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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise please?
I bought a holly tree from a local garden centre early last summer, 2018.
It was sat with two other potted hollies, all three had been pruned in to a nice ball shape, with a very slender trunk.
My holly had several berries on when I purchased it, up until early September, mostly eaten by Mr Blackbird.
I’ve not seen any further fruit on the holly, it’s an Ilex Aquifolium “Alaska”.
Any thoughts or info most appreciated.

On plant Ilex aquifolium



Many hollies including yours are dioecious i.e. the plants are either male or female. Yours is obviously female & needs a male plant nearby for pollination & berry production. Surprised the garden centre didn't warn you!

9 Feb, 2019


You can get some berries on a female without a male but to get a lot you need a male. Looked up suitable males for you and found Blue Prince or Casanova.

9 Feb, 2019


Thank you Steragram and Darren, your advice has been very helpful!
Thanks Steragram for doing research for me too! I will have look at both of your options.

9 Feb, 2019


they flower in spring so you may get berries later in the year especially if there are male hollies in neighbouring gardens.
But if you prune it to keep its ball shape then you may well be cutting off any stems with flowers. No flowers means no berries.

9 Feb, 2019


Thank you Seaburngirl. I don’t think any neighbours have holly growing, unfortunately! I bought mine already pruned into a ball shape, haven’t pruned it myself yet. I did consider keeping it in this shape or growing it sort of cylindrical. However, I’ll take your advice, I’ll leave it well alone and keep watching.

9 Feb, 2019


If you look at some of Hywel's b;ogs you can see a lovely holly pruned into a ball shape but allowed to grow tall.

10 Feb, 2019


Thank you Steragram, I’ll have a look at Hywel’s blogs and have a browse! Sounds good advice.

10 Feb, 2019

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