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A walk into my garden in June 2015


I was asked to show photo’s of my garden to some people who were not able to climb up the steps. I thought I would do it this way..

… up onto the flat lawn area

A quick look back and on we go..

Catch your breath and down we go again. Pity we haven’t a zip wire….. :o))

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Its lovely, and on quite a slope that you've dealt with really well.....I love the idea of the garden room at the top......

26 Jun, 2015


What a huge garden and beautifully laid out.

26 Jun, 2015


Hi Sheila, that's not a garden !!!, it's a well laid out, colourful PARK, Derek.

26 Jun, 2015


What can I say but Oh Wow!

26 Jun, 2015


Your garden is beautiful Sheila.

26 Jun, 2015


Thanks for the tour Sheila. Your garden is delightful. I need a cuppa now, so I'll go put the kettle on...

27 Jun, 2015


Thanks for the tour of your garden Homebird. It is beautiful and quite big.

28 Jun, 2015


A beautiful garden Sheila :)

29 Jun, 2015


Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments. I must admit I love the garden at this time of year when it's filling up and there's lots of colour.

1 Jul, 2015


Wow, I am jealous of that lovely garden of yours, fab garden room !

2 Jul, 2015


What do you mean 'Catch your breath and down we go again'? That seat is calling me and I mean to stay for a while and enjoy the view :)

Lovely, lovely garden, really enjoyed it.

2 Jul, 2015


Hi HB......have just looked at your garden photos for the first,what a beautiful garden you must be quite hard work gardening on the you may have seen,ours is similar but smaller.
Do love your garden room.....Do you garden most days to keep on top of everything?

18 Jul, 2015


Thankyou very much Sarah, Gee and Meadowland for taking a look around and for your lovely comments. I do a bit in it most days Meadowland, mainly dead heading and pulling the odd weeds as I spot them. As you know the main work is in spring when we are reorganising, splitting and planting and then in early winter when we clear some beds and mulch. It pretty much takes care of itself through the summer really. I love just being able to potter then.

18 Jul, 2015


Well Homebird...I'm so glad I found you ! Your garden is AMAZING ! I wish you lived nearer as I would have loved to have sat at the top looking at the view ! How lucky you are, but how hard you must have worked ! Its a credit to you ! Had to put it as " favourite" so I could " walk" or should I say "climb" and look again !

23 Jul, 2015


Homebird, your garden is superb and is absolutely beautiful. Your lawn is immaculate and every area of the garden is truly special.

It is a real credit to you and must be such a joy.

24 Jul, 2015


Amazing garden everything, especially the Garden room.....dead envious!!

26 Jul, 2015


What a wonderful garden! It really is a gem, and your beautifully-designed garden room looks so inviting . . . what a good idea to have somewhere to sit after the climb up :)

Do you open for the Yellow Book? (I think we all want to come and visit!)

2 Aug, 2015


Rose, Wildrose, Gralew and Sheila, thankyou so much for your lovely, kind comments. We are touring around Cornwall and Devon at the moment and I was just catching up with everyone whilst I have an Internet connection. The weather here since last Tuesday has been glorious but my son says it's rained a lot and been quite cool at home. At least the garden will have been well My daughter had bought me an automatic watering system for the greenhouse, bless her, so I don't have to worry about the plants in there. It's turned cooler here in St Austell and looking like rain today. We've visited some lovely gardens on our travels and I can't wait to get the photos I took in them onto the laptop so I can see what they've turned out like. We were at the Lost Gardens of Heligan on thursday 30th July and stumbled on Carol Kline filming for GW in one of the gardens. That was a surprise!! We left her munching on a bag of

2 Aug, 2015


How lovely to be in such a a beautiful area . . . and do you know The Garden House in south Devon? One of the best (if you have time). I'm looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps, lol!

3 Aug, 2015


Oh! Sheila, we missed that!!. I wish we had had better internet connection, I could only get online very occasionally so I missed your suggestion til we were on our way up to Herefordshire. Should have got myself a smart phone instead of the basic one.

6 Aug, 2015


Not to worry . . . you're sure to go back one day :)

6 Aug, 2015


Wow, what a garden & one I would pay to visit!
I also live on a hill but my garden is wide & not very deep & nowhere near as beautiful as yours.
Did you design it from scratch? Its so well laid out & must be a joy to wander round.
I need to know more about sequestered iron as so many plants I love have to live in pots being in a limy area.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan are on my "to visit one day" list as are many others. So glad I came across your blog.

8 Aug, 2015


Thankyou Greenfinger, you are very kind. Since I visited Hall farm garden I know I need to widen the borders but the cost to buy new plants puts me off. I've been busy trying to take loads of cuttings We moved here 30 years ago and the garden has evolved over the years, changing shape as the urge to alter things takes (as we all do don't we) our soil is on the alkaline side of neutral too but I found from a happy accident that the soil at the foot of our conifer hedge will support some erricacious plants. I use sequestered iron plant food in rain water from the barrel when I water them though.
I'm off to browse around your garden now....

8 Aug, 2015


I'm always so envious when I see someone local to me has an ericaceous plant growing in their garden & wonder how they get it to grow.
A lot of years ago I heard Daphne Ledward say everyone should grow a magnolia tree as soon as possible as it will take 20 yrs for it to look magnificent, well, I have tried many times but they always fail for me so I have to admit defeat & just admire the ones I see elsewhere.

9 Aug, 2015


I would love to go to Devon and Cornwall , but its such a long drive from here and as I have to do the driving now , I know I could manage it , but have a back seat driver who can't resist commenting all the time ! lol
Did you get to speak to Carol Klein ? I think she is one of the best tv gardeners at the moment !

9 Aug, 2015


How did I miss this? wow from me, what a fantastic garden, so well laid out and the view from the top!! beautiful, really stunning, off to catch your other blogs now.....and oh to have a garden that size!

26 Sep, 2015


Gf I lost a beautiful Magnolia tree through the last bad winter we had. It struggled for a year then just gave up. It was in quite a sheltered spot, or so I thought. My other one has to contend with everything the weather can throw at it and is just goes to show, Mother Nature has always got a surprise up her sleeve. lol
I didn't speak to Carol, Rose, she was busy filming and I tried not to be When we passed on our way out she had a lot of people around her and I didn't stay to speak with her. It's a long way from here too but doing it in stages made it much better. I'm the back seat driver in our

1 Oct, 2015


Bless you Dd. With a garden as perfect as yours I think mine would drive you crazy with all that aught to be

1 Oct, 2015


It is certainly not perfect by any means...

2 Oct, 2015

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