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Hi, I am a keen gardener, just learning about plants and loving it so far, started about 7yrs ago but really got into it this last few years. After spending most of that time doing my front garden last yr I started on the back which was a total mess of one scruffy lawn that had just been thrown down over awful soil and concrete. I spent most of last yr just digging out the 3 flower beds and as I wanted to plant flowers all that soil which was useless had to be thrown away and replaced with decent soil, it took most of last summer to do and much back braking work too lol.
I have now started painting the fences and getting that all looking just right and adding rede and once that is done the plants shall go in. I have yet to order the bigger plants but everything else I already have growing in pots on my patio, most of which I have grown from seed or small plugs and they are all doing well thus far.
as I get further along I would love to add my before and after photos and share my progress with you all.

I shall try to add a few here and there in the meantime.

My favourite plants are Clematis, Pinks and Roses, closely followed by Dicasia of which I have over 20, such beautiful perenials that flower all summer long. Colour wise I prefer pinks, purples and whites with a little yellow and orange thrown in, am not so keen on red flowers, dunno why, I only have one and it's a beautiful big red rose I have out the front given to me by my mum when I moved here 7yrs ago so its sentimental but does look lovely and has grown pretty big but as a rule I tend not to like anything red, how odd I am lol. I also love anything unusual, big fan of shrubs especially the few I have so far and I love my evergreens but then who doesn't.

My knowledge of plants is limited but growing rapidly, I tend to only know about the few that I am currently growing but am always keen to pick up tips and advice and also give it if I know the answer too.

I am so glad I found this site I have been on here for hours looking at everyones pictures, I can't wait to show mine over the sumer. :)

Do feel free to say hello and comment on any of my pictures if you wish. Have a nice day. :)

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