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The Veg patch year analysis- 2011


Not much to take pics of recently so thought a bloggette on the veg patch events of the year.

Remember the bare patch, a veritable tabula rasa

Dug four long patches

I challenge you chickens, come and ava go at my garlics ; )

and so the scene was set for the year

Not forgetting the composter, in pallet form of course

and the award winning, DIY for the sake of it gate delux

Hmm so first to get a bit knobbled was the potatoes that caught a late frost and took some time to recover, they didnt do ok and didnt taste good so note to self, stagger and buy some decent varieties

The cage is up

Quick snack, think this was the first

Then to haunt bampys pallet dreams some more, my raised beds agogo. The polytunnel was not mine then, but in time, it would be : )

onions and lettuce doing ok, some strawberries, carrots n beetroot

The broad beans did better than expected, thinking 1 in 2 would come up, but then they all did ;0 too many at the same time as well

The artichokes lookin good

and so did the fennel, asparagus (first yr) and courgettes

Unfortunately I left it too late too pick the fennel and tried to cook some which remained harder than diamond ; ) But to be honest i like the look of the plant

Had loads of courgettes and also planted a couple of cucumbers in here for a laugh and also they did well, good job

The lettuce was ok but each one had at least one slug to find dug into the leaves. The onions were ace and did really well

Fancy some courgette n broad bean pilaff

No shortage of fennel seeds

Onions awaiting you know what : )

and yes whats this getting ready for next year, doesnt need to be so deep so lets go bigger

Take a break now and join me as we look out from the polytunnel

and the final bit of pleasure as i find that from just 4 or 5 jerusalem artichokes I have a bucketfull of them : ) Hmm now what can I use these for ; )

and so the weeds finally winover and we are back to where we were,

thank you veg patch x

and yes a bit of garlic already in, with a bit more sensible defences

Just a few of the billion canes I have now amassed and my asparagus is saved for where its going next

Ok now help me clean the artichokes, maybe a blog about them next ; )

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You have worked so hard! that is some impressive gardening!
jerusalem artichokes?? i dont know a recipe for them but im laughing cos im sure the WI have 'Jerusalem' for their song!!!

21 Nov, 2011


You've really been busy Stevie, with good results. Maybe you'll do even better next year eh?

21 Nov, 2011


Yum, steamed artichokes!
Well done over the year Stevie TT, love that chicken vs garlic assault course!!

21 Nov, 2011


what do artichokes taste like lulu/stevie?

21 Nov, 2011


pass! How on earth do I explain a taste!!?
If I had one now, I would cook, eat it and think how to explain it!
It's an acquired taste, not everybody likes them!

21 Nov, 2011


Personally, I've never tasted one. Isn't that shocking?

21 Nov, 2011


texture like a potato?? but has a stronger taste??

21 Nov, 2011


yup tho taste quite different, kind of nutty and earthy!!
Hayelp Stevie!!

21 Nov, 2011


sounds nice.

21 Nov, 2011


I've never liked the look of them! Looks like a tuber off a plant! lol (that's probably what it is)

21 Nov, 2011


this is what it says on yahoo answers
'Their taste falls somewhere between an artichoke heart and a sunflower seed'
and somewhere else it says like a radish

sometimes they are called sunchokes??

21 Nov, 2011


Stevie has gone to tattoo his forehead Sticki!

21 Nov, 2011


What's he having tattooed on it?

21 Nov, 2011


see Bampy's latest photo! Too long and involved for me to remember....'flesh and blood, man of the soil, free spirit' etc etc!

21 Nov, 2011


its so long it will have to be written all round his head ~ it wont fit on his forehead!!

21 Nov, 2011


maybe should be in Runic form!!

21 Nov, 2011


Thanks folks, see bampys pic for tattoo and his entry pic for the wwe wrestling calendar, we need to give him a name, how about 'The Palletator'!

Well, shhh, dont tell anyone but I am thinking about Chutney or a relish, a mega one, already have some jars...could be a blog!!

21 Nov, 2011


Gosh comments are on fire this evening : )

21 Nov, 2011


aren't they just. We have D's punk band downstairs, very loud, this alleviates my boredom, bit of a carp day!

21 Nov, 2011


we will keep it a secret!!!!?

Palletator is just great!!!

21 Nov, 2011


WOnderful blog Stevie..wish I had room to grow veg too :) Great use of pallettes troo!

21 Nov, 2011


That's a nice big allotment. I like your chicken defences lol - and the gate :o) It's nice to grow some vegetables.

21 Nov, 2011

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