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my name is leigh.i was born in 1961 and came to thetford as london overspill when i was two.i was always naturaly good at art but didnt realy persue it.i got grade a at school but i didnt realy try.hated being told what to do.realy i bummed around wasting my life till i descoverd tattoos.i started doing an evening class in 1992 and art outgrew it.ive always bean either tite or carefull and learnt many different trades if you like.i can sew,iron,plaster,artex,hang doors,hoover,iron,cook bla bla.i started taking interest in my garden litterely about 10 years ago when garden programs started showing what you could do.if i didnt have a bad back i would persue a life of garden design and water feactures.i couldnt just plan a garden and let someone else build it.i used to look at my garden as a chore now im looking for space.i have loads of ifs and buts but hay ho at least im on the right track now

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my new front garden

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