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Does anybody else use this to feed their plants, what have been your results?? I would be interested to know if others use Richard Jacksons flower power as I have had amazing results but would also love to know what everyone else is using??? I had previously used tomato food before I discovered this gem on Qvc.

I am always amazed by pictures people post when their plants are bigger and better than the norm and hearing their secrets ie what they have been feeding their plants lol... until a few yrs ago I did not even know I had to feed my plants I just watered them, silly me I know but I have learned so much since those early days I am pleased to say. :)



what i do is use pond water out in my back garden for the plants and then top the pond back up giving the plants some nice nuetriants excuse my spelling and the fish a water change . i also have a 200 gallon tank and have to do water changes of aprox 65 gallons every month which goes on the front garden . i also once in a while use my pond pellets as plant feed maybe twice a year . if you look at my blogs youl see my garden is like a jungle front and back . ive never used what you used thow as i believe in know waste and the plants seam happy . i just wont mend something that isnt broken thow apreciate that not everyone keeps a 2000 gallon pond and a very large tank . also i have a dog run seperate from my part of the garden which is concrete running about 30-40 feet down the garden ,then behind my pond to a soak away . its not amazinly pleasant water from 6 lovley dogs and i also use jeyes which i get big tins of for nothing as my sister works there and they just chuck it out if the tins get dented . i also use bleech and other things like that to keep down the smell and germs to a degree . the other bonus to the concrete is the dogs keep there own nails short lol . the cherry tree that is the recipiant of most of this water grows realy well and i get loads of cherries that the birds love . the rose i use partly for its looks and partly as a legal burgler snagger is also growing leaps and bounds . its rite up as tall as the tree which must be getting on for 35 feet6 . not realy the standard way of doing things but it works . i use a kiwi plant out the front to let me know if the garden needs watering . if it wilts a little i give all my plants a good water . funnily enough ive done know watering as of yet this year lol apart from one pot i have .

5 May, 2012


I'm interested in the chemical analysis - does it have a table anywhere showing what's in it, or at least telling you the NPK and what trace elements are in there? I've googled the product, but it doesn't (unhelpfully) tell you anywhere at all.

5 May, 2012


yes i am using the same plant food (power of advertising) cant yet say what results will be, so we will both be thrilled or very disapointed

5 May, 2012


There must be a limit to the size that you might want to grow your plants. I would say that overfed plants would make them less hardy, and force them to be more susceptable to disease and attack from pests. Just as too many large dinners would make us less healthy. If you need to feed, then stick to Vitax Q4 or blood, fish and bone or any potassium-rich fertiliser for your flowers and fruit.

6 May, 2012


Jenfren - what does it say on the box or packet re the NPK?

6 May, 2012


my pond/tank water and a few pond pellets do just fine as you can see on my blogs .

6 May, 2012


I have had amazing results but not come across anyone else using it hence why I ask. I know one of the main ingredients is pot ash it has a higher amount than other feeds on the market.

7 May, 2012


Gawd blimey, will no one who uses this stuff tell me what it says on the box regarding NPK! I have actually emailed the manufacturer - they do 'encourage' questions, so maybe they'll get back to me, but Sharni and Jenfren, as you have this stuff, can you not look on the packaging please?

8 May, 2012


Well, I got a response from Richard today - the NPK is 12:12:36 plus trace elements, seaweed extract and wetting agent. If you are using it for annual plants such as summer bedding, use it all summer - but if you are using it on general planting such as shrubs and herbaceous perennials, stop using it by mid June at the latest. And if your shrub isn't grown for its flowers, but for its leaves, don't use it at all.

8 May, 2012


Yes I use it all summer on all my bedding plants, clematis and roses and they all love it. It is also great for fruit and veg and using it on my strawberrys for the first time they claim double the crop and better taste but can't report on that until later in the summer. I also use his new container magic for my window boxs and tubs and that is amazing. I don't use flower power on shrubs at all though.

11 May, 2012


This is taken from the Label on one of Richard's Tubs:-

EEC N : P : K = 12 : 12 : 36

Total Nitrogen................................... 12.0%
Ammoniacal nitrogen, NH3,................... 2.0%
Nitric Nitrogen,KNO3,.......................... 10.0%

Phosphorus Pentoxide, P2O5, Ammonium Citrate Soluble 12.0% (5.2% P)
Phosphorus Pentoxide, P2O5, Water Soluble 12.0% (5.2% P)

All these are listed as Water Soluble:-
Potassium Oxide, K2O 36.0% (29.9% K)
Magnesium Oxide, MgO 0.55% (0.33% Mg)
Sulphur Trioxide, SO3 2.0% (0.8% S)
Boron, B 100 mg/Kg
Copper, Cu 67mg/ Kg
Iron as EDTA 0.10%
Iron Salt, Fe 0.10%
Manganese, Mn 335 mg/Kg
Molybdenum, Mo 40.0 mg/Kg
Zinc, Zn 90.0 mg/Kg

Seaweed Extract 1.0%

27 May, 2014

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