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I grew strawberries in containers this year for the fiest time

United Kingdom

I grew strawberries in containers this year for the first time. There are lots of runners but what do I do now?
I live in Devon.

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fill some small pots with compost and peg a runner down into each one - a bit of bent wire will work fine. Once they have rooted you can remove from the parent plant.

9 Aug, 2011


Cut off any further runners that grow from the first one though, Adam, otherwise the original one won't be very strong. I just spread the runners around the main plant and put a heavy-ish pebble on the stem of each runner, near the plantlet, so that it roots into the ordinary soil. This is mainly because I tried the pot method but forgot to water the new, rooting plantlets, and they didn't last very long!! You sound more organised, MG! Annie (Cumbria)

9 Aug, 2011


I would have suggested your method Annie but as the strawberries are being grown in containers figured the runners would need to go into pots.

10 Aug, 2011


Thanks for your helpful advice

17 Aug, 2011

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