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As i am new to the site can anyone tell me do all the comments made to me automatically get sent to my email adress on my computer?is there a way to stop it? it will save me hours of deleting.



Hours? bit of an exageration there are only 35 messages in your inbox...
Wait until you've got thousands....LOL :o)

Go to your profile, click on update your profile, unclick the e-mail notification box and they'll stop

11 Jan, 2009


Ha! i like your wit and that your not frightened to point out the fact that i did exagerate,well just abit ,you see me and computers dont mix very well sometimes!. Thanks for the tip!

11 Jan, 2009


I actually find this facility quite useful, Liverbird. It helps if I'm in a hurry, I just find out if I have any messages without having to log on to GOY. I can do that later, or at once if I know someone is sending me a PM (Private message).

12 Jan, 2009


Glad you took it in the right vein but then I thought you would, all the scousers I know how a great sense of humour :o)

13 Jan, 2009


I went to a hen party in liverpool, and your right FL, Great sense of humour..
Welcome to GOY Liverbird :)))

13 Jan, 2009


Thanks for the welcome Youngdaisydee! Hope your hen party was a good one? pity you wernt here for capital of culture! great fun, day and night. I love Newcastle my aunt lives in ashington.LOL.

13 Jan, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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