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End of the line for Strawberries


By balcony


End of the line for Strawberries

Yes, it’s the end of the line for our Strawberries down on the allotment for this year!

On Monday 20th June the Tennis began at Wimbledon. This time last year we picked our very first fruits on this day! This year we have picked our very last fruit on this day!

During the summer last year I rooted a lot of runners & later in the year I transplanted them to a new bed at the far end of the allotment, to a space that hadn’t been used to grow anything for years & was covered in grass. There had been a very old compost heap nearby which I had mostly got rid of. I cleared away the grass & levelled the area & then covered it in black plastic sheeting. I cut holes in this & planted the little plants through it. This year we have had an enormous crop of lush Strawberries. :-)) As April was so hot & dry the Strawberries fruited very early.

The last punnet – 1/2! – I picked last Monday 20th June. Of course I have no photos of the Strawberries Gerry took or, (naturally), the dozens I scoffed while picking them! I have no idea really of the amount we picked but I do know that the birds left them alone &, as you will have seen in the pictures above, the bed wasn’t covered! A very few were damaged by slugs & snails & a few I squashed by accident.

Now to dream of next year’s crop!

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That's a remarkable amount of strawberries! I wonder why the birds left them alone, I know I couldn't have, they look so yummy! Isn't it strange how the harvest seasons are moving around? And that is the neatest strawberry bed I think I've ever seen!

22 Jun, 2011


Nice that you had such a good crop. And nice to eat a few as you pick them aswell lol. I do that with my raspberries. I've had loads this year and given lots to neighbours.
(I don't like strawbs lol - can't stand them !)

22 Jun, 2011


Awwwwwwwwww yummy scrumpsous, bet your pleased with that lot. I`ve been munching on Raspberries donated by a friend while watching Wimbledon, shame Cambridge is to far for me to have done a midnight

22 Jun, 2011


@Libet: You are quite right, it was a remarkable amount of fruit! Don't know why the birds left them alone as they have no netting, no rotating CDs, nothing to frighten them away at all!

The bed only looks neat because the plants are sitting on black plastic.

@Hywel: Shame you don't like Strawberries! They are sooo much better eaten straight off the plants while they are still warm from the sun being on them! Till last year I'd never eaten that way before.

22 Jun, 2011


@Stroller: You posted while I was answering the anterior posts!

They were very nice indeed!

" ... shame Cambridge is to far for me to have done a midnight"

Why do you think I waited till they were all harvested before posting this blog??? :-D

22 Jun, 2011


It must be much warmer where you live, my strawberries are still in flower and have only yielded a few fruits, but this is their first year. They have put out a few runners, which I have pegged into smaller pots waiting to detach when stronger and rooted.

i have planted three different varieties to see which will fare best in the Yorkshire climate.

No home made S'berry jam this year, perhaps next. The pick your own farms seem to have gone out of fashion or is it that they are selling to the big supermarkets?

Your sweet peas are much further on, my plants are only just showing buds. I can't wait for them to flower as I love the scent of sweet peas.

22 Jun, 2011


Lovely harvest Balcony.I love the picture with 3 baskets of Strawberries and Sweet Peas at the background.

23 Jun, 2011


Mmmm - lovely! I can almost taste them! My youngest daughter is visiting for a week from today and one of the things she wants to do is search along the lanes for wild strawberries. They're very small - you can hold 20 in one hand easily - but very tasty! Glad you enjoyed your harvest. :o)

23 Jun, 2011


Glad youve had so many stawberries.....

23 Jun, 2011


Thank you all for your comments & I'm glad you found the blog "scrumptious"!

Grannyb it might be a bit warmer down here but the dry, warm April together with the black plastic probably helped to speed them along!

My Sweetpeas were grown over the winter in the greenhouse on the allotment. It's unheated so is as cold on the inside as on the outside! Other people's SP flowered before mine!

Yes, Camilla, the 3 punnets full to overflowing looked very nice - they tasted as equally delicious as they looked! :-))

The SP are growing on the division line between Gerry's 1/2 plot & the other half belonging to a lady & her daughter.

Hope you enjoy your time with your daughter, Nariz. Our youngest son visited us for a few days at the end of March & our other son will be coming over to spend a week with us towards the end of July. :-)) Hoping you find lots of Strawberries & then enjoy them!

Thanks Holly. :-))

23 Jun, 2011

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