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Conditioning soil and suppressing weeds

Northumberland Coast, United Kingdom Gb

We have just got a small allotment. I got hold of some (about 1 ton) Alpaca manure and was going to spread the manure on the soil and cover it to kill all the weeds. We had been advised to use old wool carpet as it will rot into the soil. But we have been told by someone else that the carpet will act as a medium for weeds and cause more problems than it will solve.

Any advise as I have very little experience of allotment gardening or gardening in general.



weed membrane from most garde centres you just got to plant in tha same place every time

11 Jan, 2009


Bindweed and couch grass will run along under the carpet but it can be pulled up. Annual weeds will be suppressed. Carpet is a good idea to stop weed growth while you get on with another area of the plot but its heavy to move about and if left for a long time the grass will grow through or seed on top! It doesn't need pinning down as for weed membrane and is usually free!

12 Jan, 2009


id stick with the membrane myself.carpets good for lining a pond

19 Jan, 2009

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