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By Sandyc

United Kingdom Gb

i started a polytunnel last year but blight killed off my tomatoes,etc.i cleaned out the tunnel but i am getting blight again.advice please



Blight is caused by wam and moist condtions (it was very prevalant last year on outdoor tomatoes). If you don't want to spray I'd advise some way of getting air movement in the polytunnel to try and prevent it

28 May, 2008


As Andrewr suggested, you need to get air circulation. Had this problem myself, but Im not sure if it was just the incresed airflow that helped - I had a hedgehog family move into the garden!

28 May, 2008


Agree with Andrew. Your PT is the problem. Seriously consider adding vented sides.

29 May, 2008


thanks very much for your suggestions.can i buy vents for my pt sidas

31 May, 2008

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