Angela? That was what it was the last time I went.

10 Oct, 2014


Barbara we were there for over an hour before we saw any plants, a very small part is still about gardening, no show gardens though, more like the old three counties show to me.......they call it a celebration of the harvest, gardening, food, nostalgia, family show.
I am glad we went, but we would prefer the spring show, we do enjoy seeing the show gardens, and the floral marque, spring show for enthusiastic gardeners, autumn something for everyone...hope to make it next year, God willing!

10 Oct, 2014

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