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strawberry runners


By Alley

i have a few strawberry plants on my allotment and they are cropping nicely, i lost the labels but i think they are cambridge favourite! the plants are throwing out plenty of runners and i understand i can pop them into pots to root and make new strawberry plants, if i do this when do i plant out these new plants and do i need to restrict the amount of runners i propagate? as i think i read that it weakens the plant ? any answers would be greatly appreciated !!!!



They say one or two per plant- I've done more and the parent has been ok. I use twigs to anchor them down into the pots and cut off the runner in the autumn when they are well rooted. Do a bit of trial error- what's the worst that can happen?!

24 Jun, 2008


From the picure they look like pink flowers? If so do they fruit as I have tried to grow them once or twice and get plenty of flowers but no fruit

24 Jun, 2008


I think the advice also is that you should get rid of the main plant after a couple of years as it deteriorates, therefor propogating the runners helps to build up new stock.

24 Jun, 2008


I have grown strawberries for a few years – as my Dad told me when I was a lad – let one runner be but stop the rest and a winner you will be – I have done this every year and still have plants that are getting on a bit – but still give good crops – I place the runner into a pot and pin down until rooted – then I cut from main plant – the rest I nip out as soon as I see them. Hope this is of some help

24 Jun, 2008


As all the above, except I don't bother with the pot - the runner roots into the ground and I lift and move it when I want. I've think I've read that you can leave just one of your plants to produce all the runners and remove them from the rest, suppose this is an alternative.

24 Jun, 2008

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