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I am interested in decking a sloping garden


By Vonne

South Africa Za

And the moment the sloping backyard is covered with grass, and is hard work mowing. I am interested in maybe putting several levels of decking down to raise the lowest point. Also there are another two fruit trees at the bottom which I am going to remove. the soil is clay and I am wondering what kind of trees I can put down alongside the wall, will are evergreen and does not have a hectic root system.




I reckon you ought to consider the various Pittosporums available so far as your evergreen trees are concerned.

As for decking, even if you cover the surface with chicken wire for additional grip, all decking becomes very slippery in the wet and is best avoided at such times. I don't recommend the grooved decking commonly available here in the UK. It's over-priced and all planed which makes it even more slippery. Far better and cheaper IMO is to purchase 'rough sawn' timber of various widths which adds more interest. (I will post a link to show what I mean when I find it later today).

4 Feb, 2009


Muddyw, she is in South Africa! Would Pittosporums be available/cope with heat?

Vonne, that looks like a large area to cover in decking (or timber). Could you compromise in some way - maybe level some of it, add steps and just SOME wood area? or even slabs? I think you might miss having some lawn area. I can't tell from the photo where the house is. It's always nice to have some grass in a garden that size.

Also, check out your local Nursery to find out which evergreens would thrive in your area. That is, if someone there is knowledgeable! If possible get flowering ones for more interest, too.

4 Feb, 2009


Agreeing with what Muddyw and Spritz have said, decking an area on this slope and of this size would be out of keeping with the aspect of your outlook. Some areas can be levelled to re - turf, other areas levelled with agregate or forest bark which would make the area interesting. When planted up with shrubs available in your country you will have varied levels to enjoy.

4 Feb, 2009


As promised, but first off, Pittosporums are natives of South Africa, Australia and NZ Spritz so they can take the climate.

Anyway, here's the link to a page I've written on decks and in particular making safer garden decks.

Didn't suppose you wanted to cover the whole area in timber decking but a simple raised deck with an integrated timber shade roof or awning together with the ubiquitous barbie all built-in would encourage people to wander down further to see the other delights at the bottom of your garden. . . . . . I guess that's what you're thinking.........

4 Feb, 2009


Well - thanks Muddyw - I like learning new things, as you know! So that's interesting about Pittosporums!

Vonne - do please keep in touch and post photos of what you end up with!

4 Feb, 2009


it would look great stepped as spritz said .how about the first step being decking up in the air with something round the edge to stop you falling of with stairs ofset all the way could put a a pond on the second level with a tall water fall falling from wear you sit.i agree with muddy the decking as they call it is power grown pine thats green.go in most diy shops and look at it you can push your nails into it.i tell you the best wood you can use even if you route some grip into it.scaffold boards there brilliant quite cheep and they last a long time.another top tip they should realy have a top tip page that would be great

4 Feb, 2009


Hi all, thank you so much for all your input it is much appreciated and some good points have been mentioned. the house is to the left as you look at the picture, raised with stairs coming down to the garden. If I leave some grass, which I admit will look nice, it probably mean I will have to level that as well. I will do some homework now and visit the Nurseries and see what is available. Will keep you posted and probably with more queries :)

4 Feb, 2009


Pssst, if you have more suggestions you are more than welcome to put it forward. Thanks again

4 Feb, 2009


you could come out level with the house with your decking and have a shaded area to sit underneat or a workshop/shed etc be a great place to sit up or down

4 Feb, 2009


NP, did u ever ask Peter or Ajay about a top tip page?
I think it would be very useful too.

4 Feb, 2009


no i dont think i did.feal free to borrow my idea if ya want

4 Feb, 2009

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