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Our neighbour has planted Russian vine - it's taken over one side of the garden. How can I stop it ?- I want to grow tomatoes and other things but no hope with this monster.



You won't stop it. In summer I swear you can almost see it growing! And when I had a small garden in London, one fence of which was Russian vined, I did swear sometimes, I can tell you! All you can do is shear it back to the boundary, often! No chance of persuading your neighbour to remove it? Worthy

16 Dec, 2010


This is a problem experienced by many gardeners ... sometimes with neighbours growing too much ivy etc... I'll be interested to read the response ...

I'm adding this question to GoYpedia Climbing Plants...

thanks for asking the question...

16 Dec, 2010


You will just have to keep cutting it back and chucking all the prunings into your neighbour's garden

16 Dec, 2010


You are allowed to cut back any of your neighbours plants to your boundary. Then, to keep within the law, you should offer them the cuttings as they belong to the neighbour. Obviously it is best to talk with the neighbours first and explain your difficulties.

16 Dec, 2010


I must be the only person who can't get Russian Vine to grow. Planted 4 a year ago and the growth is pathetic. I was told it thrives even with complete neglect - not mine.

16 Dec, 2010


mine died after 3 months. didnt try again. though I suspect the neighbour sprayed it with something.

16 Dec, 2010


Have you tried asking your neighbour if they want the Russian vine or whether they'd be prepared to get rid of it? That's the only alternative to trimming on the boundary line, or surreptitious weedkiller.

16 Dec, 2010


it's not called 'mile a minute' for nothing.
Looks fantastic in full white flower growing right up to the top & along the lines of a telegraph pole ( we see one doing this every year on the coast ) but our son has the neighbours vine invading his fence so it's out with the shears, approximately - - - - - well just about every minute in the summer !!

17 Dec, 2010


bulbaholic is right .
i dont suppose you could talk to the neighber and maybe offer them a nicer climber in exchange for losing the virginia creeper . you never know especialy if you offer to help and its the time of giving lol . thats about all you can do realy .

18 Dec, 2010

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