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Hello Folk:)

I just wanted to say a few words about my experience of grass growing.

This year I moved to a house with a SLOPED garden. It was not only on a steep slope but the garden was ruined. All that was growing on the huge piece of land was thick Blackberry bushes that had thorns and roots all over the place. The views from the top of the back garden was breath-taking…but it was painful trying to walk though the thorns and stinging nettle to get there. I paid to have all the roots out but had to go on hands and knees anytime I had five minutes come rain and shine, often after a hard day at work to dig up, pull up and tear our anything that resembled roots of the weeds and bushes. How painful and ridiculous I looked on the slope tackling such an impossible feat. Then in May, I decided to put grass seed down even though roots of weeds were still growing through the bare soil. I bought two bags of Wilkinsons Long-Wearing Grass seed and compost from B&Q and put this wonderful mixture down. I kept adding seed and compost to the patched growing seeds. I looked a sorry sight but persevered in looking stupid, weeding, spreading seed and watering the sorry-looking site. I often thought, I would never have any grass and was saddened by the thought, especially when neighbours would mow their tired lawns. But then, blades of grass started to grow, and grow and grow! It was in patches but it grew and is still growing. I went on holiday late August and when I got back, I had knee-length, lush, green beautiful grass all over my new garden. It was thick, it was new and it was very green so unlike the tired lawns around it!

Even the gardener is having trouble giving it its first cut but again we shall persevere and create a pretty lawn that is pleasant to behold and sit on next Summer.

I thank God for the seed, rain and sunshine that has helped me carry out this almost impossible feat.

I also thank my fellow gardening friend on Grows on You – Julien for all the encouragement and advice given when I thought all ‘hope’ was lost attempting to put right this once forlorn garden.

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Very well done for tackling such a daunting job. You shouldn't worry about looking silly, you were only doing what gardeners do! How wonderful to have a gardener to cut the grass for you! I hope next year you will have a lawn to be proud of.

14 Sep, 2014


Well done for persevering, pleased mother nature is helping you create a lush lawn

15 Sep, 2014


I dare say my neighbous think I'm stupid at some of the things I'm often caught on my hands and knees sorting out, I don't care, I'm happy in my garden, well done you for not letting it beat you....

15 Sep, 2014


Thank you for your words of encouragement all...I am chuffed at the result myself. At last I have to get that gardener of mine to cut it properly :)

Happy Gardening.

15 Sep, 2014


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, all.

Happy Gardening.

15 Sep, 2014

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