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Has anyone grown a climbing variety of courgette before?

East Yorkshre, United Kingdom

I am starting to plan my vegetable patch and I saw some courgette seeds for a climbing variety called Black Hawk F1 and I wondered if anyone had tried these. If so have you any advice? Thanks.



Sarah Raven's website lists 'Trombomcino' as a climbing courgette along with some cultivation hints. She lists it as 'easy' so it sounds like one to try. Welcome to GOY.

27 Jan, 2009


Climbing Courgettes- I have been growing Black Forest for the last 2-3 years.It is not an early var and needs some protection if planted outside before end April.Once it gets going however it is extremely vigorous.There are no sideshoots unless damage occurs and you can select one to take over.For a small Family 2 plants are adequate and if you add a plant of Gold Rush for a yellow(Not at as vigorous but short jointed).I expect to continue with my Courgettes until serious frost.
If a bad aphid year virus maybe a problem and mildew eventually can effect but otherwise there is little problem as long as you can provide adequate water and the occasional high potash feed to restrict the vigour a little.
There is another variety from the same Plant Breeder called Black Hawk I am looking forward to try!
Trombochino is a totally different 'animal' and bears little resemblance to the commercial Courgettes we know but I'm sure it is very exciting to grow.

19 Aug, 2010

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