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By Prince

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I planted potatoes at the end of March, now they are about 3 to 4 feet high,and falling over,and there are no flowers, yet but in an old garden book I've got, it says not all potatoes have flowers, so I dug some up but they are very small is this right? or am I too impatient? It is the first time I have tried to grow them, I hope you can help me! THANKYOU!!! should I cut the haulms down???



Have they got enough light where they are? This happened to us in our previous garden, where we had trees around the garden. The haulms fell over and grew upwards some more - up to about 6' as I recall. We did get some potatoes eventually. If yours have small ones, then leave them a bit longer.

24 Jun, 2008


thankyou,they have enough light. Should I cut the haulms down??

24 Jun, 2008


Make sure you're watering enough - a potatoe is mostly water and they need LOADS. Sorry, don't know what a 'haulm' is?!

24 Jun, 2008


It's the term used for the stems and leaves.

24 Jun, 2008


I have the same problem with my potatoes. They were planted in March, have plenty of light but so far no flowers. I've never grown veg before; this is my first year. Would appreciate any advice.

26 Jun, 2008


Oh thanks Spritz! In that case, no, don't cut the haulms off as the sun's energy being collected by the leaves is fuelling the growth of the potatos. :-)

27 Jun, 2008

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