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Story behind the Sunflower


By lishy


Another Greek Myth, but one I like so here goes…

As we all well know a sunflower will follow the suns journey each day, turning its head to constantly face the sun. Well The Greeks believed that long ago a young lady named Clytie, believed to be a water Nymph of the Ancient city of Babylon, She fell Madly in Love with Apollo, God of the Sun, and would watch him aimlessly all day as he rode his chariot across tyhe sky carrying the sun through its coarse of the day. Apollo had noticed her everyday as she watched him… Falling in love with her to he visited her in the night for a bit of you know what, after a while Apollo grew tired of Clytie as she was just a mortal, an left without a goodbye, Every day Clytie would sit at Apollo’s temple and wait for him, never loosing hope that one day he would return for her. All the gods felt sorry for the poor nymph and grew angry at Apollo for his mistreatment of Clytie… They agreed that she was worthy of a most precious gift of immortality and changed her into a beautiful flower that looked like the sun… Apollo is Banished from time to time to allow Clytie to rest as the gods noticed though now a flower she still followed her love, staring up at him and following him, she was able to reproduce into many flowers that follow the sun so each time Apollo worked he would never forget what pain he’d put her through!!!

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Thanks for these stories. They are fascinating :o)

5 Sep, 2010


Glad you find them fascinating... I love stories like these

5 Sep, 2010


Ah how great well done Lishy ,,

5 Sep, 2010


Interesting it is nice to find out things like this.

6 Sep, 2010

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