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bad windy day


as you know I put up my poly tunnel,and i knew it was not a good one as dad has the same and he has had to replace the plastic because of it tearing and ripping in bad weather(even a bloody breeze),well thurs i came home from work and it was just about ripped in half,i was so angry and rang the maufacturer,who offered me another one dearer than i had paid for the whole thing,so I didnt do that(no money mainly).
after haveing a good look at it I found the plastic was not ripped but the sewing on the joines had(very poor and they had perferated it like a postage stamp),so went to loads of garden centres looking for something to mend it with,nothing or realy expensive tape,ended up at good old wilkinsons and found special plastic tape for 1.97p a roll,thought i will give it a go and taped the whole poly tunnel,a strip down all the seams and another down either side of those to strenthen it,and hey presto its brilliant,good as new and better,i can highly reccomend the tape as we had another windy night,ive checked and it held and not a tear in sight so very pleased,it only took four rolles ,hope ive cured it,chris

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Thats a shame it parted from the stiching which I would of demanded off the company a new one free, even if the wind tour it, shows what rubbish they will sell to day and get away with it, but at least its fixed now but if that was me I would name and shame the company you bought it from also the manufacturer so as other goyers don't buy. Offering you a dearer one they should of replaced it for you.

3 Apr, 2011


Necessity is the mother of invention it is said...and good old Wilki's comes through again with a solution. I know there has been high winds recently and the poly tunnels are easily ripped or go sailing off in the stiff breeze! I hope your repair job works for you.

3 Apr, 2011


I'm glad you found a fix for it! Hope it holds up well for you! It is a shame how cheaply things are made. Makes me scared to buy anything at all without finding some online reviews first. Companies have no integrity when it comes to their products too. After the sale, they could care less. I've had as much trial and error with gardening products as I've had with the plants I try... and that's a lot!!! :)

3 Apr, 2011


we bought them in clays garden centre and when we bought them the man at the cashpoint kept umming and arghing when dad asked about them and its only now we realize why,it is a cheap poly tunnel at 99 pound and the frame is brill,if anyone should buy it,get the tape and put it on the seams before you put them up,chris

3 Apr, 2011


I'm glad you were able to mend it. Too bad it wasn't very well made in the first place. I hope it lasts and you can grow lots of things in it :)

3 Apr, 2011


Oh I dear, can well understand your anger but am pleased you have managed to seal it and hopefully it will be ok now........

3 Apr, 2011

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