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Need I.D. for this Green leafed bush that I saw in Spain

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there,
I was in Valencia, Spain, recently and spotted this bush/plant that I quite liked the look of and would like to have in my garden.

The leaves were quite waxy and strong similar to Jade / Money Plant (Crassula Ovata).
The bush alternated between bright green and darker green shades (Picture 1).

Any ideas of what it is and maybe it would be suited to a slightly colder climate?

Pic #1:
Pic #2:
Pic #3:




Hi Evilgiraf, any chance you could load the pic's on to the question so easier to see? it's quite easy to do, just edit your question and click on load picture this will link to your p.c. files and you can attatch it to this question.

10 Dec, 2008


it appears that i can only upload 1 pic to the question....????

the other pics are on the site as well but the easiest way is to copy the url into a 2nd browser window.

11 Dec, 2008


my first thought would be Pittosporum, we have much smaller leaved vareties that grow very well in the uk, this type is often used by florists for hand tied BQ, but i have never seen it growing in the UK. i will see if i can find more details on what i think it is - if i am right there is also a variegated form, which is even prettier. i'll see what i can find out, and i'll be back.

11 Dec, 2008


I have found reference to one in a house plant book, P. tobira, which looks simular but not the same, i also had a look in RHS book and there are 200 spec, for Pittosporum, quiet a lot of which are not fully hardy in the UK, i am faily certain that this is what you have pictured, but sorry i can't give you more than that, as my books don't have pictures of this one.. so i think no, you can't grow this one outside in the UK, but there is a simular one that is grown as a house plant, which is the one i have given you here, also i can sagest an altenative that has a simular look to this, that grows fine in the UK - Choysia 'sundance' very pretty evergreen shrub. hope this helps

11 Dec, 2008


I agree with Majeekahead.

P. tobira usually is much darker than that, but if the leaf fits... I tried your different links but they are all of the same photo

This plant is not hardy in the Pacific Northwest, nor for most of the Briish Isles. I think.

13 Dec, 2008

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