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Will deer eat oleander bushes


By Robertp

United States Us

We live where there are alot of deer and they eat my plants.I want to plant something that they will leave alone.



put human hair from a barbers in old tights around your land or u can buy a pir which sets of a noise that scares animals but we cant here and plant what uou like

12 Jan, 2009


It is possible that if they eat it they may never eat again. Oleander is very poisonous, You have an interesting choice.

12 Jan, 2009


I found a whole long list in my Roy Lancaster book: Shrubs first -

Berberis x stenophylla
Buddleja 'Lochinch'
Hypericum forrestii
Mahonia x media
Rhododendron 'Exquisite'
Romneya coulteri
Spiraea nipponica
Viburnum sargentii


Aconitum lycotonum
Artemisia ludoviciana
Digitalis purpurea
Lysimachia clethroides
Papaver orientalis
Geranium sanguineum
Lamium maculatum
Rudbeckia fulgida
Sisyrinchium striatum
Tellima grandiflora

I do hope that you can find and like some of these. At least there are plenty to choose from! I hope it helps.

Good luck.

12 Jan, 2009



19 Jan, 2009


The only effective way to keep deer away is Deer fencing or a Deer cull. In the long run, deer deterrents such as being discussed here do not work. They may work for a day or two, but then it rains etc.

if you are in England, a voluntary group called Southern Counties Deer management can help. They provide free advice, and a free deer cull where necessary. hey are police approved and fully licensed.

You can get in touch with them at
or call 07900 676 400

Their email is

They can advise in detail on issues such as deer fencing, deer repellants, deeer cull, tree guards, deer resistant plants, species of deer in england, deer damage, deer stalking and all other related issues

29 Apr, 2009

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