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Yesterday was one of those evenings that it was wet, blowy and not ideal to potter about in my garden – front or back; although I did brave the shivering cold and go out front to pick up bits of litter and water balloons some irresponsible adults and children had thrown into my front garden and drive. In between cooking dinner and waiting for the washer to produce well cleaned coloureds, I decided to pull out my favourite book on Herbs by Barbera Hey. The pages fill the mind with so much useful information about plants; both Herbs and flowers that are out in my garden. I didn’t have anything else to blog about so I thought it might be interesting to some of my fellow gardeners to read what I found out in this book.

Plant: SAGE

Origin: Spain & the Mediteranean region.

Culinery Uses: Sage has a strong, warm and pungent smell and flavour. To get the best flavour from it, pick the younger leaves rather than the mature ones.
Sage helps the body in the digestion of rich foods such as oily fish, fatty meats and poultry. It is an important ingredient in certain pork sausages and it is a good herb to add to oils and vinegars. I am thinking of adding a few leaves to my herb and spice bottle of Olive oil to let it infuse into the the oil. You can add fresh and finely chopped leaves of Sage to breads, scones and savoury cakes and homemade biscuits. It can even be chopped up finely and added sparingly to cottage cheese or butter to make your own herb butter. Why not even add some chopped up Sage to your cooked vegetables to jazz it up a bit? The flowers of this herb can be used to garnish dishes and the heb itself is freezable if you either wrap in a freezer bag or chop up and mix in a little water in ice cube containers and place in your freezer. That way, you’ll have Sage at your finger tips in winter too!

Other uses: Some people use Sage as a good hair rinse and tonic, to darken greying hair (I must use some ;0), as a natural deodorant in a herb bath and in potporri. It is a moth repellant too. I think that it would be great in a candle too.

Medicinal Uses:Why not chew a few leaves to alleviate a sore throat? By taking 4 to 5 leaves added to 250ml (1/2pt) of boiling water you can make a soothing tea for colds, sore throats and coughs.Flavour it with honey and lemon and banish that cough and cold! You can also add a sprig of Thyme to the mixture for more potency. The book advises that a stronger brew can be used as a healing mouthwash for anyone with a sore mouth.
Sage acts as a tonic and is said to extend the life span! I must (culitvate and use this herb more:)

Cultivation: Sage, we are told is a perennial with an average life span of about 4 years. Sometimes and for no apparent reason, a Sage plant will curl up and die so it is worth planting some additional plants in pots or bags so that you always have a supply. The plant can be grown from seed sown in trays, from cuttings, by root division (which doesn’t always work for me) or by layering (which I have not a clue about) done in Spring and Autumn. It likes a position in the full sun in well-drained, slightly alkaline soil as the plant does not like wet roots. We are advised to cut back the plant after its flowering period and to remove any dead wood or branches. Protect it from the cold, wind and frost. It can be planted straight into the ground but is ideal for container growing too!

I think I shall experiment with Sage from my garden further and attempt to make and use a face mask with this very useful plant. Next! :) lol.

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I always have some sage in the garden, for the benefit of the bees I shall have to put it to more use than just looking and smelling lovely. :)

11 Oct, 2013


Thank you for your tip Waddy which I too shall add to the many uses in my household and garden. I never knew that it benefits I know I too will be able to play a part in helping to increase the bee population.

11 Oct, 2013


It does work for sore mouths. I had a very painful gum some time ago and rubbed a sage leaf over the sore area a couple of times a day. It cleared within a couple of days. I did have it checked out with a dentist afterwards to confirm there was no longer a problem and was given the all clear!

11 Oct, 2013


Hmmm! And now I have confirmation that I need to soothe dental issues too! So it really does work on the mouth too? Wonderful. I am not praying for a sore mouth but I am eager to try this remedy out soonest. Thank you for the confirmation Digginfit.

11 Oct, 2013


This all sounds very interesting so I`ve put it in favourites so that I can refer back to it, thank you.

11 Oct, 2013


thank you for your blog....very interesting about sage...i have a huge sage plant in my garden (have done for a good few years)and i never knew any of the said above!!!!! so thank you :-)))))

11 Oct, 2013


Thanks for this information. It's interesting. I've got two big bushes of sage. I think I'll pick some and dry it ...

13 Oct, 2013


Hello All...I was busy on Saturday and Sunday with my Sage plants that I had a few weeks before; acquired from a Society plant stall!

I picked some leaves to dry and placed them in my airing cupboard in clean kitchen serviette. I hope this works as I have an inkling that a brown paper bag or Muslin clothe might have been better! Then I picked some to add to my pot pourri.Yesterday, I decided to use some in my tagine to stew some meat and potato, and then I decided to chew some to see if it did work on sore mouth!

I tell you did make the mouth feel fresher and I think that it is a good refreshing tonic. I personally think it revitalises the skin but it will take several trials of these chew sessions to confirm that beauty tip works:)

Hywel...I am glag that you have too big bushes of this stuff! I might be down to deplete them soon ;0.

I also have to repot my plants asap as the soil in the pot and compost it is in at the moment is quite wet and I would like to apply the advice given in the blog above to ensure that I have a good, well maintained plant all year round. Thanks everyone.

14 Oct, 2013


Useful and interesting blog... thanks :o)

14 Nov, 2013

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