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Just opened a pumpkin and the seeds inside have germinated. Is it still good for eating?



The sprouts are edible if you like pumpkin sprouts. I know you mean seed that have barely sprouted - Try it.

9 Feb, 2019


Welcome to GoY,
yes the pumpkin is also still fit to eat Kathan. The seeds as Bathgate says are also edible.

9 Feb, 2019


Thanks for responding.
Actually the sprouts in the pumpkin are about 4 -5 inches long. I think they got a little too warm waiting for me to process them. Also They are not only pumpkins. They must be a cross between a pumpkin and a spaghetti squash because my Dickenson's pumpkins are dark orange and very sweet. These were stringy, yellow-orange flesh and had such a hard shell I had to take a big knife and a hammer to them. I baked them and they tasted good. Lesson learned Don't save seeds unless you protect the blossom in a bag.

10 Feb, 2019


lol I thought you wanted to eat the seeds as you would sunflower seeds. Cinderella Pumpkins are delicious and great for baking.

10 Feb, 2019


Also pumpkin seeds are good for men as they help to protect against prostate problems.

10 Feb, 2019

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