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oh wise forum of the green mantle,at which point do new potatoes become old ones, that is the question. This evening about to start tea,I realised only two potatoes, so out comes the trusty steed (hubbys under the lawn mower),so i had to use the push bike as usual, whizz down to the village to be asked did i want old or new,there was a difference in price i was told, though looking at the two tubs of potatoes, they looked identical to me so i went for the chepest, more change to go in the new pot for new plants

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Lol Vabascum, your question did make me laugh (in the nicest possible way;) I'm no expert (far from it...this is only my 2nd year growing spuds)...but I think, "new potatoes" are classed as "first earlies", and "old potatoes" are classed as "main crop?" I think...
Anyway, I'm glad you went for the cheapest. Mine have cost about £8 to grow...just a few in one of those posh bags you can buy from the GC. Yes they were nice, but the cost of the seed spuds + bag +compost = £8 for 4lbs of spuds! Was it worth it? No....M&S sell them far cheaper, and just as good, lol ;)

12 Jul, 2011


I class them as new when I can scrape them easily, lol...

12 Jul, 2011


When I was a kid, new spuds were the ones that you could just rub your thumb over and peel them. When the Jersey Royals weren't available then my mum would by Egyptian, they always came covered in orange soil.

Nowadays, even Jersey Royals from the supermarkets seem like last years store spuds compared to any to grow in your garden or bag.

Two weeks ago I was forced to lift my main crop due to potato blight. The spuds that were fit to eat were just like earlies (new) the peel just melted away under the thumb and they tasted as good as any expensive Jersey Royal: aka International Kidney if grown in the UK.

Now next week I shall be planting for Christmas in bags, I have two varieties, Charlotte and Nicola.

Seed spuds cost 20p, recyclable bag from Asda 45p already used, and as per Alan Seagrove. ex TV presenter and columnist for Amateur Gardening mag I am using recycled potting compost so price negligible.

I shall start them off outside then move to the garage if the weather turns too cold and wet. Will lift a few days before and if they have failed then still time to buy some in. Simple.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but perhaps you may try and grow your own for Xmas, but you need to plant now.

12 Jul, 2011


thank you Puddleduck for your comment , I have half a row of main crop in but I dont grow many now there is only two of us, more room for new plants

12 Jul, 2011


thank you Lincslass and Grannyb I used to grow potatoes for christmas but dont bother now as we go to our daughters for christmas she is most central to all of us, but mum still dose desert and cooks the ham and turkey.

12 Jul, 2011


Wise decision ! Anything that saves money must be good.
I've been growing potatoes in big pots for a few years but haven't got them this year. I find growing vegetables is a lot of work.

13 Jul, 2011

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