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Tall evergreen shrub.

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I have a pittosporum which has grown over 17 years to about 8meters (25 feet or so). Sadly, I think I will have to have it removed as the roots are heading to my neighbours house/wall, has already lifted some slabs of their patio.
This pittosporum provided privacy (blocking out a view on the right of 3 storey buildings with about 30 windows. I hate being looked at by so many windows when out in the garden.
Does anyone know of a replacement plant. Would need an evergreen shrub which will grow up to approx 8meters but not to turn into a tree.
I am "devastated" at the thought of losing this pittosporum, but if it has to go, it has to go.



Hello Greenworld, welcome to GOY.
How I feel for you, not wanting to lose your tree.
Don't condemn your tree out of hand.
You will be duty bound to repair your neighbours patio.
A new tree that height will take a long time to grow and only repeat the problem.
Rootprune right back to your boundary, placing a thick plastic sheet in the hole, refill with concrete under the paving.
If possible make the growing area on your side as big as possible.
You will have some die back, but the end result should prove worthwhile.
I have dealt with this problem before with good results.
Let us know how you get on
Good Luck.

10 Dec, 2008


I had a very good tree surgeon reduce my pittosporum by about 25% a few years ago. It was done in early spring and by June you wouldn't have known it had been done.
So, if you can find a good one, it is worth considering getting your shrub reduced as well

10 Dec, 2008


I agree with Doctorbob, with the one exception.-- Not only are you duty bound to repair the damage, you might be legally be held responsible for all repairs. Take pictures of the damage. Minimal lifting of slabs might become much more in a future court of law.

I suggest removing your plant and do what Bob suggests.

Take pictures of your attempt to solve the problem.

There is no container plant that I know of that can be 25 ft. high that I know of. Good luck.

Huge container needed for that. 4x4 ft. at least.

Drapes for me, I think.

13 Dec, 2008


Thank you Skyline, Andrewr and Doctorbob1 for your replies and suggestions between 10 and 13december. I have had difficulty finding out how to use this forum.
Doctorbob1' suggestion about digging a trench filling with plastic and then cement is a good idea to obstruct the path of the roots, but this is too disturbing the neighbours slabs.
I called in 3 tree surgeons for quotes and asked their opinion. One says that if I reduce the canopy it will trigger a big growth and says that this pittosporum has not finished growing! The tallest branch, the main one is 7.5 metres high!. and this now a tree, no longer a shrub is 1.5 metres away from my house wall. And even though my neighbour has had a change of mind and says he likes the tree and doesn't want to have it put down, I feel I will have to in the end, bring it down. It is such a pity I didn't plant it at the end of my little garden. As to the damage in his patio he said it was minimal and that he can put the slabs down, my patio was made with proper concrete base, hence the roots have not pushed up easily whilst his slabs have just popped up, made with just sand/cement. Thanks all of you for your help.

12 Jan, 2009

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