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Sweet Potatoe


By Poppy1

United Kingdom Gb

Has any one any advice on obtaining & growing
sweet potatoe?



grow your potato - put in pot and add sugar - that makes it sweet - but the best way is : Although it is possible to grow plants from supermarket tubers, it is more reliable to buy cultivars cuttings or slips, delivered from late April onwards. Pot the cuttings immediately on receipt into small individual pots of multipurpose compost. Should the slips be unrooted, simply cover the pots with a clear plastic bag or place in an unheated propagator until roots appear.
Grow the plants on in a frost-free, well-lit spot until early June. In mild regions, sweet potatoes can be planted outdoors after a period of hardening off. They require a highly fertile but light, preferably sandy, soil. If your soil is not naturally sandy or free-draining, plant into ridges 15-30cm (6-12in) high, spacing plants 30cm (12in) apart, with 75cm (2.5ft) between rows.
Ideally, plant under a cloche or fleece tent. Alternatively, grow in a glasshouse in large tubs, growing-bags or the glasshouse border. Whitefly and red spider mite can cause problems on foliage under cover.
Sweet potatoes crop best at temperatures between 21-26°C (70-80°F). Keep well watered, feeding every other week with a high-potassium liquid feed.

24 Jun, 2008

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