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Jasmine for Mum


By balcony


Jasmine for Mum

The day after Mothering Sunday I went to a local superstore with my brother-in-law to get a few things but really to show him the store.

He is from Spain, like my wife, but has come to the UK after the death of his mum a month or so ago.

While we were in the store I noticed there was a stall with plants for Mother’s Day that hadn’t been sold & were reduced by 50%. I had a look at them & noticed there were several Jasmine plants that had been trained around hoops set in their pots. The plants all looked nice & healthy & were full of buds so I decided to get one for my wife. During the previous few weeks she had mentioned Jasmine on several occasions.

A few years ago we had one growing up a Dragon Tree in our living room but it got too big & had to be removed.

Jasmine plant just bought on living room table:

Jasmine & Amaryllis flowering on living room table:

This plant is now on our living room table while we enjoy the flowers & the scent that fills the room. I don’t know yet what I will do with it once the flowers have finished. If I put it in a bigger pot then it will grow much bigger & we will have a repetition of the problem we had some years ago! So I’m thinking of trying to keep it in the pot it is in at present & just feed it, particularly with a high potash fertilizer. That should stop it from growing too much & becoming a problem & I hope it will be encouraged to flower again next year.

Jasmine flowering on living room table today:

My wife loves to SEE flowers & loves their perfume but she has absolutely NO IDEA how to grow them! She is always asking me if such & such a plant can be grown indoors on the bedroom windowsills, invariably I have to say no for this or that reason & she is often disappointed.

She would like this Jasmine plant to grow indoors & flower for longer so she can enjoy the flowers & their scent. But I have had to tell her the flowers will be over in a few weeks at most & won’t flower again till next year – if I can keep it alive till then. She asked me if it would grow bigger once the flowers are over. I replied it will – especially if I repot it!

I hate to keep disappointing her but the only plants suitable for growing indoors she doesn’t seem to like! I ALWAYS end up looking like a “spoil sport”! So what can I do?

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First award yourself top marks for love and patience, and then award her the same....
Does she like orchids? they wouldn't get too big and they do flower for quite a long time.
Would love a sniff of your lovely jasmine!

3 Apr, 2017


Thanks Stera! We got a small Orchid just after Christmas - reduced from £8 to 50p! Only the majority of the flowers fell off in the first couple of days the few that managed to hang on for a week of so were lovely but unfortunately they also fell off a few days later & we were left with a bare stem! It seem if you cut this back it may flower again but ours didn't! :-((

To top it all the leaves started dying back as well - I thought it was going to die - our first ever Orchid wouldn't have lasted a month if it had! Fortunately the last remaining leaf is still alive & healthy & I look forward to seeing it flower again around the end of the year.

3 Apr, 2017


Lovely Jasmine ... my Mum had one for years on a North facing windowsill ... wonderful perfume.

4 Apr, 2017


Balcony I only have one orchid given to me August 2015 and it is just flowering again for the first time since, so don't give up!

4 Apr, 2017


Thanks, Stera! I hope it does flower again!

10 Apr, 2017

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