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By Pete4

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

I recently purchased a Wisteria, followed all the instructions but it now appears as though it is dying, is there anything i can do?

I have the plant next to a fence, however reading all the advice you have all sent it would seem to be a water problem. Thank you all for your help.



Need a bit more info, but I'm assuming its probably a water problem. Is it planted in the ground or in a pot? If in the ground, when did you plant it, and how much water have you given it and how often? Five minutes with the hose daily? Five minutes weekly? A canful once a week? How close to the wall or fence behind is it planted?

26 Jul, 2011


I had planted wisteria more than a month ago and it seems to be not doing well either. It's not dead but it doesn't look healthy to me, kind of pale green.

I have planted it near the fence close to my strawberry plants so I believe it will be getting enough water but I don't water the plant as it has been raining here quite regularly.

26 Jul, 2011


Aimankay, if it's near a fence it could well be in the "rain shadow" of the fence, so missing out on all that water. I would guess that both you and Pete need to give your Wisterias a lot more water than they've been getting until they're established - which means for the next year or so.

26 Jul, 2011


I have a wisteria growing in a pot, a temp home until I have room in my garden. I have had it 2yrs, last yr I thought mine had died, all the leaves just fell off and it looked weak so I took of the rest and gave it a light prune and all I was left with was grey bark which looked ugly and dead. I cut of a small piece and it was green inside so still life so over the winter and spring i kept it watered not holding out much hope. Then suddenly in May this year it sprang back to life and within weeks was smothered in lots of lush green leaves, I was overjoyed. This was short lived though as some vile child visiting my neighbours children came on to my garden last month and ripped my wisteria from it's pot and threw it on my drive, I was gutted. I lost over a foot of growth but have re-potted it and it's still doing well but wont be fit for planting out now until next spring. I think wisteria are fairly tough plants mine has been through the wars that's for sure so don't assume they are dead even if they look it, prune it back softly, water well and wait for next spring you may get a lovely surprise as I did. :))

26 Jul, 2011


I'm glad yours survived its travails Sharni, but that doesn't counteract the fact that a new plant such as Wisteria, planted in mid summer (or any plant planted in midsummer come to that) will need at least a gallon of water a week applied directly to the base of the plant, rain or no rain, this summer and next, until it's established its own roots sufficiently.

26 Jul, 2011


Oh yes, mine drinks lots n lots of water greedy thing, always has done. :)

26 Jul, 2011


Thanks very much to all. I will continue to visit this web site. It certainly has some knowledgable people, and i believe in sharing ones knowledge with others.

26 Jul, 2011


Thanks Sharni, it has been very hot down here of late, i am about to water the lot now.

26 Jul, 2011


No worries. :)
This site is fab, I have to come on here every day the daily blogs are like my newspaper, I just have to read them and love looking at the pics. Some amazing people on here and plenty of advice and tips too which is always great. You will soon become addicted as I am. welcome to GOY.

26 Jul, 2011


Hi sharni,

I have given it a damn good watering tonight so we shall see what happens. How big is your garden? Mine is about 100ft long and 30 ft wide.

27 Jul, 2011


That's good, am sure it will perk up. :)
Oh mine is fairly small, errr about 30ft wide and about 45 to 50ft long id guess....

27 Jul, 2011


Persevere Pete4, I would go along with all the advice given above and you should look forward to many years of pleasure from your Wisteria. Once they are established and happy, they are pretty tough plants.
I inherited one when I moved here three years ago, in fact it is the only plant I kept when redesigning the garden and it gives me a lot of joy.
Welcome to the GoY family!

30 Jul, 2011

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