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By Margot

United Kingdom Gb

I write Pantomimes. Oh yes I do!
Looking for two names for Fairy & Demon - Fairy, name of a plant/flower & Demon, a 'blight' which could affect said plant/flower. Obviously for comedy effect!
Had thought of Fairy Rose & Demon Black Spot but my editor recommends no 'Black' in case somebody takes a fence ... boom boom.
Thanks for your kind consideration & look forward to hearing any suggestions?!



How about Demon Grey mould, canker, potato blight, or will potatoes take offence to that?.

10 Feb, 2009


Rose and aphid
Hosta and slug
Apple and scab
Cherry and canker

10 Feb, 2009


Fairy Fucia... Demon Plant killer.., I dont know if kids will understand diseases in plants, such as blight or Blackspot!! just a thought, i work with Kids and you have to use plain old words or it just go's over there heads :)))

10 Feb, 2009


How about Daisy & Dandelion, Rose & Rust, Lily & Lily Beetle, (lily beetles are one of my arch-enemies!), Lupin & name a few.

10 Feb, 2009


Fairy Fern and Demon Slug

10 Feb, 2009


How about Fairy Apple Blossom and Fire Blight for the baddie.
Or the baddie could be a Hell's Angel called Leatherjacket!

11 Feb, 2009


Careful volunteer - us bikers might be on to you if you label us as baddies :-)

12 Feb, 2009


We bikers are not baddies at all....we're lovely 2-wheelers, real goodies, in fact! And we're not bad at gardening either, ha! Surprising how many plants you can fit on a motorbike (see my new blog).

12 Feb, 2009


We're bikers too you know, of the H-D kind!!

16 Feb, 2009


sweet pea and green fly

16 Feb, 2009


Harley Davidson - lovely - I don't actually know anything about motorbikes, but love all the shiny bits on the Harleys! Well, girls always love all shiny things!
I've only got a 50cc which I use daily for getting to work and back again - I know it's only a baby bke but it does the job and it's mega cheap to I've got more money to spend on my garden, of course! Only £5 per fortnight for fuel, £15 per year to tax it and £130 per year to insure it - cheap as chips! Who needs a car? I can get many plants home from the shops on my bike, it's a mobile hanging basket sometimes.

18 Feb, 2009


I'm just the passenger! My legs are too short to touch the ground so I'd just fall over at the next set of lights!!

19 Feb, 2009

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