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indoor sunflowers???


By Dibbles

United Kingdom Gb

funny one here, basically i encorporate botany into my sculpture and am planning towards a date at the moment. i plan to grow sunflowers under artifical light from start to finish and train them so that they end up with their biggest flower heads facing downwards and feeding off the floor pretty much. i guess with grow lights you could make them grow faster and hopefully time my bloom for june. as sunflowers can keep blooming quite late would i have to manipulate day length to gradually decrease, with increased red spectrum in the light?? would i have to induce floweringalso??? anyway any thoughts would be useful ifanyone has tried or knows of anything similar.... good day to you

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I don't think you will be very successful. You might be better off buying the flowers, either real or artificial.

11 Feb, 2009


yes they will need light at the red end of the spectrum but as the snflower flower moves in line with the movement of the sun not sure how you could coax it to hang down. perhaps buy them or even use silk flowers.

12 Feb, 2009


Lie the pot on its side, remember those bean experiments in Biology at school?

16 Feb, 2009


artificial flowers is a definate no no cop out i think... thank u for the replies i have faith that it will follow the light with some training though vegetation.. pot on side idea sounds good too cheers. unfortunately i never did that experiment at school but am aware of many species of plant managing to grow completely upside down. i also wish to shine the light through the back of an engraved mirror so the flower looks like it is feeding off an image of itself how narc

17 Feb, 2009

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