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By Lisad

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

hi, need sum advice on how to look after a sunflower outdoors....i planted 2 sunflowers in pots in my back garden.... they dont seem to look too good anymore. theirs not just one flower head on them but a fair few on each plant. they both seem to have died and am not too sure what to do with them i just take them out of the pots and throw them away or can i get them to come back to life again?? any help would be great :-)

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Sorry Lisa sunflowers are annuals so if they've died that is it just add them to the compost.

14 Sep, 2011


you can put a stocking over the flower head and collect the seeds or just leave them for the birds, otherwise I'm with MG compost heap.

14 Sep, 2011


Thank u so much for your help :) looks like I will be taking the seeds out of the sunflowers if they both no good anymore :(

15 Sep, 2011


It isn't that they are 'no good' Lisa simply that they are annuals and have do what is required to make sure there are more sunflowers next year by setting seed.

15 Sep, 2011


So will I just take them both out of the pots and keep the seeds ready for next year?? Thanks for ya help :)

15 Sep, 2011


You will need to let the seeds ripen on the plant if you want to grow them for next year and, there is no guarantee you will get the same sunflower. You may well find it easier to start off with fresh seed next year.

15 Sep, 2011

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