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Appropriate day to trim the Trachycarpus tree.


It was 20 years tomorrow that I bought the1foot high Trachycarpus.A few friends and myself had spent a couple of hours at a GC.
On our way home we decided to stop at John Lewis for a coffee.It was at that particular moment we were conscious of many low,muttering voices from people around us.It became very apparent that something serious had happened. What a shock it was to find out the twin towers had been attacked.
When I look at the size of theTrachy that memory returns. The feelings come flooding back.

The tree has begun to look a little sad lately with yellowing and brown fans which should be removed.
Quite a precarious job really so my son offered to do this for us with the help of my husband, which was thoroughly appreciated.
It turned out very well and has let a lot more light into the garden. I think they both enjoyed doing it really. Both were safe which was important.
.Once every 20 years will do fine, not that we will be around to see it next time!

The job completed shown in the penultimate photo.

Looking very serious

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I pressed like for the work on the tree. As for those awful events ......

It's my eldest girl's 29th birthday tomorrow and I remember coming home from work to find her and her sister sitting watching cartoons. Not something we usually allowed before tea. Hubby asked if I'd heard the news and I had as a colleague's daughter working in New York had rung her to say she was safe.
When her granddad came in he immediately put the news on. Poor Elizabeth just burst into tears at the loss of life. Victoria, 3 at the time, burst into tears because the cartoons had stopped.

Both girls are still bewildered at the wickedness of the human race.

10 Sep, 2021


I was doing the ironing when my Dad rang up to tell me what had happend. You don't forget do you - like where were you when you heard about Kennedy being shot. (I was at a dance that evening).

10 Sep, 2021


A job well done & safely, which is very important. Looks good now.

11 Sep, 2021


He's braver than me Julia, I'm useless on steps or ladders and admire folk who can do this pruning whilst on steps!

Michael reminded me this morning of a Sussex football fan he knows of, lived and worked in New York for many years but always kept in touch via a football forum. He was 34years old at the time and working on the 105th floor. I cannot put into words the way I feel about that awful day . . . :o((

11 Sep, 2021


I clicked like for a job well done too, Julia. It’s looking very lush and green again… a lovely trachycarpus!
I was actually just getting home from a short shift that day and OH was in the garden working on a project on 9/11.
It was so unbelievable, we had been to New York the year before in the June.
Every time I see those planes flying in to the towers, it brings it back..and the utter sadness when those poor people jumped from the windows. Absolutely heartbreaking.

12 Sep, 2021


I hope we never do, have to agree, must have been sheer and utter panic and overwhelming fear.

12 Sep, 2021


I was at work and suddenly realised all the machines had stopped, we didn't have speakers in our particular area so moved to join the others, all staff were stood underneath the speakers listening to the news, I remember going straight home and turning the television on, it was and still is heartbeaking and I can still see the images in my mind...A like for a job well done , a prayer that it never happens again...

13 Sep, 2021


Going back to the Trachycarpus - Your pic took me right back to our first ever holiday on the South coast! This was the first palm tree I had ever seen. I was just 11 and was just totally thrilled by it. It was called a "spoon palm" in our family ever after! Thank you for the nostalgia!

13 Sep, 2021


A job well done ... it looks better now :)

I think everyone will remember where they were that day 20 yrs ago. Sad the tree brings back such memories.

14 Sep, 2021

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