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Clematis pruning

West Midlands, United Kingdom

Just begun pruning the Group 3 Clematis. (Viticellas etc.) I have done 12 of them so far, only about 30 more to go. I tend to cut to the ground, what do other folks do? I get good new growth from below ground that way.



I tend to wait until they are starting to shoot, then cut to the lowest pair of strong buds

10 Feb, 2009


I too do as Andrew and wait for it to start shooting.........

10 Feb, 2009


I find some of mine bud high up so cut them back to a couple of feet to force the bottom buds to shoot then cut them back again to the lowest.

10 Feb, 2009


If they are bushy enough I cut to the lowest buds or if only one or two shoots then lower down to get more shoots.

11 Feb, 2009

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